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[i]2012.05.01 03:16:13 Help <Moo Unit> Thats just about the only way they can defend you
[i]2012.05.01 03:16:19 +6s Help <Qiwi'Lisolet> Ah didnt think you could add an ISD to contacts. Thanks. As for you, Nothing... well because it takes a lot of work to do anything of worth :p
[i]2012.05.01 03:16:20 +1s Help <Moo Unit> They can't attack is all
[i]2012.05.01 03:16:22 +2s Help <Aeon Exsequor> OK, thanks.
[i]2012.05.01 03:16:38 +16s Help <Jasomon> Freight TOG according to ISK Vol.1 the exchange rate is 1000 isk per LP
[i]2012.05.01 03:16:49 +11s Help <ISD Fenrem> Qiwi'Lisolet Yeah, you can add me as a contact :)
[i]2012.05.01 03:16:58 +9s Help <Freight TOG> nice.
[i]2012.05.01 03:17:07 +9s Help <SandKid> Are NPC ships stil, omni-sensor strength?
[i]2012.05.01 03:17:12 +5s Help <Qiwi'Lisolet> great. I'll toss ya some stuff when it's approaching completion.
[i]2012.05.01 03:17:24 +12s Help <ISD Fenrem> Sweet deal man :) I do work in Maya, too.
[i]2012.05.01 03:17:30 +6s Help <ISD Fenrem> So those kinds of things excite me.
[i]2012.05.01 03:17:41 +11s Help <Qiwi'Lisolet> awesome. Maya is my old tool, I use 3ds max and c4d now primarily.
[i]2012.05.01 03:18:03 +22s Help <hockeydude3> what can i do with this? Broken Drone Transceiver
[i]2012.05.01 03:18:05 +2s Help <Arya Lusignan> What does it mean when an item is in yellow on the market place
[i]2012.05.01 03:18:12 +7s Help <hockeydude3> or any broken item from scavenging
[i]2012.05.01 03:18:20 +8s Help <Ghost Mori> Arya Lusignan its on your route
[i]2012.05.01 03:18:24 +4s Help <Cirdan Seregon> Arya Lusignan it means thats on ur route
[i]2012.05.01 03:18:25 +1s Help <ISD Fenrem> I've always wanted to learn 3DS, but this is starting to go off topic now :) ISD Fenrem, stay on topic. First warning.
[i]2012.05.01 03:18:30 +5s Help <Arya Lusignan> Ah cool ty
[i]2012.05.01 03:18:36 +6s Help <Aeon Exsequor> Are adaptive vuln fields effectivness reduced one level if a type-specific hardener is equipped or does it still get 100%?
[i]2012.05.01 03:18:38 +2s Help <Zedulous Zorrander> lolol
[i]2012.05.01 03:18:41 +3s Help <Mark726> I want to see Fenrem ban himself
[i]2012.05.01 03:18:44 +3s Help <Kehro Urgus> mute yourself
[i]2012.05.01 03:18:50 +6s Help <Qiwi'Lisolet> lol. Just keep an eye out bud, gimme a couple weeks and you'll have something in your mail
[i]2012.05.01 03:18:57 +7s Help <Sarrah Arran> lol Fenrem...we forgive ya
[i]2012.05.01 03:19:00 +3s Help <Moo Unit> Aeon, stacking penalty is applied to that resits
[i]2012.05.01 03:19:01 +1s Help <ISD Fenrem> Sweet deal
[i]2012.05.01 03:19:03 +2s Help <Moo Unit> resist
[i]2012.05.01 03:19:09 +6s Help <Ecyaj Seraem> Can a trial account use the Osprey?
[i]2012.05.01 03:19:12 +3s Help <SandKid> So does anyone know the answer to my Q... =/
[i]2012.05.01 03:19:13 +1s Help <ISD Fenrem> Mark726 Don't laugh, I've done it.
[i]2012.05.01 03:19:20 +7s Help <Creok Mantaur> What's the best Passive Shield Drake fitting?
[i]2012.05.01 03:19:21 +1s Help <Aeon Exsequor> Applied to the adaptive, or to the type-specific?
[i]2012.05.01 03:19:25 +4s Help <ISD Fenrem> SandKid Throw the question my way again.
[i]2012.05.01 03:19:33 +8s Help <Sandra Jones> hockeydude3 I think these can be used to make rigs etc via rig blueprints
[i]2012.05.01 03:19:34 +1s Help <Mark726> ecyaj, should be able to
[i]2012.05.01 03:19:38 +4s Help <SandKid> Are NPC ships still omni sensor strength?
[i]2012.05.01 03:19:38 +0s Help <Darkstone en Tilavine> hockeydude, you can build stuff from them with bluprints.
[i]2012.05.01 03:19:40 +2s Help <Cirdan Seregon> I need an item shipped with a freightert please convo
[i]2012.05.01 03:19:44 +4s Help <Grim Wiggens> is Jita still a sh*tstorm?
[i]2012.05.01 03:19:48 +4s Help <Mark726> cirdan, not the channel to set that up
[i]2012.05.01 03:19:52 +4s Help <Mark726> grim, burn jita is done with
[i]2012.05.01 03:19:56 +4s Help <Moo Unit> the largest +resist item is applied first, and then the lower +resists get penalized
[i]2012.05.01 03:20:00 +4s Help <Grim Wiggens> kk ty
[i]2012.05.01 03:20:03 +3s Help <Ecyaj Seraem> SandKid if no one answers your question, no one knows it. If you keep posting it, people will get all pissy and call you rude.
[i]2012.05.01 03:20:03 +0s Help <Aeon Exsequor> OK, thanks.
[i]2012.05.01 03:20:23 +20s Help <SandKid> ISD asked for my question Ecy - that's why I asked one last time...hehe. =)
[i]2012.05.01 03:20:34 +11s Help <Moo Unit> But a type-specific hardener does not stack penalize an eanm or invuln across the board... only for that 1 resist
[i]2012.05.01 03:20:41 +7s Help <Mark726> sand, if no one here knows, you may want to try the forums
[i]2012.05.01 03:20:47 +6s Help <Ecyaj Seraem> I don't care, I'm just annoyed about a huge argument I had earlier lol.
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