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[i]2012.04.23 07:45:27 scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> i probably will, if not for shits and giggles
[i]2012.04.23 07:46:19 +52s scc-lounge <Vaerah Vain> when I did PvP in 200 vs 200+ fleets, there were ALWAYS guys with 1 fitted tractor beam + salvager that would insta grab the stuff
[i]2012.04.23 07:46:57 +38s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> but in high sec i believe you cant tractor beam the wreck since its not yours
[i]2012.04.23 07:47:35 +38s scc-lounge <Windy Wavicle> It would be there's?
[i]2012.04.23 07:47:38 +3s scc-lounge <Windy Wavicle> theirs*
[i]2012.04.23 07:47:43 +5s scc-lounge <Vaerah Vain> if you end in a jita blob you can stay sure someone will claim it
[i]2012.04.23 07:47:46 +3s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> no it would be whoever shot it
[i]2012.04.23 07:47:53 +7s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> and they would be blown up by concord
[i]2012.04.23 07:48:27 +34s scc-lounge <Vaerah Vain> I know several corps will wardec CFC just for that, no concord for them
[i]2012.04.23 07:49:56 +89s scc-lounge <Windy Wavicle> if you're in the same corp it'll be yours
[i]2012.04.23 07:50:20 +24s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> im so bad at managign my orders
[i]2012.04.23 07:50:21 +1s scc-lounge <Windy Wavicle> but if it's an out of corp alt then yeah
[i]2012.04.23 07:50:31 +10s scc-lounge <Vaerah Vain> exactly, that's how we did that wreck scooping
[i]2012.04.23 07:50:49 +18s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> if in the same corp it will be yours? that doesnt sound right
[i]2012.04.23 07:51:01 +12s scc-lounge <Windy Wavicle> it is
[i]2012.04.23 07:51:02 +1s scc-lounge <Vaerah Vain> but I have to say that we did 95% low and nullsec so we did not have all the hi sec tralala in the way
[i]2012.04.23 07:51:11 +9s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> are you sure youre not thinking of a war dec scenario
[i]2012.04.23 07:51:11 +0s scc-lounge <Windy Wavicle> it'll have a corp tag on the wreck
[i]2012.04.23 07:51:28 +17s scc-lounge <Windy Wavicle> thats possible
[i]2012.04.23 07:52:04 +36s scc-lounge <Adunh Slavy> wreck is owned by the victim
[i]2012.04.23 07:52:43 +39s scc-lounge <Adunh Slavy> goons can tractor in their concord dead wrecks, but not the victim wrecks
[i]2012.04.23 07:52:55 +12s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> ok i see
[i]2012.04.23 07:53:22 +27s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> its this saturday right?
[i]2012.04.23 07:53:28 +6s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> that'll be a fun day
[i]2012.04.23 07:53:49 +21s scc-lounge <Adunh Slavy> set goons to -10 or whatever, place tags on everything, think you can on wrecks in the overview. avoid any -10 wrecks, steal from the others
[i]2012.04.23 07:54:25 +36s scc-lounge * La Delincuencia Madre giggles at the Orca named willy.
[i]2012.04.23 07:54:53 +28s scc-lounge <Adunh Slavy> if you steal from a goon wreck, they can all pop you, chances are they're going to pop looters anyway, but at least they have to loose a ship to do it if you're not taking from their wrecks
[i]2012.04.23 07:55:09 +16s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> you just missed someone trying to unload thermonuclear triggers
[i]2012.04.23 07:56:06 +57s scc-lounge <La Delincuencia Madre> Yeah?
[i]2012.04.23 07:56:17 +11s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> yea he dumped them to jita buys
[i]2012.04.23 07:56:30 +13s scc-lounge <La Delincuencia Madre> probably made more than whaty id pay. unless it was under 33k
[i]2012.04.23 07:57:28 +58s scc-lounge <Windy Wavicle> I have an odd servers are going to crash that day
[i]2012.04.23 07:57:33 +5s scc-lounge <Windy Wavicle> feeling*
[i]2012.04.23 07:57:38 +5s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> definitely possible
[i]2012.04.23 07:57:51 +13s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> we should take bets on how many people jita gona reach
[i]2012.04.23 07:58:08 +17s scc-lounge <La Delincuencia Madre> dare I say it.... over 9000?
[i]2012.04.23 07:58:15 +7s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> im guessing 4k if this burn jita thing happens
[i]2012.04.23 07:58:39 +24s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> but then again
[i]2012.04.23 07:58:47 +8s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> depends how many cfc people decide to partake
[i]2012.04.23 07:58:51 +4s scc-lounge <Vaerah Vain> it'd be like a 0.0 big battle, time dialtion
[i]2012.04.23 07:59:06 +15s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> time dilation just slows the entire game down right
[i]2012.04.23 07:59:18 +12s scc-lounge <Vaerah Vain> sort of
[i]2012.04.23 07:59:28 +10s scc-lounge <Windy Wavicle> local will be interesting for once
[i]2012.04.23 07:59:33 +5s scc-lounge <Adunh Slavy> yeah, but not chat, just slows down the solar system node process
[i]2012.04.23 07:59:45 +12s scc-lounge <Adunh Slavy> market should be the same as ever, chat etc
[i]2012.04.23 07:59:48 +3s scc-lounge <Vaerah Vain> yeah from the slow selling trading to slow scamming
[i]2012.04.23 08:01:12 +84s scc-lounge <Adunh Slavy> tempted to pull the trigger on a manip attmpt V, only a 10% rise though to play it safe
[i]2012.04.23 08:07:09 +357s scc-lounge <La Delincuencia Madre> heh, what a fun little jaunt into gallente space.. 30k morphite.. :P
[i]2012.04.23 08:11:16 +247s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> what does jaunt mean
[i]2012.04.23 08:11:17 +1s scc-lounge <La Delincuencia Madre> journety
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