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[i]2012.04.24 19:05:04 Holy Veldspar <Chribba> ok so if I place a buyorder in a station with no standings I get a fee of 0.97% if I place it at a station where I got like 9.7 standing fee is 0.27%
[i]2012.04.24 19:05:26 +22s Holy Veldspar <Chribba> so it's prolly the same as before
[i]2012.04.24 19:05:50 +24s Holy Veldspar <Finn Finnigan> thats what u get?
[i]2012.04.24 19:06:38 +48s Holy Veldspar <Chribba> yeah I got 8.71 standings with Emperor family and I get a 0.27% broker from them
[i]2012.04.24 19:06:56 +18s Holy Veldspar <Avril Livigne> btw thanks for putting up with my questions ;p
[i]2012.04.24 19:07:35 +39s Holy Veldspar <Finn Finnigan> I have 8,9 with Caldari Navy and get the 0,75
[i]2012.04.24 19:07:47 +12s Holy Veldspar <kiemai> what about your trade skills?
[i]2012.04.24 19:07:47 +0s Holy Veldspar <Chribba> are you selling at a CN station?
[i]2012.04.24 19:07:49 +2s Holy Veldspar <Finn Finnigan> yes
[i]2012.04.24 19:08:11 +22s Holy Veldspar <Finn Finnigan> ouch, sorry.....
[i]2012.04.24 19:08:11 +0s Holy Veldspar <Chribba> I got my broker relation @ 4
[i]2012.04.24 19:08:11 +0s Holy Veldspar <Finn Finnigan> i only looked at the wallet window
[i]2012.04.24 19:08:42 +31s Holy Veldspar <Chribba> yeah order window says 0.8% for me
[i]2012.04.24 19:08:52 +10s Holy Veldspar <Finn Finnigan> if i open a sale i get my 0,34%
[i]2012.04.24 19:08:54 +2s Holy Veldspar <Chribba> but when I try a buy order and fill out stuff it gives 0.27%
[i]2012.04.24 19:09:00 +6s Holy Veldspar <ElQuirko> Market discussions are boring. This channel needs more pete.
[i]2012.04.24 19:09:10 +10s Holy Veldspar <Chribba> in time Elq, in time
[i]2012.04.24 19:09:10 +0s Holy Veldspar <Finn Finnigan> ok, thx Chribba, u have solved my problem ;-))
[i]2012.04.24 19:09:30 +20s Holy Veldspar <kiemai> I find market discussions fascinating so stfu Elq ♥
[i]2012.04.24 19:09:32 +2s Holy Veldspar <ElQuirko> I hate you Kiwi <3
[i]2012.04.24 19:10:01 +29s Holy Veldspar <kiemai> but i love you hun ♥
[i]2012.04.24 19:10:13 +12s Holy Veldspar <Chribba> great Finn :)
[i]2012.04.24 19:10:26 +13s Holy Veldspar <Finn Finnigan> all is fine so and i can go out and finally test my new missile effects =)
[i]2012.04.24 19:10:38 +12s Holy Veldspar <ElQuirko> new missile effects?
[i]2012.04.24 19:10:42 +4s Holy Veldspar <ElQuirko> Not 'til Inferno, my boy
[i]2012.04.24 19:10:44 +2s Holy Veldspar <Avril Livigne> I used to think that's all eve was, these chats, then some kind person showed me how to undock.
[i]2012.04.24 19:10:52 +8s Holy Veldspar <Finn Finnigan> =(
[i]2012.04.24 19:11:00 +8s Holy Veldspar <ElQuirko> I believe they're on Duality, but Duality is rarely up
[i]2012.04.24 19:11:09 +9s Holy Veldspar <Chribba> undock is trecherous(sp)
[i]2012.04.24 19:12:09 +60s Holy Veldspar <ElQuirko> WHY AM I SO GOOD AT FLYING BATTLECRUISERS
[i]2012.04.24 19:12:28 +19s Holy Veldspar <Chribba> movies or it never happened
[i]2012.04.24 19:13:01 +33s Holy Veldspar <Teilyos> i cant wait for when BC changes over
[i]2012.04.24 19:13:21 +20s Holy Veldspar <Teilyos> lets see how much free SP ill get
[i]2012.04.24 19:13:38 +17s Holy Veldspar <Teilyos> also i jsut ahd a thought
[i]2012.04.24 19:13:41 +3s Holy Veldspar <Teilyos> for command ships
[i]2012.04.24 19:13:53 +12s Holy Veldspar <Teilyos> what will be the prereqs if not for BCs
[i]2012.04.24 19:15:34 +101s Holy Veldspar <ElQuirko> Idk
[i]2012.04.24 19:15:37 +3s Holy Veldspar <ElQuirko> probably a new skill
[i]2012.04.24 19:15:42 +5s Holy Veldspar <ElQuirko> "SUPER LEET OMEGA BS V ULTRA POLARIS"
[i]2012.04.24 19:15:46 +4s Holy Veldspar <ElQuirko> that players can never have
[i]2012.04.24 19:15:52 +6s Holy Veldspar <ElQuirko> because CCP wants to give erryone a giant fuckyou
[i]2012.04.24 19:18:23 +151s Holy Veldspar <Finn Finnigan> has the Burning of Jita started yet?
[i]2012.04.24 19:19:09 +46s Holy Veldspar <Awarmingcoat> no
[i]2012.04.24 19:20:11 +62s Holy Veldspar <ElQuirko> 28th of april
[i]2012.04.24 19:20:18 +7s Holy Veldspar <Finn Finnigan> k
[i]2012.04.24 19:20:57 +39s Holy Veldspar <SenVrax> advertised as 28th, but a 'leaked' report on EN24 suggests it will be starting 27th
[i]2012.04.24 19:21:30 +33s Holy Veldspar <SenVrax> to catch the last minute rush :p
[i]2012.04.24 19:21:48 +18s Holy Veldspar <Finn Finnigan> lol, for sure it will start early^^
[i]2012.04.24 19:22:06 +18s Holy Veldspar <Chribba> we'll how big of burn this will be
[i]2012.04.24 19:27:18 +312s Holy Veldspar <Chribba> uhh so researching a dread bpo to PE1 would take 50 days? lol
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