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[i]2012.04.29 09:45:37 Help <ISD Etetia> Scottie, If it's red, yes
[i]2012.04.29 09:45:38 +1s Help <trinityteck> thanks i played ddo for years and it was instant ty for all the help
[i]2012.04.29 09:45:39 +1s Help <Scottie McAlt> i shot one in jita and concord popped me...
[i]2012.04.29 09:45:41 +2s Help <Remiel Pollard> aggression lag
[i]2012.04.29 09:45:41 +0s Help <Scottie McAlt> and i got like -4 sec status
[i]2012.04.29 09:45:41 +0s Help <Kuehnelt> Scotie - it's a bug.
[i]2012.04.29 09:45:41 +0s Help <Scottie McAlt> in my main
[i]2012.04.29 09:45:42 +1s Help <ISD Etetia> Scottie, File a petition
[i]2012.04.29 09:45:43 +1s Help <Scottie McAlt> can i petition to get my sec status back?
[i]2012.04.29 09:45:44 +1s Help <Witch Doctor Spherinx> cant u only attack red if there -5 security rating or below?
[i]2012.04.29 09:45:44 +0s Help <Scottie McAlt> what type of petition?
[i]2012.04.29 09:45:44 +0s Help <ISD Etetia> Scottie, You can always give it a try
[i]2012.04.29 09:45:45 +1s Help <Kuehnelt> Witch - you can always attack red. Jita is jsut bugged.
[i]2012.04.29 09:45:46 +1s Help <Stratus Syx> witch: default for red is below -5
[i]2012.04.29 09:45:46 +0s Help <ISD Etetia> Witch, People won't turn red by default in high sec, unless they are at -5
[i]2012.04.29 09:45:46 +0s Help <Rainbow Rat> are you sure it wasnt the old overview bug, that causes stargates and players to show as in gang or in corp etc... the bug thats been there since late 2004 maybe early 2005 .. lol
[i]2012.04.29 09:45:46 +0s Help <Ajunta Pal> keep in mind you still can't shoot their pod
[i]2012.04.29 09:45:46 +0s Help <Witch Doctor Spherinx> oh ok etetia
[i]2012.04.29 09:45:46 +0s Help <Denize> you 'can' shoot outlaw pod's
[i]2012.04.29 09:45:47 +1s Help <Ajunta Pal> pardon, "shouldn't"
[i]2012.04.29 09:45:47 +0s Help <Karem Lek> You can't pod kill red ones..? oh didn't know that..
[i]2012.04.29 09:45:47 +0s Help <Hitori Gallente> has the DT timer started yet ?
[i]2012.04.29 09:45:47 +0s Help <ISD Etetia> If someone steals from you, no you can't shoot their pod, if they are an outlaw or you are at war, you can
[i]2012.04.29 09:45:47 +0s Help <syphilllis> u ;can ; shoot anything
[i]2012.04.29 09:45:47 +0s Help <ISD Etetia> And yes, you CAN shoot anything, but in some cases CONCORD retaliates :)
[i]2012.04.29 09:45:47 +0s Help <Mok Tenai> if it's red, it's dead
[i]2012.04.29 09:45:47 +0s Help <Denize> outlaw pod's are perfectly ok to kill with no penalty or concord.
[i]2012.04.29 09:45:47 +0s Help <Senyka Exonar> syphilllis but there can be ... consequences :)
[i]2012.04.29 09:45:47 +0s Help <Ajunta Pal> ISD Etetia PODing outlaws seems to bring the wrath of concord
[i]2012.04.29 09:45:47 +0s Help <Kuehnelt> Ajunta - Jita's abugged. It's a known bug. The rules are as stated.
[i]2012.04.29 09:45:47 +0s Help <Denize> it's has never been so.
[i]2012.04.29 09:45:47 +0s Help <Stratus Syx> ajunta: it shouldnt....as long as they're red
[i]2012.04.29 09:45:47 +0s Help <Ajunta Pal> *shrug* i figured but its happened before
[i]2012.04.29 09:45:57 +10s Help <Rainbow Rat> .. if they ARE red and it's not the overview having a special moment and incorrectly showing them as red...
[i]2012.04.29 09:46:16 +19s Help <Ajunta Pal> and the flagging system is laged
[i]2012.04.29 09:46:16 +0s Help <Maximer Eidlander> how to split stacks?
[i]2012.04.29 09:46:21 +5s Help <ISD Etetia> Max, To split a stack, hold shift and drag and drop the stack
[i]2012.04.29 09:46:27 +6s Help <Mok Tenai> hold shift while you drag
[i]2012.04.29 09:46:32 +5s Help <Maximer Eidlander> oh okay, thanks
[i]2012.04.29 09:46:34 +2s Help <syphilllis> i may not pvp all the time vut when i do... i wake up in a new clone
[i]2012.04.29 09:46:48 +14s Help <Hitori Gallente> are you suppose to dual armor rep a myrmidon ?
[i]2012.04.29 09:46:56 +8s Help <Stratus Syx> syph: that just means you leveled up
[i]2012.04.29 09:46:59 +3s Help <Denize> actually you just have to hold shift at the moment you drop it...
[i]2012.04.29 09:47:04 +5s Help <ISD Etetia> Hitori, Depends, I personally like that fitting
[i]2012.04.29 09:47:07 +3s Help <Denize> not needed before while dragging
[i]2012.04.29 09:47:24 +17s Help <Mal Crichton> where is the "bug" petition? what type should i file for a request to get sec status back after being concorded in jita w/o doin anything illegal?
[i]2012.04.29 09:47:26 +2s Help <Rainbow Rat> you can armor rep or shield recharge tank a myrmidon
[i]2012.04.29 09:47:27 +1s Help <Hitori Gallente> but def use a armor rep
[i]2012.04.29 09:48:01 +34s Help <Mok Tenai> under the help tab
[i]2012.04.29 09:48:09 +8s Help <Benwayy> if i have negative standings with a faction and I go in their space, will i be instapopped or can I get to station?
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