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[i]2012.05.07 15:00:19 Help <Zwicked> Johnny doing exploration or killing/robbing other people
[i]2012.05.07 15:00:20 +1s Help <Eldur Flego> sweet
[i]2012.05.07 15:00:28 +8s Help <Johnny Vharok> Zwicked exploration?
[i]2012.05.07 15:00:49 +21s Help <Cloud seeker> scaning for sites and anomilys
[i]2012.05.07 15:00:52 +3s Help <Zwicked> yep f-12 > career agents > exploration tutorials
[i]2012.05.07 15:01:08 +16s Help <Rhoaden> who do u open ingamr browers
[i]2012.05.07 15:01:17 +9s Help <Soldo Barrett> i entered the map screen ... how do i exit this and get to normal game view?
[i]2012.05.07 15:01:21 +4s Help <Johnny Vharok> Cloud seeker I'v tried that but I can never find anything :P
[i]2012.05.07 15:01:32 +11s Help <Cloud seeker> u need to look in more then 1 system
[i]2012.05.07 15:01:39 +7s Help <Cloud seeker> in high sec its normlay empty
[i]2012.05.07 15:01:41 +2s Help <Zwicked> ALT+B = open browser
[i]2012.05.07 15:01:47 +6s Help <Eldur Flego> Soldo Barrett f10
[i]2012.05.07 15:01:48 +1s Help <Cloud seeker> in low and null sec there is a lot ore stuff
[i]2012.05.07 15:01:48 +0s Help <Gonetae> Rhoaden - big E at top of Neocom > Accessories > Browser
[i]2012.05.07 15:02:03 +15s Help <Cloud seeker> *more
[i]2012.05.07 15:02:12 +9s Help <Johnny Vharok> Cloud seeker but isnt there a big rsi of getting yuor ass handed to you?
[i]2012.05.07 15:02:13 +1s Help <Soldo Barrett> phew .. thx eldur
[i]2012.05.07 15:02:17 +4s Help <Liberator 1> Must.Have.Strategic.Cruiser.
[i]2012.05.07 15:02:18 +1s Help <Eldur Flego> ;)
[i]2012.05.07 15:02:19 +1s Help <Johnny Vharok> *risk
[i]2012.05.07 15:02:41 +22s Help <Cloud seeker> not when u are among alliys
[i]2012.05.07 15:02:56 +15s Help <Johnny Vharok> Cloud seeker you mean like a corp?
[i]2012.05.07 15:03:06 +10s Help <Cloud seeker> more alliance
[i]2012.05.07 15:03:18 +12s Help <Cloud seeker> also, keep a eye on local
[i]2012.05.07 15:03:29 +11s Help <Johnny Vharok> Cloud seeker do you know any good alliances I could join
[i]2012.05.07 15:03:38 +9s Help <Rhoaden> eve poker wont open in ingame browers?????????????
[i]2012.05.07 15:03:44 +6s Help <Nikolai Aurilen> more like coalitions formed by alliances =)
[i]2012.05.07 15:03:51 +7s Help <Zwicked> Jhonny check out the recruitment page
[i]2012.05.07 15:03:54 +3s Help <Dawne Xi> Johnny check advertisements and forums for that
[i]2012.05.07 15:04:00 +6s Help <Cloud seeker> I am about to move to null sec, so just keep a eye on local and intel chan
[i]2012.05.07 15:04:03 +3s Help <Johnny Vharok> okay
[i]2012.05.07 15:04:13 +10s Help <Cloud seeker> also, hope u got combat skills
[i]2012.05.07 15:04:16 +3s Help <Zwicked> social > corporation > recruitment
[i]2012.05.07 15:04:26 +10s Help <Cloud seeker> u will have to be able to fend for yourself
[i]2012.05.07 15:04:41 +15s Help <Cloud seeker> good BC skill is nice
[i]2012.05.07 15:04:45 +4s Help <Nikolai Aurilen> Cloud seeker good luck mate, hope to either see you as blue or typing GF in local =)
[i]2012.05.07 15:05:01 +16s Help <Cloud seeker> I have had my alt out there for soem months now
[i]2012.05.07 15:05:10 +9s Help <Sylvaine Zollern> how come villore is the capital and only has 0.5 sec
[i]2012.05.07 15:05:11 +1s Help <Liberator 1> If I inject skills when I'm in a jump clone, will they still be there when I jump back ?
[i]2012.05.07 15:05:15 +4s Help <Cloud seeker> only goten killed 8 times, but like 160kills
[i]2012.05.07 15:05:27 +12s Help <Nikolai Aurilen> Cloud seeker large fights....
[i]2012.05.07 15:05:31 +4s Help <Zwicked> Villore is the home of gallante militia
[i]2012.05.07 15:05:42 +11s Help <Rhoaden> carnt open eve poker browers
[i]2012.05.07 15:05:47 +5s Help <Cloud seeker> yea, I should have goten more if i don't end up in a logi all the time
[i]2012.05.07 15:05:48 +1s Help <Sylvaine Zollern> and the official seat of the government apparently
[i]2012.05.07 15:05:49 +1s Help <Dawne Xi> Liberator a Jump clone is an extra body.. your skills are stored in your consciousness .. so yes
[i]2012.05.07 15:06:08 +19s Help <Liberator 1> Tx.
[i]2012.05.07 15:06:24 +16s Help <Johnny Vharok> how likely is to et killed in a destroyer in low sec?
[i]2012.05.07 15:06:30 +6s Help <Nikolai Aurilen> Cloud seeker you should try to get into the small roams, they tend to be less waiting , less supers/caps and more pew pew structure tanking =)
[i]2012.05.07 15:06:43 +13s Help <Dawne Xi> Johnny very likely if you have to ask that question :))
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