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[i]2012.04.29 07:22:50 neweden-radio * Ruri Kurineko wimpers
[i]2012.04.29 07:22:53 +3s neweden-radio <Sir Builds'alot> face*
[i]2012.04.29 07:23:25 +32s neweden-radio <Sir Builds'alot> sorry but i have a thing against ppl yelling at me to do something i have absolutely no interest in
[i]2012.04.29 07:23:33 +8s neweden-radio <Sir Builds'alot> and then growling at me for not doing it'
[i]2012.04.29 07:23:53 +20s neweden-radio <Sir Builds'alot> if you behave i wil take it off
[i]2012.04.29 07:24:09 +16s neweden-radio * Ruri Kurineko turns into her human self
[i]2012.04.29 07:24:11 +2s neweden-radio * Stan Smith takes the muzzle off with his mind
[i]2012.04.29 07:24:46 +35s neweden-radio <Sir Builds'alot> nice try
[i]2012.04.29 07:24:48 +2s neweden-radio <Stan Smith> say it fantaz!
[i]2012.04.29 07:24:54 +6s neweden-radio <Sir Builds'alot> its locked to her head
[i]2012.04.29 07:25:03 +9s neweden-radio <Sir Builds'alot> regardless of what form she takes
[i]2012.04.29 07:25:09 +6s neweden-radio * Ruri Kurineko finds that the muzzle has turned into a ball gag
[i]2012.04.29 07:25:23 +14s neweden-radio * Sir Builds'alot gags stan\
[i]2012.04.29 07:25:40 +17s neweden-radio * Stan Smith force repulses the gag off
[i]2012.04.29 07:25:53 +13s neweden-radio <Stan Smith> victory is mine!
[i]2012.04.29 07:26:14 +21s neweden-radio <Sir Builds'alot> it was also mythril
[i]2012.04.29 07:26:24 +10s neweden-radio <Stan Smith> i'm just that good
[i]2012.04.29 07:26:33 +9s neweden-radio <Sir Builds'alot> thats imporribru
[i]2012.04.29 07:26:37 +4s neweden-radio <Sir Builds'alot> its mythril
[i]2012.04.29 07:26:45 +8s neweden-radio <Stan Smith> just that good
[i]2012.04.29 07:26:52 +7s neweden-radio <Sir Builds'alot> impossibru*
[i]2012.04.29 07:27:17 +25s neweden-radio * Ruri Kurineko turns back to her wolf form and rubs her head aganst fantaz's leg
[i]2012.04.29 07:28:10 +53s neweden-radio * Sir Builds'alot removes the muzzle
[i]2012.04.29 07:28:43 +33s neweden-radio * Sir Builds'alot scratches ruri's ear
[i]2012.04.29 07:29:04 +21s neweden-radio <Ruri Kurineko> i'm sorry fantaz i deserve to have that on still i've been a bad wolf
[i]2012.04.29 07:29:14 +10s neweden-radio <Sir Builds'alot> lol
[i]2012.04.29 07:29:38 +24s neweden-radio <Stan Smith> no! the daleks!
[i]2012.04.29 07:29:54 +16s neweden-radio <Stan Smith> and your mythrill is insignificant compared to the power of the warp!
[i]2012.04.29 07:31:10 +76s neweden-radio <Stan Smith> im gonna head off to bed
[i]2012.04.29 07:31:28 +18s neweden-radio * Stan Smith pets ruri on the way out
[i]2012.04.29 07:31:31 +3s neweden-radio <Stan Smith> and say it fantaz!
[i]2012.04.29 07:31:50 +19s neweden-radio * Ruri Kurineko puts her head in the muzzle
[i]2012.04.29 07:35:22 +212s neweden-radio <Sir Builds'alot> nnight stan
[i]2012.04.29 07:35:24 +2s neweden-radio <Sir Builds'alot> sleep well
[i]2012.04.29 07:35:32 +8s neweden-radio * Ruri Kurineko looks at fantaz muzzle hanging unlocked
[i]2012.04.29 07:37:34 +122s neweden-radio * Sir Builds'alot relocks it?
[i]2012.04.29 07:38:53 +79s neweden-radio * Ruri Kurineko curls up at fantaz's feet wanting to prove she can behave before her muzzle is removed
[i]2012.04.29 07:39:02 +9s neweden-radio <Holy8th> must
[i]2012.04.29 07:39:03 +1s neweden-radio <Holy8th> not
[i]2012.04.29 07:39:05 +2s neweden-radio <Holy8th> sleep
[i]2012.04.29 07:39:08 +3s neweden-radio <Holy8th> lknflajsn faj,lsn df
[i]2012.04.29 07:40:17 +69s neweden-radio <Magh Tuiredh> i don't speak djibouti.
[i]2012.04.29 07:40:37 +20s neweden-radio <Holy8th> you should
[i]2012.04.29 07:40:43 +6s neweden-radio <Holy8th> its a very precise language
[i]2012.04.29 07:41:06 +23s neweden-radio * Ruri Kurineko tries to yip but it's exceedingly muffled and stifled by her muzzle
[i]2012.04.29 07:42:43 +97s neweden-radio <Ruri Kurineko> okay... imo the only song that can truly and effectively follow cat's in the cradle is superstition
[i]2012.04.29 07:42:52 +9s neweden-radio <Magh Tuiredh> there's a canine dialect?
[i]2012.04.29 07:43:14 +22s neweden-radio <Ruri Kurineko> not really
[i]2012.04.29 07:43:46 +32s neweden-radio <Ruri Kurineko> i could speak mandalorian if you want me to speak another language though
[i]2012.04.29 07:44:33 +47s neweden-radio <Magh Tuiredh> ...
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