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[i]2012.04.22 13:22:11 Help <Grifoner> esc
[i]2012.04.22 13:22:13 +2s Help <Red Rydah> Go press ESC and there is a reset tab
[i]2012.04.22 13:22:13 +0s Help <ionageman TOG> well film went digital.. now that was a step foward.. but i havn't seen much diff in 3d..
[i]2012.04.22 13:22:14 +1s Help <Captwilly Barleyclan> still a noob srry
[i]2012.04.22 13:22:14 +0s Help <Red Rydah> go there
[i]2012.04.22 13:22:17 +3s Help <TESSA Wick> thx
[i]2012.04.22 13:22:21 +4s Help <Jhelom> nvm
[i]2012.04.22 13:22:23 +2s Help <Jhelom> found it
[i]2012.04.22 13:22:35 +12s Help <Ashan'tyr Escrima> there is no esc....only more space
[i]2012.04.22 13:22:36 +1s Help <ionageman TOG> cept mabye that ds3d thing
[i]2012.04.22 13:22:39 +3s Help <Grifoner> esc reset setting cashe files
[i]2012.04.22 13:23:22 +43s Help <Spork Witch> ionage: Captain America was decent, Green Lantern so-so, Avatar amazing, Immortals did a very good job. Coraline looks really good from the preview on Sanctum. Sanctum was also very impressive
[i]2012.04.22 13:23:37 +15s Help <Louis Motsu> angel is em/thermal?
[i]2012.04.22 13:23:39 +2s Help <Spork Witch> ionage: it's a matter of finding the ones that do it well, and had it in mind from the start, not tacked on after the fact
[i]2012.04.22 13:23:44 +5s Help <Nelixib> I've still lost my target window (above overview).Anyone any ideas?
[i]2012.04.22 13:23:46 +2s Help <Spork Witch> louis: kin/exp
[i]2012.04.22 13:23:50 +4s Help <ionageman TOG> don't make me wish i bought a 3d.. :)
[i]2012.04.22 13:23:52 +2s Help <Louis Motsu> ok thx
[i]2012.04.22 13:24:25 +33s Help <Red Rydah> If you cannot find your target windw through tabbing, and this is a last resort , go into options, reset tab, and reset windows to default positions. That will bring everything back
[i]2012.04.22 13:24:26 +1s Help <ionageman TOG> it's minimized
[i]2012.04.22 13:24:32 +6s Help <Kalathia Eginald> Nelixib check the side bar to see if you have minimised it, other than that look at the tabs as you may have combined it sith another window
[i]2012.04.22 13:24:40 +8s Help <S Burns> ionage: I bought one with my deployment pay; quite happy with it between the movies and my PS3 :)
[i]2012.04.22 13:25:27 +47s Help <Nelixib> Kalathia Eginald Spotted, I had managed to dock it in the market. Didn't even know that was poss! Cheers.
[i]2012.04.22 13:26:10 +43s Help <ionageman TOG> already got an old flatscreen in my bedroom i don't use.. what am i gona do with this bugga.
[i]2012.04.22 13:26:19 +9s Help <Iman Atheist> QUESTION: Is there a command to sclear the chat window of text?
[i]2012.04.22 13:26:37 +18s Help <Herr Nerdstrom> not yet, I think I read that one will be delivered soon
[i]2012.04.22 13:26:43 +6s Help <Red Rydah> I don't think so.
[i]2012.04.22 13:26:48 +5s Help <Red Rydah> Would be nice if you could
[i]2012.04.22 13:27:30 +42s Help <StonerPhReaK> why the need to clear chat?
[i]2012.04.22 13:27:48 +18s Help <Red Rydah> Just to clear the clutter sometimes if someone does destracting ascii art
[i]2012.04.22 13:27:54 +6s Help <Descender> hide proof of cyber
[i]2012.04.22 13:28:00 +6s Help <Jhelom> LOL
[i]2012.04.22 13:28:02 +2s Help <Red Rydah> That too descender ;>
[i]2012.04.22 13:28:07 +5s Help <Tom K'rathma> YOu do know there are logs on your computer right?
[i]2012.04.22 13:28:14 +7s Help <StonerPhReaK> if itsa a player made channel you can leave and rejoin ala chat clear
[i]2012.04.22 13:28:15 +1s Help <Tom K'rathma> Documents > EVE
[i]2012.04.22 13:28:21 +6s Help <Tom K'rathma> There's chat logs
[i]2012.04.22 13:28:29 +8s Help <Red Rydah> you can erase the chat logs though...easy
[i]2012.04.22 13:28:44 +15s Help <StonerPhReaK> they can still be retreaved
[i]2012.04.22 13:28:51 +7s Help <Descender> I like to re-read my logs and come up with witty comebacks to make myself feel better
[i]2012.04.22 13:28:58 +7s Help <ionageman TOG> be a good database if we could search it
[i]2012.04.22 13:29:22 +24s Help <Leandra Oleander> what can I equip to be able to pass the targeting jammer in a mission?
[i]2012.04.22 13:29:26 +4s Help <StonerPhReaK> ohhh the secrets we would know...
[i]2012.04.22 13:29:30 +4s Help <Daracon Rage> what are the webbing drones called?
[i]2012.04.22 13:29:31 +1s Help <Senyka Exonar> OPen it ina word processer and use word search :)
[i]2012.04.22 13:29:35 +4s Help <Kai Njord> Leandra Oleander LADAR boosters
[i]2012.04.22 13:29:36 +1s Help <Red Rydah> Through unconventiual means yes, but if you wanted to ensrue a completely clean hard drive, you can reformat it with the zero fill option
[i]2012.04.22 13:29:37 +1s Help <Breya> equip drones
[i]2012.04.22 13:29:56 +19s Help <Alayna Le'line> if you want a completely clean harddrive you toss itin a fire.
[i]2012.04.22 13:29:59 +3s Help <Leandra Oleander> Kai Njord cheers
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