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[i]2012.04.19 20:33:10 Help <Ichi Uno> depends on ship, ammo, skills, rigs
[i]2012.04.19 20:33:13 +3s Help <Zaid Zaithos> i get 500,000 isk minimum doing lvl 3 missions plus bounties is like 1 million each mission
[i]2012.04.19 20:33:17 +4s Help <Tectonic Tetris> ISD Etetia it doesnt really give me an advantage though
[i]2012.04.19 20:33:26 +9s Help <Louis Motsu> do frequency crystals break?
[i]2012.04.19 20:33:31 +5s Help <Macsadbro> how doesn't it?
[i]2012.04.19 20:33:33 +2s Help <ISD Etetia> Tectonic, If you want to argue your case, file a petition
[i]2012.04.19 20:33:38 +5s Help <Amina Alina> Why do missions have such a ramp up in rewards?
[i]2012.04.19 20:33:42 +4s Help <Macsadbro> You are selling things quicker then what other people can
[i]2012.04.19 20:33:42 +0s Help <Amuer Madeveda> what range does gate guns have?
[i]2012.04.19 20:33:42 +0s Help <Erik Kaassan> Ching 1 mill bounty plus 500k reward total appx
[i]2012.04.19 20:33:47 +5s Help <Epore> regular freq crystals last forever, faction lasts several hours
[i]2012.04.19 20:33:50 +3s Help <Tectonic Tetris> ISD Etetia point taken, thx
[i]2012.04.19 20:33:53 +3s Help <Knupp Montana> Does anybody have an idea how to boost the performance on an imac? it runs horrible
[i]2012.04.19 20:33:53 +0s Help <Louis Motsu> ok thx
[i]2012.04.19 20:34:03 +10s Help <Epore> add memory knupp
[i]2012.04.19 20:34:03 +0s Help <Louis Motsu> tech II also forever?
[i]2012.04.19 20:34:06 +3s Help <Nubbins Sawyer> can a well fit myrm do c-1?
[i]2012.04.19 20:34:09 +3s Help <Lobo Civera> how do you repair salvaged materials
[i]2012.04.19 20:34:12 +3s Help <Knupp Montana> i added already 8gig
[i]2012.04.19 20:34:15 +3s Help <ISD Etetia> Loius, No
[i]2012.04.19 20:34:22 +7s Help <Louis Motsu> ok
[i]2012.04.19 20:34:23 +1s Help <Epore> no tech ii break in couple hours
[i]2012.04.19 20:34:25 +2s Help <Amuer Madeveda> anybody? range on gate guns?
[i]2012.04.19 20:34:25 +0s Help <Epore> i think 2500 shots
[i]2012.04.19 20:34:25 +0s Help <Johnny Vharok> Knupp Montana get a pc like everyone else >:D
[i]2012.04.19 20:34:33 +8s Help <Naroz Miromme> can you control more than 5 drones at once?
[i]2012.04.19 20:34:33 +0s Help <Tectonic Tetris> Nubbins Sawyer yes, but the drones are not an optimal weapons system for wh's
[i]2012.04.19 20:34:35 +2s Help <Epore> 250k
[i]2012.04.19 20:34:41 +6s Help <Louis Motsu> ok thx
[i]2012.04.19 20:34:47 +6s Help <Epore> but you did not belive me first time amuer
[i]2012.04.19 20:34:49 +2s Help <Nubbins Sawyer> hm yeah
[i]2012.04.19 20:34:49 +0s Help <Knupp Montana> i dont want to give up so fast :-D
[i]2012.04.19 20:34:51 +2s Help <ISD Etetia> It's just like real life, the expensive products breaks right away
[i]2012.04.19 20:34:56 +5s Help <ISD Etetia> The cheap ones lasts forever
[i]2012.04.19 20:35:00 +4s Help <Louis Motsu> :D
[i]2012.04.19 20:35:01 +1s Help <Louis Motsu> lol
[i]2012.04.19 20:35:02 +1s Help <Tectonic Tetris> ^
[i]2012.04.19 20:35:16 +14s Help <Tectonic Tetris> apple springs to mind
[i]2012.04.19 20:35:29 +13s Help <Remyo> Sounds like Etetia bought Lumia
[i]2012.04.19 20:35:30 +1s Help <Lobo Civera> does anyone know how to repair salvaged materials
[i]2012.04.19 20:35:36 +6s Help <Vector Vill> It should be Universal Time 4pm EST is 1600 EST Military so, 1600PM EST is 2000PM Universal time. UTC is GMT. Coordinated Universal Time is the same as Greenwhich Mean Time. don't forget to add in Daylight Savings if your time zone does that
[i]2012.04.19 20:35:48 +12s Help <Epore> you can't repair them they are designed broke
[i]2012.04.19 20:35:50 +2s Help <Malstein> can you buy parts off the market and input them in factories in pi?
[i]2012.04.19 20:36:04 +14s Help <Kel Shek> yes you can Mal
[i]2012.04.19 20:36:04 +0s Help <ISD Etetia> Malstein, Sure
[i]2012.04.19 20:36:06 +2s Help <Erik Kaassan> Amuer- Gate guns have 350KM range in low sec and 400KM hgh sec
[i]2012.04.19 20:36:06 +0s Help <Epore> sure
[i]2012.04.19 20:36:10 +4s Help <Morag Ondr> est is -5 though without dst
[i]2012.04.19 20:36:13 +3s Help <ISD Etetia> You just need a customs office at the planet
[i]2012.04.19 20:36:25 +12s Help <Malstein> okie thanks
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