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[i]2012.05.08 08:35:28 Help <Spork Witch> autopilot always warps to 15km
[i]2012.05.08 08:35:37 +9s Help <James Arkosic> are logistics ships useful in small engagements? 2-5 people
[i]2012.05.08 08:35:41 +4s Help <Spork Witch> and no you can't make it more accurate, it's intentional to discourage afk gameplay
[i]2012.05.08 08:35:56 +15s Help <Vilnius Zar> check the guys who wardecced you, check their BC stats, you'll see which timezones they're active. then check when your pos comes out of ref. if that is in their inactive time then you might be lucky
[i]2012.05.08 08:36:00 +4s Help <Spork Witch> james: could be, probably better with 2-3 logi in a 10 man fleet
[i]2012.05.08 08:36:01 +1s Help <Anthony Junichi> so buying a ship in a contract is safe?
[i]2012.05.08 08:36:05 +4s Help <Vilnius Zar> james, very
[i]2012.05.08 08:36:15 +10s Help <Spork Witch> anthony: if you're careful
[i]2012.05.08 08:36:22 +7s Help <Spork Witch> anthony: show info, make sure it's actually what they say it is
[i]2012.05.08 08:36:24 +2s Help <Flick Garfield> oooh yeah makes sense :) well I use it with my miner to aid potentially hasty getaways :)
[i]2012.05.08 08:36:30 +6s Help <Spork Witch> anthony: and make sure they're CHARGING what they say they are
[i]2012.05.08 08:36:39 +9s Help <Spork Witch> flick: nothing hasty about autopilot
[i]2012.05.08 08:36:41 +2s Help <Flick Garfield> but I'll try remember to manually leave when I can lol
[i]2012.05.08 08:36:41 +0s Help <Roxy VonWasteral> thanks vil, can they see the timer i see?
[i]2012.05.08 08:36:46 +5s Help <Leppales Beddelver> and giving the ship they say they are
[i]2012.05.08 08:36:46 +0s Help <Vilnius Zar> yes
[i]2012.05.08 08:36:47 +1s Help <Spork Witch> roxy: yes
[i]2012.05.08 08:36:54 +7s Help <Roxy VonWasteral> ah that sucks lol
[i]2012.05.08 08:36:57 +3s Help <Spork Witch> lep: already said that
[i]2012.05.08 08:36:58 +1s Help <Flick Garfield> its not to bad if you've aligned?
[i]2012.05.08 08:37:08 +10s Help <Spork Witch> flick: you'll still land 15km out, and they'll see which way you went
[i]2012.05.08 08:37:13 +5s Help <Leppales Beddelver> doesnt hurt to be saidagain
[i]2012.05.08 08:37:57 +44s Help <Spork Witch> bottom line is, the reason you're landing at 15km is autopilot
[i]2012.05.08 08:37:57 +0s Help <Flick Garfield> thanks for the tip, I'll remember that if I ever go low sec
[i]2012.05.08 08:37:57 +0s Help <Crawthorne> o/
[i]2012.05.08 08:38:07 +10s Help <Spork Witch> warp manually and you can land at 0km
[i]2012.05.08 08:38:13 +6s Help <Vilnius Zar> well, within 2500m
[i]2012.05.08 08:38:13 +0s Help <Vilnius Zar> most of the time
[i]2012.05.08 08:38:39 +26s Help <Spork Witch> vilnius: it depends on the geometry and center-position of the model
[i]2012.05.08 08:38:39 +0s Help <Roxy VonWasteral> then they will be on when it comes out of reinf, but so will i
[i]2012.05.08 08:39:05 +26s Help <Spork Witch> though occasionally you do come in further out
[i]2012.05.08 08:39:05 +0s Help <Vilnius Zar> it also depends on it's agility, pods tend to fall short
[i]2012.05.08 08:39:05 +0s Help <Noir L> alignment also isnt perfect, to stay aligned you have to keep moving toward the marker...soon as you stop you'll settle back to neutral merdian
[i]2012.05.08 08:39:23 +18s Help <Spork Witch> it's INTENDED to be 0km, and depending on your angle of approach, the object itself, etc. it's usually pretty accurate
[i]2012.05.08 08:40:08 +45s Help <Spork Witch> just like some stations have a 0m range that's 10-15km or more (so handy for cap jumping)
[i]2012.05.08 08:40:09 +1s Help <Smoothies> WTF, bug....i just landed 100km of target into npc's....
[i]2012.05.08 08:40:09 +0s Help <Flick Garfield> well it sure is better then the 15K eternity on a barge ;)
[i]2012.05.08 08:40:09 +0s Help <Roxy VonWasteral> what is it costing this corp to wardec me?
[i]2012.05.08 08:40:09 +0s Help <Roxy VonWasteral> is that ALL!!
[i]2012.05.08 08:40:10 +1s Help <Spork Witch> smoothies: mission?
[i]2012.05.08 08:40:10 +0s Help <Vilnius Zar> 2 mil
[i]2012.05.08 08:40:10 +0s Help <blackcloud2> 2 mill
[i]2012.05.08 08:40:10 +0s Help <Vilnius Zar> probably
[i]2012.05.08 08:40:10 +0s Help <Vilnius Zar> gonna be changed tho
[i]2012.05.08 08:40:10 +0s Help <Spork Witch> roxy: corp v corp is 2m; alliance v corp is 50m
[i]2012.05.08 08:40:10 +0s Help <Smoothies> i warped main into mission at 100km range...then alt warp to member...but alt ended at mission 0
[i]2012.05.08 08:40:11 +1s Help <Vilnius Zar> yeah
[i]2012.05.08 08:40:11 +0s Help <Spork Witch> yeah, probably cost them even less now, to discourage one-man corps :)
[i]2012.05.08 08:40:11 +0s Help <Crawthorne> whats the hub in gallente space?
[i]2012.05.08 08:40:20 +9s Help <Vilnius Zar> I'm not trusting ccp to not turn this into carbears rules nonsense
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