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[i]2012.04.21 05:45:52 HelpMyMission <J Randomess> that's what I would do w/ 3 weeks off
[i]2012.04.21 05:45:58 +6s HelpMyMission <Schmooples F'Skilex> WoT?
[i]2012.04.21 05:45:59 +1s HelpMyMission <J Randomess> eve drink eve drink
[i]2012.04.21 05:46:08 +9s HelpMyMission <J Randomess> maybe a chick somewhere in there but mostly booze and eve
[i]2012.04.21 05:46:10 +2s HelpMyMission <Kayto Shahni> yeah i agree with that
[i]2012.04.21 05:46:14 +4s HelpMyMission <Commander Korbin> eve drunk.... then replace lost ship
[i]2012.04.21 05:46:19 +5s HelpMyMission <Vicky Death> World Of Tanks
[i]2012.04.21 05:46:23 +4s HelpMyMission <J Randomess> ofc commander
[i]2012.04.21 05:46:24 +1s HelpMyMission <Schmooples F'Skilex> Oh.
[i]2012.04.21 05:46:29 +5s HelpMyMission <J Randomess> def would need a plex or three to start it off
[i]2012.04.21 05:46:31 +2s HelpMyMission <J Randomess> to replace drunk losses
[i]2012.04.21 05:46:39 +8s HelpMyMission <Schmooples F'Skilex> I love that game! I love playing as arty and pissing people off.
[i]2012.04.21 05:46:58 +19s HelpMyMission <Vicky Death> lol
[i]2012.04.21 05:47:01 +3s HelpMyMission <GerminVermin> WoT was good in beta
[i]2012.04.21 05:47:46 +45s HelpMyMission <GerminVermin> before it became World of Etherial Tanks
[i]2012.04.21 05:47:48 +2s HelpMyMission <Vicky Death> german tanks had best tank cannons and best range , but not in this game
[i]2012.04.21 05:47:48 +0s HelpMyMission <Schmooples F'Skilex> I stopped playing after beta because I didn't want to have to go through all that work to get my Hummel back.
[i]2012.04.21 05:50:18 +150s HelpMyMission <Commander Korbin> can someone evplain to me the point of the epic arc missions?
[i]2012.04.21 05:51:49 +91s HelpMyMission <J Randomess> boredeom
[i]2012.04.21 05:51:50 +1s HelpMyMission <J Randomess> easy isk
[i]2012.04.21 05:51:55 +5s HelpMyMission <J Randomess> about half billion per arc
[i]2012.04.21 05:52:00 +5s HelpMyMission <Vicky Death> <-----< that way
[i]2012.04.21 05:52:16 +16s HelpMyMission <J Randomess> there is no in game reason to run them
[i]2012.04.21 05:52:23 +7s HelpMyMission <J Randomess> they are flavor and fluff
[i]2012.04.21 05:58:05 +342s HelpMyMission <Templar Ren Stalin> hello, anyone here?
[i]2012.04.21 05:58:19 +14s HelpMyMission <Jack Egivand> yep
[i]2012.04.21 05:58:25 +6s HelpMyMission <Jack Egivand> were ignoring randomess
[i]2012.04.21 05:58:28 +3s HelpMyMission <GerminVermin> nope, I'm over there -->
[i]2012.04.21 05:58:34 +6s HelpMyMission <Jack Egivand> and his rude comment about epic arcs
[i]2012.04.21 05:58:35 +1s HelpMyMission <Templar Ren Stalin> awesome lol
[i]2012.04.21 05:58:41 +6s HelpMyMission <Templar Ren Stalin> anyone near Simbeloud Solar System
[i]2012.04.21 05:58:51 +10s HelpMyMission <GerminVermin> 12j
[i]2012.04.21 05:58:53 +2s HelpMyMission <Jack Egivand> actuallly....
[i]2012.04.21 05:59:06 +13s HelpMyMission <Jack Egivand> 5 jumps
[i]2012.04.21 05:59:19 +13s HelpMyMission <Templar Ren Stalin> can you help me with a lvl 3 vs gallente?
[i]2012.04.21 05:59:20 +1s HelpMyMission <billiescott dunkle> temp u need help bro with a 4?
[i]2012.04.21 05:59:38 +18s HelpMyMission <Templar Ren Stalin> my sweet privateer
[i]2012.04.21 05:59:45 +7s HelpMyMission <Jack Egivand> not v gallente. my gallente standings are very bad
[i]2012.04.21 06:00:06 +21s HelpMyMission <billiescott dunkle> hey temp im on my way bro
[i]2012.04.21 06:00:26 +20s HelpMyMission <Schmooples F'Skilex> Fighting Gallente?!? Freedom haters!
[i]2012.04.21 06:00:53 +27s HelpMyMission <Vicky Death> 05:59:56 Combat Your group of Neutron Blaster Cannon II is well aimed at Serpentis Bunker, inflicting 1800.0 damage.
[i]2012.04.21 06:02:09 +76s HelpMyMission <billiescott dunkle> thats it?
[i]2012.04.21 06:02:17 +8s HelpMyMission <Vicky Death> yea
[i]2012.04.21 06:02:20 +3s HelpMyMission <billiescott dunkle> temp man did u get help man?
[i]2012.04.21 06:02:30 +10s HelpMyMission <Templar Ren Stalin> not yet
[i]2012.04.21 06:02:39 +9s HelpMyMission <Templar Ren Stalin> i sent you a fleet invite, you get it?
[i]2012.04.21 06:02:41 +2s HelpMyMission <Schmooples F'Skilex> What do you fly Vicky?
[i]2012.04.21 06:02:46 +5s HelpMyMission <billiescott dunkle> ok im in route man just send me a fleet invite
[i]2012.04.21 06:03:11 +25s HelpMyMission <Templar Ren Stalin> youre auto rejecting the invite
[i]2012.04.21 06:03:23 +12s HelpMyMission <billiescott dunkle> now try
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