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[i]2012.05.09 03:24:54 DUST514 <Kavliari> Pre-pubescent FPS players with shit for brains.
[i]2012.05.09 03:24:58 +4s DUST514 <majormattxx1> a guy who broke dust's NDA
[i]2012.05.09 03:25:34 +36s DUST514 <zer0rez> though i must say i may just have to quit this channel if i get in and require an NDA cause it'll be hard not to talk ;)
[i]2012.05.09 03:25:59 +25s DUST514 <majormattxx1> you'd be too busy playing dust anyways
[i]2012.05.09 03:26:33 +34s DUST514 <zer0rez> yea true
[i]2012.05.09 03:27:06 +33s DUST514 <zer0rez> but i wasn't @ FF so i'm doubting I'll have to sign one whenever i get in
[i]2012.05.09 03:27:20 +14s DUST514 <fruuste> i would quit this channel if i got a beta key
[i]2012.05.09 03:27:46 +26s DUST514 <fruuste> no reason to talk about it after you got it
[i]2012.05.09 03:29:15 +89s DUST514 <zer0rez> yea i guess true, just talk about issues in forum so they're addressed
[i]2012.05.09 03:32:47 +212s DUST514 <fruuste> dust does look amazing though
[i]2012.05.09 03:33:49 +62s DUST514 <Jack Strangelove> i cant wait to play dust.
[i]2012.05.09 03:35:41 +112s DUST514 <zer0rez> haha "i accept all friends requests"
[i]2012.05.09 03:35:47 +6s DUST514 <zer0rez> wonder if he accepts ban requests
[i]2012.05.09 03:36:14 +27s DUST514 <fruuste> in the later videos he doesn't understand the skill requirements for items
[i]2012.05.09 03:36:52 +38s DUST514 * zer0rez sighs
[i]2012.05.09 03:37:46 +54s DUST514 <fruuste> and he is wondering where the giant tanks are......
[i]2012.05.09 03:38:40 +54s DUST514 <fruuste> do you know what that means cause i don't
[i]2012.05.09 03:39:08 +28s DUST514 <zer0rez> my guess spaceships?
[i]2012.05.09 03:39:31 +23s DUST514 <fruuste> lol he opened a menue and it said SOON'tm and he said "i don't know what this means"
[i]2012.05.09 03:40:46 +75s DUST514 * zer0rez facepalm
[i]2012.05.09 03:40:59 +13s DUST514 <Ferria> BUNNIES
[i]2012.05.09 03:41:28 +29s DUST514 <zer0rez> they should put the NDA reminder on the seizure screen or right after it
[i]2012.05.09 03:43:07 +99s DUST514 <zer0rez> wow, "I want to put this video out there to endorse it for sony so people will maybe buy it..."
[i]2012.05.09 03:43:31 +24s DUST514 <zer0rez> i want a cartoon style 100ton weight dropped on this kids room from orbit
[i]2012.05.09 03:43:31 +0s DUST514 <Ferria> you can't buy dust, it's free
[i]2012.05.09 03:44:23 +52s DUST514 <zer0rez> ferria, full of fail this young one.
[i]2012.05.09 03:44:31 +8s DUST514 <zer0rez> is
[i]2012.05.09 03:44:41 +10s DUST514 <Ferria> FINISH HIM
[i]2012.05.09 03:45:14 +33s DUST514 <Captain Evenwel> CLENSE HIM IN HOLY FLAME!
[i]2012.05.09 03:45:50 +36s DUST514 <zer0rez> watching this is both painful and funny
[i]2012.05.09 03:46:09 +19s DUST514 <fruuste> yeah i can't stop
[i]2012.05.09 03:46:33 +24s DUST514 <Ferria> and isn't that the old version
[i]2012.05.09 03:46:36 +3s DUST514 <zer0rez> like a train crash of clowns
[i]2012.05.09 03:46:56 +20s DUST514 <Ferria> the new version didn't release until tuesday yeah?
[i]2012.05.09 03:47:13 +17s DUST514 <zer0rez> i didn't watch the other leaked videos so this is the first since FF videos i've seen
[i]2012.05.09 03:47:36 +23s DUST514 <Ferria> then thats still the build before the build from before FF
[i]2012.05.09 03:47:54 +18s DUST514 <Ferria> when the server comes up thursday it will have the post ff build
[i]2012.05.09 03:48:02 +8s DUST514 <Markoh> oo
[i]2012.05.09 03:48:07 +5s DUST514 <zer0rez> not that it matters much to me :(
[i]2012.05.09 03:48:32 +25s DUST514 <Markoh> huzzah its almost here
[i]2012.05.09 03:48:35 +3s DUST514 <Markoh> for some of you
[i]2012.05.09 03:48:37 +2s DUST514 <Markoh> :|
[i]2012.05.09 03:48:38 +1s DUST514 <fruuste> i think these videos are the updated game
[i]2012.05.09 03:48:54 +16s DUST514 <Ferria> update went out after the sever offlined
[i]2012.05.09 03:49:05 +11s DUST514 <zer0rez> yea he said he "patched"
[i]2012.05.09 03:49:19 +14s DUST514 <Ferria> there is patch and update
[i]2012.05.09 03:49:38 +19s DUST514 <Ferria> besides the new one didn't go out till monday morning after the server went down
[i]2012.05.09 03:51:06 +88s DUST514 <zer0rez> ferria and they haven't come up since?
[i]2012.05.09 03:51:26 +20s DUST514 <Ferria> not up again till thursday
[i]2012.05.09 03:51:41 +15s DUST514 <zer0rez> good to know
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