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[i]2012.05.01 08:50:10 Help <Dalton MacLeod> Sal go to you char sheet
[i]2012.05.01 08:50:12 +2s Help <Von Krukov> Saltee Alt + a (character sheet) > Combat Log
[i]2012.05.01 08:50:13 +1s Help <Vitaliy001> once every 24H
[i]2012.05.01 08:50:15 +2s Help <James Amril-Kesh> like ocular filter - improved
[i]2012.05.01 08:50:26 +11s Help <Joar Nesossin> can a booster be uses with an implant?
[i]2012.05.01 08:50:28 +2s Help <Saltee> cool tyvm
[i]2012.05.01 08:50:30 +2s Help <James Amril-Kesh> yes joar
[i]2012.05.01 08:50:31 +1s Help <Leif Aumer> what boosters?
[i]2012.05.01 08:50:34 +3s Help <Koraka Anneto> dammit eve, let me sleep
[i]2012.05.01 08:50:37 +3s Help <Dalton MacLeod> second from bottom com log
[i]2012.05.01 08:50:42 +5s Help <Von Krukov> Koraka Anneto i know right...fuck
[i]2012.05.01 08:50:42 +0s Help <Starbuck McCylon> ok, how do i get a jump clone
[i]2012.05.01 08:50:43 +1s Help <James Amril-Kesh> boosters use booster slots, not implant slots
[i]2012.05.01 08:50:44 +1s Help <Nikolai Aurilen> Joar Nesossin boosters go to different slots...
[i]2012.05.01 08:50:47 +3s Help <Denize> Koraka, you have one hour to sleep during downtime...
[i]2012.05.01 08:50:56 +9s Help <Joar Nesossin> but boosters can boost stats right?
[i]2012.05.01 08:50:57 +1s Help <Denize> plenty
[i]2012.05.01 08:51:02 +5s Help <James Amril-Kesh> yes joar
[i]2012.05.01 08:51:03 +1s Help <Nikolai Aurilen> Joar Nesossin and nerf others
[i]2012.05.01 08:51:13 +10s Help <Von Krukov> im always like....last sig....then Ill go to bed
[i]2012.05.01 08:51:19 +6s Help <Dalton MacLeod> yes joar
[i]2012.05.01 08:51:24 +5s Help <Joar Nesossin> cool
[i]2012.05.01 08:51:37 +13s Help <Leif Aumer> 5 sigs later...
[i]2012.05.01 08:51:42 +5s Help <Von Krukov> yep
[i]2012.05.01 08:51:43 +1s Help <Von Krukov> lol
[i]2012.05.01 08:51:45 +2s Help <Denize> ^^ just 1 more
[i]2012.05.01 08:51:45 +0s Help <Bramble Fielding> When im doing material research on a blueprint, what does the M.L. + mean, is this how many times to perform research ?
[i]2012.05.01 08:51:56 +11s Help <James Amril-Kesh> there are 4 booster slots, slot 4 is only used for the cerebral accelerator though
[i]2012.05.01 08:51:59 +3s Help <Bayle Doman> I have +3 implants already, but skills are still slow
[i]2012.05.01 08:52:02 +3s Help <Leif Aumer> still havent found that radar
[i]2012.05.01 08:52:05 +3s Help <Leif Aumer> or that empty wh
[i]2012.05.01 08:52:12 +7s Help <Bayle Doman> 4 days left on gall indy 4
[i]2012.05.01 08:52:14 +2s Help <Nikolai Aurilen> Joar Nesossin for example using a strong blue pill booster you will gain shield boost bonus, but you might also lose part of your maximum shield
[i]2012.05.01 08:52:20 +6s Help <James Amril-Kesh> bayle: skills are slow. it's a fact of eve life
[i]2012.05.01 08:52:26 +6s Help <Gregoriuses> do the enemies in PLEXES also raise sec status
[i]2012.05.01 08:52:27 +1s Help <Gregoriuses> ?
[i]2012.05.01 08:52:32 +5s Help <James Amril-Kesh> yes greg
[i]2012.05.01 08:52:34 +2s Help <Von Krukov> training minmatar frig V right now.. cant wait
[i]2012.05.01 08:52:35 +1s Help <Joar Nesossin> oh I know they are
[i]2012.05.01 08:52:41 +6s Help <Gregoriuses> kk
[i]2012.05.01 08:52:48 +7s Help <Dalton MacLeod> joar the pills are temp buy inplants or better still train skills to 5
[i]2012.05.01 08:52:58 +10s Help <Kain Morphe> i want to be perfect pve tengu pilot what should i train? http://eveboard.com/pilot/Kain_Morphe
[i]2012.05.01 08:53:05 +7s Help <Nikolai Aurilen> Bayle Doman battleship 5, 40 days.... and that's relatively short skill....
[i]2012.05.01 08:53:06 +1s Help <Denize> frig 5 opens up for many cool little crafts.
[i]2012.05.01 08:53:13 +7s Help <Dalton MacLeod> kain its not that easy
[i]2012.05.01 08:53:15 +2s Help <Denize> always a good train
[i]2012.05.01 08:53:19 +4s Help <Vitaliy001> kain train missles and more missles
[i]2012.05.01 08:53:27 +8s Help <Von Krukov> Kain Morphe download EveMon. make a plan with tengu. it will give you all best skills to train
[i]2012.05.01 08:53:27 +0s Help <Borg Queen X> ive read online that there is a "learning" skillbook
[i]2012.05.01 08:53:29 +2s Help <Joar Nesossin> I have implants... but I am just wanting to shave a day or two off
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