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[i]2012.04.24 16:56:00 HelpMyMission <DARKMIFT> last time I did that he sent me to lowsec
[i]2012.04.24 16:56:31 +31s HelpMyMission <Fa1lomenon> 1.2m LP with Fed Navy :D
[i]2012.04.24 16:58:28 +117s HelpMyMission <DARKMIFT> cash em in :)
[i]2012.04.24 16:59:34 +66s HelpMyMission <Keilateau Shakor> my Journal doesn't work :/
[i]2012.04.24 16:59:46 +12s HelpMyMission <Katsu Masanori> no?
[i]2012.04.24 16:59:51 +5s HelpMyMission <Keilateau Shakor> no
[i]2012.04.24 17:00:01 +10s HelpMyMission <Katsu Masanori> wonder why not?
[i]2012.04.24 17:00:05 +4s HelpMyMission <Katsu Masanori> mine is ok
[i]2012.04.24 17:00:17 +12s HelpMyMission <Keilateau Shakor> i'll try to relog
[i]2012.04.24 17:00:33 +16s HelpMyMission <DARKMIFT> do I need true standings 5.0 for pos or is 5.0 with skills enough?
[i]2012.04.24 17:01:32 +59s HelpMyMission <Katsu Masanori> 5 with skills is ok
[i]2012.04.24 17:01:40 +8s HelpMyMission <DARKMIFT> k thnaks
[i]2012.04.24 17:02:32 +52s HelpMyMission <Keilateau Shakor> it's back \o/
[i]2012.04.24 17:03:36 +64s HelpMyMission <Katsu Masanori> sometimes it clears up what ever is cloggign the thign down
[i]2012.04.24 17:03:43 +7s HelpMyMission <Katsu Masanori> liek giving a kid a time out
[i]2012.04.24 17:06:24 +161s HelpMyMission <Fa1lomenon> PC Caldari Navy Captain Insignia III AND Caldari Navy Captain Insignia II PLZ!
[i]2012.04.24 17:07:07 +43s HelpMyMission <Keilateau Shakor> 3,26M / 84k jita
[i]2012.04.24 17:07:18 +11s HelpMyMission <Katsu Masanori> the III is 3 million in Hek
[i]2012.04.24 17:07:40 +22s HelpMyMission <DARKMIFT> yeah....not be wise flying in caldari with these in yer hold
[i]2012.04.24 17:07:51 +11s HelpMyMission <Katsu Masanori> the II is between 35K and 400K in Hek
[i]2012.04.24 17:07:56 +5s HelpMyMission <Tvashnar Crendraven> that's no longer a problem.
[i]2012.04.24 17:07:57 +1s HelpMyMission <Katsu Masanori> wth?
[i]2012.04.24 17:08:01 +4s HelpMyMission <Fa1lomenon> 3mill for IIIs..... retarded
[i]2012.04.24 17:08:15 +14s HelpMyMission <Fa1lomenon> No wonder items have gone so high in value
[i]2012.04.24 17:08:30 +15s HelpMyMission <Katsu Masanori> sorry, tha tis the only price they are offered at
[i]2012.04.24 17:08:44 +14s HelpMyMission <Fa1lomenon> need 135 just for a stasis web or tracking comp
[i]2012.04.24 17:09:01 +17s HelpMyMission <William Hartlese> anyone wanna sell me a charon?
[i]2012.04.24 17:09:02 +1s HelpMyMission <DARKMIFT> run faction missions
[i]2012.04.24 17:09:37 +35s HelpMyMission <Keilateau Shakor> Charon :)
[i]2012.04.24 17:14:38 +301s HelpMyMission <Keilateau Shakor> bloody hell freighter prices doubled in the past 6 months! :-O
[i]2012.04.24 17:14:39 +1s HelpMyMission <DARKMIFT> yes
[i]2012.04.24 17:14:40 +1s HelpMyMission <DARKMIFT> trit went from 2.5 to 6.1
[i]2012.04.24 17:14:43 +3s HelpMyMission <Fa1lomenon> perhaps I'll buy a Navy Domi for AFKin
[i]2012.04.24 17:14:43 +0s HelpMyMission <Fa1lomenon> 2 lvl4 missions =48mill.... seems pretty easymode isk to me
[i]2012.04.24 17:14:44 +1s HelpMyMission <DARKMIFT> want some nice isk?...run incursions
[i]2012.04.24 17:14:58 +14s HelpMyMission <Fa1lomenon> I do run them... just too bored of them
[i]2012.04.24 17:15:08 +10s HelpMyMission <super amarrian> incursions arent bad just used to be boring as all hell maybe they wont be boring now that they fixed them some
[i]2012.04.24 17:15:12 +4s HelpMyMission <Reldor Silverheart> is it just me, or is the game suddenly alot darker?
[i]2012.04.24 17:15:19 +7s HelpMyMission <Fa1lomenon> I have a 5b isk fit Nightmare cause of incursions.... Also 4 Loki all over the place
[i]2012.04.24 17:15:36 +17s HelpMyMission <Fa1lomenon> I hate how Dark EVE is... Can hardly see my ship
[i]2012.04.24 17:15:52 +16s HelpMyMission <DARKMIFT> must be a setting
[i]2012.04.24 17:15:53 +1s HelpMyMission <super amarrian> i got a expensive ass legion and nightmare and a few other ships i used for incursions
[i]2012.04.24 17:16:11 +18s HelpMyMission <Tvashnar Crendraven> You're in space... It can be pretty dark in space.
[i]2012.04.24 17:16:11 +0s HelpMyMission <super amarrian> now i dont do incursions since they got boring and the people became moannoying
[i]2012.04.24 17:16:15 +4s HelpMyMission <DARKMIFT> I fly logi^^
[i]2012.04.24 17:16:15 +0s HelpMyMission <super amarrian> more annoying*
[i]2012.04.24 17:16:18 +3s HelpMyMission <DARKMIFT> cheap :)
[i]2012.04.24 17:16:43 +25s HelpMyMission <super amarrian> i suck at logi hah
[i]2012.04.24 17:16:56 +13s HelpMyMission <Fa1lomenon> Fleet Temnpest at maxx skills can do as much DPS as a MAch, for 1/3 the cost
[i]2012.04.24 17:17:04 +8s HelpMyMission <Fa1lomenon> 1/4 even
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