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[i]2012.04.29 15:44:00 Help <Rei Ustarte> modifying and order = canceling
[i]2012.04.29 15:44:07 +7s Help <Contessa Phedre> puissant: AFAIK you can cancel anywhere
[i]2012.04.29 15:44:19 +12s Help <Puissant> I don't have any orders up in Jita atm to test :p
[i]2012.04.29 15:44:26 +7s Help <Rei Ustarte> not as far as i recall but i've had daytrading for ages so dont quote me.
[i]2012.04.29 15:44:34 +8s Help <Puissant> but I'm pretty sure you can cancel outside of your region even
[i]2012.04.29 15:44:41 +7s Help <Derridda> is burn jita still going on
[i]2012.04.29 15:44:42 +1s Help <Rei Ustarte> if i'm wrong..ach well just goes to show i'm not Keith
[i]2012.04.29 15:44:47 +5s Help <Puissant> yes derridda
[i]2012.04.29 15:44:53 +6s Help <Derridda> for how long
[i]2012.04.29 15:44:58 +5s Help <Tectonic Tetris> "but i've had daytrading for ages" - Rei Ustarte
[i]2012.04.29 15:45:01 +3s Help <Raith Miller> Rare you should be able to run a launchpad, extractor and about 4 factories with just a lvl 2 command centre. Don't use more than 1 extractor to start, use as many pads as you can, all 10 if possible.
[i]2012.04.29 15:45:08 +7s Help <Son Glasses> Tectonic Tetris im sorry but im still having trouble trying to make my overview display ships. i can only choose from mining, default, general
[i]2012.04.29 15:45:20 +12s Help <Seeker III> How can you find out what size rigs your ship can equip?
[i]2012.04.29 15:45:22 +2s Help <Rei Ustarte> your point tectonic?
[i]2012.04.29 15:45:38 +16s Help <Puissant> son, default will display ships
[i]2012.04.29 15:45:44 +6s Help <Tectonic Tetris> Son Glasses saved type selections are not under the default fold out
[i]2012.04.29 15:45:46 +2s Help <Terry Belname> Seeker III show info, fitting tab
[i]2012.04.29 15:45:47 +1s Help <Puissant> what you need to make sure is you have the option to Show All Brackets enabled
[i]2012.04.29 15:46:04 +17s Help <Puissant> on the Overview menu, look for Show All Brackets
[i]2012.04.29 15:46:08 +4s Help <Archangelwdt> Filitia I am right clicking on it but it is only giving me options like show
[i]2012.04.29 15:46:17 +9s Help <Lottie Sandstorm> what is a good caldari frig?
[i]2012.04.29 15:46:22 +5s Help <Marcus Sworaven> merlin
[i]2012.04.29 15:46:22 +0s Help <Tectonic Tetris> merlin
[i]2012.04.29 15:46:25 +3s Help <Marcus Sworaven> kestrel
[i]2012.04.29 15:46:28 +3s Help <Son Glasses> yea i did that. nothing happened
[i]2012.04.29 15:46:32 +4s Help <Alice Draken> make sure you are right clicking on the "Overview" word (with the 4 lines lines stacked up)
[i]2012.04.29 15:46:37 +5s Help <Lt HuffPuff Malukker> anyone know how to move all the red colored skills in evemon to the top of the list?
[i]2012.04.29 15:46:45 +8s Help <Derridda> can i scan a plex down with one toon and bookmark it for a second character without the scanner having to actually go in to the complex
[i]2012.04.29 15:46:58 +13s Help <Son Glasses> i did that
[i]2012.04.29 15:47:01 +3s Help <Toda Kahoudi> whats better 4 armor hardener or 2 hardener + 1 dmg control?
[i]2012.04.29 15:47:06 +5s Help <Puissant> huu, red skills means you are missing a pre-req
[i]2012.04.29 15:47:10 +4s Help <Puissant> iirc
[i]2012.04.29 15:47:17 +7s Help <Marcus Sworaven> assault missiles, I don't find this skill in EFT. Is it new?
[i]2012.04.29 15:47:27 +10s Help <Charlie Bronha> was renamed
[i]2012.04.29 15:47:27 +0s Help <Herr Nerdstrom> toda: check EFT
[i]2012.04.29 15:47:32 +5s Help <Puissant> toda, depends on the ship, fitting, and what kind of combat you plan on getting into
[i]2012.04.29 15:47:33 +1s Help <Charlie Bronha> from heavy assault missiles
[i]2012.04.29 15:47:38 +5s Help <Lottie Sandstorm> *caldari cruiser
[i]2012.04.29 15:47:39 +1s Help <Herr Nerdstrom> marcus: stuff was renamed, be sure to d/l an update to eft
[i]2012.04.29 15:47:42 +3s Help <Toda Kahoudi> k
[i]2012.04.29 15:47:46 +4s Help <Kinven Nicald> Is anyone here a resident of wh contellation 'D-C00212' ?
[i]2012.04.29 15:47:46 +0s Help <Toda Kahoudi> for missis
[i]2012.04.29 15:47:48 +2s Help <Lt HuffPuff Malukker> puissant i know that, but i want those at top with prereq and everything else below. no how i can do that?
[i]2012.04.29 15:47:51 +3s Help <Marcus Sworaven> i've got 2.14.8
[i]2012.04.29 15:48:01 +10s Help <Seeker III> How can I find out if my ship can use large rigs?
[i]2012.04.29 15:48:08 +7s Help <Lottie Sandstorm> I'm looking for a caldari cruiser/destroyer with as many missile hardpoints as possible
[i]2012.04.29 15:48:13 +5s Help <Xilla Egen> Seeker III check ship info
[i]2012.04.29 15:48:27 +14s Help <Puissant> huff, you should be able to highlift with ctrl + left click and then use the arrows on the left to move them up and down the list
[i]2012.04.29 15:48:38 +11s Help <Marcus Sworaven> Caracal
[i]2012.04.29 15:48:38 +0s Help <Lt HuffPuff Malukker> ok thx
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