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[i]2012.04.24 16:12:00 Help <Teranicus> anyone know why shipnames have colors now?
[i]2012.04.24 16:12:06 +6s Help <Teranicus> and 2 of mine were slightyly modified, the names as well
[i]2012.04.24 16:12:25 +19s Help <Charlie Bronha> didn't notice any name changes
[i]2012.04.24 16:12:40 +15s Help <Mari Sinn> colors where?
[i]2012.04.24 16:12:52 +12s Help <Teranicus> in ships hangar
[i]2012.04.24 16:12:56 +4s Help <Teranicus> for the ship name
[i]2012.04.24 16:13:34 +38s Help <Phoenix Kuja> I'd like to say something
[i]2012.04.24 16:13:34 +0s Help <Teranicus> i had abaddon called teranicus-1, now the text is blue and its called "Fish Teranicus-1" and my anathema text is red and gone from "Teranicus-2" to ">Channel Teranicus-2"
[i]2012.04.24 16:13:43 +9s Help <Phoenix Kuja> and I'm gonna say it through an image
[i]2012.04.24 16:13:46 +3s Help <Phoenix Kuja> http://cdn.memegenerator.net/instances/400x/19301199.jpg
[i]2012.04.24 16:13:48 +2s Help <Charlie Bronha> O_o
[i]2012.04.24 16:14:36 +48s Help <snowqueen100> ah comifed no bounty on roge drone sigh
[i]2012.04.24 16:14:49 +13s Help <Alice Katsuko> Phoenix, I would expect the value of those to go up somewhat. Store them for now and see what happens as drone region alloy stockpiles run down and trit prices go up.
[i]2012.04.24 16:14:54 +5s Help <Charlie Bronha> no loot and no bounties, yay
[i]2012.04.24 16:15:14 +20s Help <Phoenix Kuja> to go UP?
[i]2012.04.24 16:15:19 +5s Help <Aria Clarke> arrived at pulinV to getdata decoded, how do I do this
[i]2012.04.24 16:15:33 +14s Help <Alice Katsuko> Charlie, if the drones are not dropping bounties, screenshot and bug report. All drones except for maybe some special ones should have ISK and no loot/alloys now
[i]2012.04.24 16:15:43 +10s Help <CCP karkur> what's up?
[i]2012.04.24 16:15:50 +7s Help <Teranicus> o/ CCP karkur
[i]2012.04.24 16:15:58 +8s Help <Capt Cantsee> does the myrm make a better pvp ship because of the armor rep bonus? Or is the domi sufficient?
[i]2012.04.24 16:16:03 +5s Help <Teranicus> can you explain why some of my ship names were changed and they're in different colors please?
[i]2012.04.24 16:16:07 +4s Help <snowqueen100> just got a mission with rouge drones no bount but part from not all good
[i]2012.04.24 16:16:09 +2s Help <AnastasiaDualla> has any change been made to orca access?
[i]2012.04.24 16:16:17 +8s Help <Alice Katsuko> Capt, myrm is a battlecruiser. Domi is a battleship. Used for different things
[i]2012.04.24 16:16:24 +7s Help <CCP karkur> no i cannot, sorry :P
[i]2012.04.24 16:16:32 +8s Help <AnastasiaDualla> NPC alt was able to access corp hanger of an orca, now they can't
[i]2012.04.24 16:16:33 +1s Help <Alice Katsuko> snow, bug report it if you're sure they have no bounties
[i]2012.04.24 16:16:45 +12s Help <Bella Rugente> AnastasiaDualla it is bugged, the workaround is to dock, open hold, leave it open and undock
[i]2012.04.24 16:16:49 +4s Help <CCP karkur> (as in I don't know anything about it)
[i]2012.04.24 16:16:53 +4s Help <Teranicus> my abaddon ship in the hangar is the same color as your text, and has gone from being called "teranicus-1" to "Fish Teranicus-1"
[i]2012.04.24 16:16:55 +2s Help <Capt Cantsee> sure, obviously, let me clarify. If I was to use a ship in low-sec for exploration(with my alt), domi or myrm
[i]2012.04.24 16:16:57 +2s Help <Teranicus> for some reason
[i]2012.04.24 16:17:02 +5s Help <AnastasiaDualla> bah.. cheers :)
[i]2012.04.24 16:17:04 +2s Help <Samantha Achasse> errr Hammerhead I still drop?
[i]2012.04.24 16:17:10 +6s Help <Teranicus> same thing with my anathema but different color+ word
[i]2012.04.24 16:17:13 +3s Help <Wren Apollo> Anyone else noticed that the range filter for the market bar resets to station every time you relog?
[i]2012.04.24 16:17:19 +6s Help <Phoenix Kuja> yes, drones are still dropped
[i]2012.04.24 16:17:21 +2s Help <halfme00> hello can some 1 help?
[i]2012.04.24 16:17:22 +1s Help <Phoenix Kuja> along with ammo
[i]2012.04.24 16:17:27 +5s Help <CCP karkur> Teranicus, could you bug report it?
[i]2012.04.24 16:17:38 +11s Help <Ridariun Starcatcher> lots of ammo
[i]2012.04.24 16:17:40 +2s Help <Ridariun Starcatcher> bah
[i]2012.04.24 16:17:42 +2s Help <Teranicus> sure
[i]2012.04.24 16:17:44 +2s Help <halfme00> is good orca for solo mining ?
[i]2012.04.24 16:17:45 +1s Help <onatural> im just about to bug report this, can anyone try it to make sure its not just me please..the broadcast travel to command does not work when you right click a location on the map, no broadcasts are found on the fleet tab where the travel to commands usua
[i]2012.04.24 16:17:50 +5s Help <onatural> lly are
[i]2012.04.24 16:17:51 +1s Help <Phoenix Kuja> lots of ammo?
[i]2012.04.24 16:17:57 +6s Help <Snatch Pinion> now vanguards have been randomized, can we expect all auga or all deltole spawns?
[i]2012.04.24 16:17:59 +2s Help <Phoenix Kuja> it's the same quantity to me
[i]2012.04.24 16:18:25 +26s Help <Solarius Elrond> I'd like to know why the graphics and sounds of mining lasers have been discontinued?
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