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[i]2012.04.29 11:48:01 Holy Veldspar <ElQuirko> Far too much protus here
[i]2012.04.29 11:49:50 +109s Holy Veldspar * TheButcherPete shits on the protus
[i]2012.04.29 11:50:21 +31s Holy Veldspar * ElQuirko pimpslaps Pete
[i]2012.04.29 11:59:49 +568s Holy Veldspar <TheButcherPete> D:
[i]2012.04.29 12:03:20 +211s Holy Veldspar <The Protato> Now
[i]2012.04.29 12:03:23 +3s Holy Veldspar <The Protato> make me a hoe, sandwich
[i]2012.04.29 12:57:26 +3243s Holy Veldspar <kiemai> o/
[i]2012.04.29 12:57:40 +14s Holy Veldspar <Methos Horseman> hey guys
[i]2012.04.29 12:59:10 +90s Holy Veldspar <Awarmingcoat> fuck u bush fuck u fuck u fuck u fuck u motherfucker fuck u piece of shit
[i]2012.04.29 12:59:33 +23s Holy Veldspar <kiemai> huh wha?
[i]2012.04.29 12:59:36 +3s Holy Veldspar <Nysath> 'scuse me?
[i]2012.04.29 13:00:33 +57s Holy Veldspar <Awarmingcoat> fuck u intrepid crossing fuck u fuck u fuck u fuck u motherfucker fuck u piece of shit
[i]2012.04.29 13:01:06 +33s Holy Veldspar <kiemai> U mad?
[i]2012.04.29 13:02:11 +65s Holy Veldspar <Awarmingcoat> who be kizzie
[i]2012.04.29 13:02:14 +3s Holy Veldspar <Awarmingcoat> kizzie who u be
[i]2012.04.29 13:03:57 +103s Holy Veldspar <Awarmingcoat> I swear i saw methos in dodixie yesterday when i was ranting
[i]2012.04.29 13:04:29 +32s Holy Veldspar <Methos Horseman> yep
[i]2012.04.29 13:04:40 +11s Holy Veldspar <Methos Horseman> over in dodixie
[i]2012.04.29 13:04:46 +6s Holy Veldspar <Methos Horseman> you suprised I cam over?
[i]2012.04.29 13:04:59 +13s Holy Veldspar <Awarmingcoat> never seen u around before
[i]2012.04.29 13:05:23 +24s Holy Veldspar <Methos Horseman> ah ok
[i]2012.04.29 13:05:33 +10s Holy Veldspar <Methos Horseman> well it has been awhile since I was in gallante space
[i]2012.04.29 13:05:55 +22s Holy Veldspar <Methos Horseman> but my med clone is still in gallante space
[i]2012.04.29 13:11:14 +319s Holy Veldspar <Methos Horseman> so warming are you a big buyer and seller her ein dodixie
[i]2012.04.29 13:23:55 +761s Holy Veldspar <Awarmingcoat> not really
[i]2012.04.29 13:24:08 +13s Holy Veldspar <Awarmingcoat> dodixie kinda sucks
[i]2012.04.29 13:24:15 +7s Holy Veldspar <Methos Horseman> ah ok
[i]2012.04.29 13:24:51 +36s Holy Veldspar <ElQuirko> Dodixie > jita
[i]2012.04.29 13:24:56 +5s Holy Veldspar <kiemai> fun when an incursion is nearby
[i]2012.04.29 13:25:13 +17s Holy Veldspar * kiemai totally doesnt bring the price of ammo etc. up
[i]2012.04.29 13:36:58 +705s Holy Veldspar <kiemai> http://poetry.rotten.com/meat-grinder-ii/grinder01.jpg
[i]2012.04.29 13:38:27 +89s Holy Veldspar <ElQuirko> eeeeuuurgh
[i]2012.04.29 13:38:29 +2s Holy Veldspar <ElQuirko> fake and gat
[i]2012.04.29 13:38:30 +1s Holy Veldspar <ElQuirko> gay*
[i]2012.04.29 13:38:49 +19s Holy Veldspar <kiemai> http://poetry.rotten.com/knife-fight/knife-fight-2.jpg
[i]2012.04.29 13:39:03 +14s Holy Veldspar <ElQuirko> Again, fake and gay
[i]2012.04.29 13:39:41 +38s Holy Veldspar <kiemai> If i get my dream job i will have to do cuts like that except down the chest and stomach :D
[i]2012.04.29 13:40:02 +21s Holy Veldspar <ElQuirko> Your dream job is to be a chav?
[i]2012.04.29 13:40:20 +18s Holy Veldspar <kiemai> No medical examiner or pathologist
[i]2012.04.29 13:40:27 +7s Holy Veldspar <ElQuirko> Why not a gynecologist
[i]2012.04.29 13:40:47 +20s Holy Veldspar <kiemai> It would desensitise you after a while :/
[i]2012.04.29 13:41:01 +14s Holy Veldspar <ElQuirko> tru
[i]2012.04.29 13:41:29 +28s Holy Veldspar <kiemai> Be like all day your working with pussy and then you come home and work it over some more >.<
[i]2012.04.29 13:41:59 +30s Holy Veldspar <Awarmingcoat> DRAKE AND HAY
[i]2012.04.29 13:43:40 +101s Holy Veldspar <TheButcherPete> P E N I S
[i]2012.04.29 13:43:49 +9s Holy Veldspar <ElQuirko> mhm
[i]2012.04.29 13:43:51 +2s Holy Veldspar <kiemai> o/ Pete
[i]2012.04.29 13:44:01 +10s Holy Veldspar <TheButcherPete> ZOMG IT'S A PENGUIN
[i]2012.04.29 13:44:03 +2s Holy Veldspar * TheButcherPete eats
[i]2012.04.29 13:44:20 +17s Holy Veldspar * kiemai steps out from behind a decoy penguin.
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