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[i]2012.04.25 16:51:52 Help <StonerPhReaK> I wouldnt mind settin up a doobie shop on a roid for some space herbs
[i]2012.04.25 16:51:55 +3s Help <RavenRonien> ex mircosoft programmer
[i]2012.04.25 16:51:59 +4s Help <Chiron Kudos> nukes dont cut it anymore nowadays the new terror is called asteroids from above
[i]2012.04.25 16:52:02 +3s Help <Remyo> Idiots. They should get a Covetor or few.
[i]2012.04.25 16:52:29 +27s Help <BlackDeathVirus> wts Zor's Custom Navigation Hyper-Link Snake Beta Shadow Serpentis Armor Thermic Hardener
[i]2012.04.25 16:52:33 +4s Help <Kalathia Eginald> Remyo then wait for RL hulkagedden. Now that would be interseting
[i]2012.04.25 16:52:33 +0s Help <BlackDeathVirus> sry wrong channel
[i]2012.04.25 16:52:35 +2s Help <RavenRonien> nope obviously they need a badger with a miner II, good idea
[i]2012.04.25 16:52:36 +1s Help <RavenRonien> lulz
[i]2012.04.25 16:52:40 +4s Help <BlackDeathVirus> sry
[i]2012.04.25 16:52:54 +14s Help <Talamein> Can i use plex on an inactive account if i have plex on this account?
[i]2012.04.25 16:53:11 +17s Help <syphilllis> yes
[i]2012.04.25 16:53:15 +4s Help <Talamein> how
[i]2012.04.25 16:53:26 +11s Help <syphilllis> activate hrs for plex
[i]2012.04.25 16:53:41 +15s Help <Talamein> ahhhhh
[i]2012.04.25 16:53:45 +4s Help <Talamein> damn thanks man
[i]2012.04.25 16:53:48 +3s Help <syphilllis> gives ur acct 4hrs to get ur plex activated
[i]2012.04.25 16:53:51 +3s Help <Little Egypt> 4 hrs to use plex
[i]2012.04.25 16:54:24 +33s Help <syphilllis> but if u faild option will be banned for that acct
[i]2012.04.25 16:54:29 +5s Help <Little Egypt> fast typers
[i]2012.04.25 16:54:55 +26s Help <Lucien VII> if I want to upgrade an acocunt from trial can I just use 1 plex?
[i]2012.04.25 16:55:10 +15s Help <syphilllis> yes
[i]2012.04.25 16:55:37 +27s Help <Syd Vilin> what is ship spinning?
[i]2012.04.25 16:55:40 +3s Help <Hermann Krieger> is there anyone with all skills at level 5?
[i]2012.04.25 16:55:48 +8s Help <Remyo> Some Dev
[i]2012.04.25 16:55:54 +6s Help <Chiron Kudos> in 12 years yes
[i]2012.04.25 16:56:17 +23s Help <Little Egypt> you can ship spin in space or in the hanger, mostly stoners do it, all spaced out....
[i]2012.04.25 16:56:17 +0s Help <Zarere> fast typing is essential :p
[i]2012.04.25 16:56:31 +14s Help <Little Egypt> dang fast typers
[i]2012.04.25 16:56:40 +9s Help <Zarere> how dare you call me a stoner :o, im a drunk if anyhting
[i]2012.04.25 16:56:42 +2s Help <Remyo> Dudes who like Rolling Stones?
[i]2012.04.25 16:56:42 +0s Help <Zarere> anything*
[i]2012.04.25 16:56:42 +0s Help <Talamein> what changes did they make to the orca?
[i]2012.04.25 16:56:56 +14s Help <Little Egypt> me like stones
[i]2012.04.25 16:57:00 +4s Help <Lucien VII> is there a "best" transport ship ? or racial to chose for it?
[i]2012.04.25 16:57:03 +3s Help <Cynosuralisa Vincenzo> huh orca changed?
[i]2012.04.25 16:57:14 +11s Help <Talamein> nah someone said earlier they fixed
[i]2012.04.25 16:57:16 +2s Help <Talamein> it*
[i]2012.04.25 16:57:18 +2s Help <Talamein> meh
[i]2012.04.25 16:57:30 +12s Help <Vetorept Fera> viator is the best transport
[i]2012.04.25 16:57:36 +6s Help <Cynosuralisa Vincenzo> lucien the best transport is Ark
[i]2012.04.25 16:57:36 +0s Help <Lucien VII> Vetorept Fera why can i ask?
[i]2012.04.25 16:57:42 +6s Help <Remyo> Damn this piece of shit is still dropping Civilian Shield Booster I
[i]2012.04.25 16:57:49 +7s Help <Vetorept Fera> because its the bomb
[i]2012.04.25 16:57:52 +3s Help <Cynosuralisa Vincenzo> viator is a good balanced ship
[i]2012.04.25 16:58:01 +9s Help <Cynosuralisa Vincenzo> out of cloaky transports depends on what you want
[i]2012.04.25 16:58:07 +6s Help <Cynosuralisa Vincenzo> amarr one can have max cargo
[i]2012.04.25 16:58:10 +3s Help <Cynosuralisa Vincenzo> caldari max ehp
[i]2012.04.25 16:58:19 +9s Help <Cynosuralisa Vincenzo> minny max velocity
[i]2012.04.25 16:58:26 +7s Help <Cynosuralisa Vincenzo> amarr one if overall the most flexible
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