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[i]2012.04.20 01:04:19 EVE-Radio <Grimdragon420> theyll either be grat or shitty
[i]2012.04.20 01:04:26 +7s EVE-Radio <Rojo Solette> check your contracts dj
[i]2012.04.20 01:04:26 +0s EVE-Radio <NAVY VETERAN MERCENARY> i like face balm
[i]2012.04.20 01:04:37 +11s EVE-Radio <NAVY VETERAN MERCENARY> but u ment face palm there buddy
[i]2012.04.20 01:04:45 +8s EVE-Radio <tankus2> no, facebalm
[i]2012.04.20 01:04:46 +1s EVE-Radio <Jade Blackclaw> definately balm
[i]2012.04.20 01:04:51 +5s EVE-Radio <tankus2> apply directly to the face
[i]2012.04.20 01:05:03 +12s EVE-Radio <Pleasula> ahhhhh....thanks Love
[i]2012.04.20 01:05:04 +1s EVE-Radio <Marie Thiesant> i think BPC is 9runs, ME -2 amd PE 1
[i]2012.04.20 01:05:09 +5s EVE-Radio <DJ Destiny> <3
[i]2012.04.20 01:05:48 +39s EVE-Radio <NAVY VETERAN MERCENARY> lol
[i]2012.04.20 01:05:53 +5s EVE-Radio <Zyphor Baynes> there is 2mil ^-^
[i]2012.04.20 01:05:58 +5s EVE-Radio <Zyphor Baynes> <3
[i]2012.04.20 01:06:05 +7s EVE-Radio <DJ Destiny> <<##
[i]2012.04.20 01:06:09 +4s EVE-Radio <DJ Destiny> <<33
[i]2012.04.20 01:06:18 +9s EVE-Radio <Marie Thiesant> Circular Logic Decryptor gives that PBC
[i]2012.04.20 01:06:20 +2s EVE-Radio <tankus2> got my two mil back with my sell orders
[i]2012.04.20 01:06:22 +2s EVE-Radio <Spectr StormShadow> ok im gone l8rz all \o
[i]2012.04.20 01:06:29 +7s EVE-Radio <DJ Destiny> o/
[i]2012.04.20 01:06:39 +10s EVE-Radio <DJ Destiny> and now for some blues.....
[i]2012.04.20 01:06:39 +0s EVE-Radio <Zyphor Baynes> \o/
[i]2012.04.20 01:06:42 +3s EVE-Radio <Spectr StormShadow> and gratz on the winner ahead of time lol
[i]2012.04.20 01:07:04 +22s EVE-Radio <Refizul Natas> so ... when i enter: i have the chance to answer the trivia question... a chance to win in the iskies giveaway which is independent from that trivia? :] amirite?
[i]2012.04.20 01:07:06 +2s EVE-Radio <Rojo Solette> there you go dj
[i]2012.04.20 01:07:06 +0s EVE-Radio <Steve Ronuken> one tiny problem with an ME -2 bpc. It loses you 26 million per run ;) at jita prices, at least
[i]2012.04.20 01:07:50 +44s EVE-Radio <Marie Thiesant> ye but its good for production in nullsec
[i]2012.04.20 01:07:57 +7s EVE-Radio <Grim Darknite> O/ Destiny
[i]2012.04.20 01:08:01 +4s EVE-Radio <DJ Destiny> whoa!
[i]2012.04.20 01:08:06 +5s EVE-Radio <Rojo Solette> GRIM!!!!!!!
[i]2012.04.20 01:08:06 +0s EVE-Radio <DJ Destiny> heya grim
[i]2012.04.20 01:08:16 +10s EVE-Radio <Grim Darknite> sup Ro
[i]2012.04.20 01:08:32 +16s EVE-Radio <Grim Darknite> Red
[i]2012.04.20 01:08:48 +16s EVE-Radio <Rojo Solette> hey dj tonight is gonna be fun
[i]2012.04.20 01:09:44 +56s EVE-Radio <Marie Thiesant> Steve Ronuken, but yeah its bad PBC for money making. But if its not from BPO and that i doubt. its -2ME
[i]2012.04.20 01:09:44 +0s EVE-Radio <Grim Darknite> I been tuned in for a while, sounded like fun allready
[i]2012.04.20 01:09:53 +9s EVE-Radio <DJ Destiny> hell yeah
[i]2012.04.20 01:10:00 +7s EVE-Radio <Washi Meisei> o/ DEST
[i]2012.04.20 01:10:03 +3s EVE-Radio <Steve Ronuken> :)
[i]2012.04.20 01:10:07 +4s EVE-Radio <Klenorren> awsome tunes aye
[i]2012.04.20 01:10:10 +3s EVE-Radio <Ulthur Ud'raan> nice r&b...magic sam. love that cat. not like this crap todays with sampling and in-tune
[i]2012.04.20 01:10:11 +1s EVE-Radio <Rojo Solette> so who winning now
[i]2012.04.20 01:10:14 +3s EVE-Radio * Steve Ronuken just plays with his oen BP calculator
[i]2012.04.20 01:10:22 +8s EVE-Radio <Rojo Solette> dj who is winning now
[i]2012.04.20 01:10:41 +19s EVE-Radio <Grim Darknite> Destiny plays the best tunes for racing games BTW, lol
[i]2012.04.20 01:11:01 +20s EVE-Radio <Rojo Solette> there great for sex 2
[i]2012.04.20 01:11:24 +23s EVE-Radio <DJ Destiny> lols
[i]2012.04.20 01:11:32 +8s EVE-Radio <Grim Darknite> I hope some one wins my tourny Catalyst tonight
[i]2012.04.20 01:11:44 +12s EVE-Radio <Grim Darknite> and uses it on me
[i]2012.04.20 01:12:04 +20s EVE-Radio <Rojo Solette> lol
[i]2012.04.20 01:12:10 +6s EVE-Radio <DJ Destiny> holy sneeze
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