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[i]2012.04.24 19:21:30 Holy Veldspar <SenVrax> to catch the last minute rush :p
[i]2012.04.24 19:21:48 +18s Holy Veldspar <Finn Finnigan> lol, for sure it will start early^^
[i]2012.04.24 19:22:06 +18s Holy Veldspar <Chribba> we'll how big of burn this will be
[i]2012.04.24 19:27:18 +312s Holy Veldspar <Chribba> uhh so researching a dread bpo to PE1 would take 50 days? lol
[i]2012.04.24 19:27:40 +22s Holy Veldspar <Chribba> that's... insane
[i]2012.04.24 19:27:51 +11s Holy Veldspar <Awarmingcoat> hue hue
[i]2012.04.24 19:28:00 +9s Holy Veldspar <Awarmingcoat> i have a pe9000 bpo
[i]2012.04.24 19:28:08 +8s Holy Veldspar <Awarmingcoat> u dnt want to know how long that took
[i]2012.04.24 19:28:11 +3s Holy Veldspar <Chribba> mining crystal?
[i]2012.04.24 19:28:16 +5s Holy Veldspar <Awarmingcoat> hue
[i]2012.04.24 19:29:56 +100s Holy Veldspar <Chribba> my biggest is a rocker launcher 1 at ME569
[i]2012.04.24 19:30:30 +34s Holy Veldspar <Chribba> rocket*
[i]2012.04.24 19:30:32 +2s Holy Veldspar <Teilyos> http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c105/capwilson/mooseknuckle.jpg
[i]2012.04.24 19:31:07 +35s Holy Veldspar <kiemai> I really want to go to the london meet up but sadly i am recovering from surgery :(
[i]2012.04.24 19:31:14 +7s Holy Veldspar <Chribba> what has that got to do with anything Teilyos?
[i]2012.04.24 19:31:17 +3s Holy Veldspar <kiemai> Simply to hug CCP guard he so small.
[i]2012.04.24 19:31:34 +17s Holy Veldspar <SenVrax> (right-click, clear all content) thankfully what has been seen can now be un-seen :p
[i]2012.04.24 19:31:56 +22s Holy Veldspar <kiemai> CCP has invented mind bleach
[i]2012.04.24 19:31:56 +0s Holy Veldspar <Teilyos> it has notihng but its funny
[i]2012.04.24 19:32:42 +46s Holy Veldspar <Teilyos> also someone spelled my name right
[i]2012.04.24 19:32:46 +4s Holy Veldspar <Teilyos> for once
[i]2012.04.24 19:33:08 +22s Holy Veldspar <kiemai> Teilyos your name is not hard to spell
[i]2012.04.24 19:33:27 +19s Holy Veldspar <Teilyos> yet popele drop the y all the time
[i]2012.04.24 19:33:34 +7s Holy Veldspar <Teilyos> and the l
[i]2012.04.24 19:33:36 +2s Holy Veldspar * Awarmingcoat moans
[i]2012.04.24 19:34:07 +31s Holy Veldspar <Teilyos> wouldnt bother me if it was random shit but its a completly proper name
[i]2012.04.24 19:34:25 +18s Holy Veldspar <kiemai> :O
[i]2012.04.24 19:34:27 +2s Holy Veldspar <Awarmingcoat> elq y u leave blue republic
[i]2012.04.24 19:34:35 +8s Holy Veldspar <ElQuirko> Eerm
[i]2012.04.24 19:34:36 +1s Holy Veldspar <ElQuirko> long story
[i]2012.04.24 19:34:37 +1s Holy Veldspar <ElQuirko> but I got kicked
[i]2012.04.24 19:34:39 +2s Holy Veldspar <kiemai> He got perma'banned
[i]2012.04.24 19:34:41 +2s Holy Veldspar <ElQuirko> And banned forever
[i]2012.04.24 19:34:45 +4s Holy Veldspar <Awarmingcoat> pod killed
[i]2012.04.24 19:34:47 +2s Holy Veldspar <Awarmingcoat> ?
[i]2012.04.24 19:34:58 +11s Holy Veldspar <kiemai> He pissed in the corn flakes
[i]2012.04.24 19:35:08 +10s Holy Veldspar <Awarmingcoat> whoever made that is a genius....
[i]2012.04.24 19:35:11 +3s Holy Veldspar <Awarmingcoat> so much money
[i]2012.04.24 19:35:33 +22s Holy Veldspar <Awarmingcoat> elq what the hell did you do lol
[i]2012.04.24 19:35:50 +17s Holy Veldspar <ElQuirko> Tell you in a bit
[i]2012.04.24 19:36:05 +15s Holy Veldspar <Teilyos> should make it into a mail
[i]2012.04.24 19:36:16 +11s Holy Veldspar <Teilyos> and send it to us as "cool story bro"
[i]2012.04.24 19:36:30 +14s Holy Veldspar <kiemai> YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
[i]2012.04.24 19:36:49 +19s Holy Veldspar <Awarmingcoat> fax it
[i]2012.04.24 19:42:40 +351s Holy Veldspar <Teilyos> WELP time to go hit on teh ladys at teh bank
[i]2012.04.24 19:43:53 +73s Holy Veldspar <Koreal Kurvora> tell us noa
[i]2012.04.24 19:44:02 +9s Holy Veldspar <Koreal Kurvora> *nao
[i]2012.04.24 19:46:47 +165s Holy Veldspar <Travis117> o/
[i]2012.04.24 19:51:19 +272s Holy Veldspar <Inbred Moron> o/
[i]2012.04.24 19:58:58 +459s Holy Veldspar <Chribba> arrg 600 isk!
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