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[i]2012.04.29 19:09:34 scc-lounge <cuoredipietra famedoro> oh nice, let's hope prices will drive further up
[i]2012.04.29 19:09:35 +1s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> think im gona reinstall WoT
[i]2012.04.29 19:10:27 +52s scc-lounge <cuoredipietra famedoro> Up to now i havent seen a real jump in prices, except maybe orcas that have jumped from 745 to 780
[i]2012.04.29 19:13:48 +201s scc-lounge <Mila Chancel> well, some mins are climbing, Zydrine is up from 1597 this morning to 1630ish now
[i]2012.04.29 19:14:22 +34s scc-lounge <Sandeep> my NAV dropped :(
[i]2012.04.29 19:14:25 +3s scc-lounge <Mila Chancel> but mostly, there has been a drop in mins being traded through jita, and I dont think many ship buyers have bothered coming in this weekend
[i]2012.04.29 19:15:23 +58s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> how did it drop? you sure you didnt forget something
[i]2012.04.29 19:16:00 +37s scc-lounge <Sandeep> well it dropped by about the same amount.... oh the sell orders doh
[i]2012.04.29 19:16:43 +43s scc-lounge <cuoredipietra famedoro> Jd i saw a drop in volumes, probably that is the drop mila refers to
[i]2012.04.29 19:16:58 +15s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> i walk talkign to sandeep
[i]2012.04.29 19:17:10 +12s scc-lounge <cuoredipietra famedoro> oh, soory
[i]2012.04.29 19:17:15 +5s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> np
[i]2012.04.29 19:17:18 +3s scc-lounge <Sandeep> so any program that looks at your market orders?
[i]2012.04.29 19:17:36 +18s scc-lounge <AGLAIA Thaleia> bots
[i]2012.04.29 19:17:50 +14s scc-lounge <Mila Chancel> I have been having problems with Bittersea for the last few days
[i]2012.04.29 19:17:56 +6s scc-lounge <Mila Chancel> It has my sell orders out by a factor of 10
[i]2012.04.29 19:17:58 +2s scc-lounge <Brock Nelson> bittersea scammed
[i]2012.04.29 19:18:02 +4s scc-lounge <Brock Nelson> get your isk out
[i]2012.04.29 19:18:16 +14s scc-lounge <Brock Nelson> you heard it from me first
[i]2012.04.29 19:18:18 +2s scc-lounge <Cookiez Yum> o.o
[i]2012.04.29 19:18:22 +4s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> lol
[i]2012.04.29 19:18:25 +3s scc-lounge * Cookiez Yum is confused
[i]2012.04.29 19:18:39 +14s scc-lounge <Mila Chancel> Brock, step away from the keyboard, very slowly
[i]2012.04.29 19:18:45 +6s scc-lounge <Brock Nelson> no!
[i]2012.04.29 19:18:46 +1s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> mentat looks at your market orders and tell you which ones are outbid
[i]2012.04.29 19:18:48 +2s scc-lounge <Brock Nelson> it empowers me
[i]2012.04.29 19:18:53 +5s scc-lounge <AGLAIA Thaleia> doesnt the channel MOD read: never trust brock nelson
[i]2012.04.29 19:18:53 +0s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> but the time it takes to do that might as well do it manually
[i]2012.04.29 19:19:09 +16s scc-lounge <Brock Nelson> why are you trusting me in this case?
[i]2012.04.29 19:20:06 +57s scc-lounge <Cookiez Yum> jd..
[i]2012.04.29 19:20:15 +9s scc-lounge <Cookiez Yum> mentat saves alot of time really once you get over 100 orders
[i]2012.04.29 19:20:28 +13s scc-lounge <Sandeep> how often does api update?
[i]2012.04.29 19:20:32 +4s scc-lounge <Cookiez Yum> it removed alot of clicks in between too
[i]2012.04.29 19:20:35 +3s scc-lounge <Yuki Kasumi> 15min or so
[i]2012.04.29 19:20:37 +2s scc-lounge <Brock Nelson> an hour
[i]2012.04.29 19:20:42 +5s scc-lounge <Cookiez Yum> 12 days
[i]2012.04.29 19:21:32 +50s scc-lounge * Alain Kinsella sighs.
[i]2012.04.29 19:22:09 +37s scc-lounge <NulLac> http://i.imgur.com/kNiE1.gif
[i]2012.04.29 19:23:26 +77s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> i love my blockade runner so much
[i]2012.04.29 19:23:42 +16s scc-lounge <JD Rocketfeller> what should i name it
[i]2012.04.29 19:23:57 +15s scc-lounge <Brock Nelson> narwhal
[i]2012.04.29 19:24:02 +5s scc-lounge <cuoredipietra famedoro> JD -> nameit "youcanrunyoucannothide"
[i]2012.04.29 19:24:08 +6s scc-lounge <NulLac> name it brock ofc
[i]2012.04.29 19:24:23 +15s scc-lounge <NulLac> how rude of u to not even consider that option JD
[i]2012.04.29 19:24:58 +35s scc-lounge <Brock Nelson> ^
[i]2012.04.29 19:30:27 +329s scc-lounge <Combre Vivo> can i get in and out of jita in a shuttle real quick?
[i]2012.04.29 19:30:27 +0s scc-lounge <Combre Vivo> with some stuff in my cargo?
[i]2012.04.29 19:30:28 +1s scc-lounge <Brock Nelson> yes
[i]2012.04.29 19:30:28 +0s scc-lounge <cuoredipietra famedoro> just entered from new caldari and it looks fine
[i]2012.04.29 19:30:29 +1s scc-lounge * Brock Nelson signals his comrade in goonswarm of a high value shuttle coming
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