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[i]2012.05.21 20:58:37 DUST514 <Cavros Demetri> true
[i]2012.05.21 21:56:16 +3459s DUST514 <Terminal Insanity> i wish ccp gave a refund for Contracts SP
[i]2012.05.21 21:56:30 +14s DUST514 <Terminal Insanity> when they moved all faction items to regular market and off contracts
[i]2012.05.21 21:56:40 +10s DUST514 <Terminal Insanity> now my jita alts are kinda useless
[i]2012.05.21 21:57:11 +31s DUST514 <Welanrak> wrong place to whine ..
[i]2012.05.21 22:00:42 +211s DUST514 <Terminal Insanity> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CnVZwg5CMEk
[i]2012.05.21 22:02:29 +107s DUST514 <Tyler Cnudde> So does anyone on the channel have the beta?
[i]2012.05.21 22:03:23 +54s DUST514 <Terminal Insanity> im pretty sure the beta people arnt allowed to talk about it, isnt there an NDA thing they have to agree to?
[i]2012.05.21 22:03:42 +19s DUST514 <Citrute> pretty sure we can say we're in the beta, and thats about it.
[i]2012.05.21 22:03:59 +17s DUST514 <Tyler Cnudde> I see, I was just wondering how it was, not anything about it
[i]2012.05.21 22:05:38 +99s DUST514 <Sinke> ccp have hee
[i]2012.05.21 22:06:19 +41s DUST514 <Maki NEROS> and me, i'm waiting a key
[i]2012.05.21 22:06:52 +33s DUST514 <Sinke> download ?
[i]2012.05.21 22:07:16 +24s DUST514 <Sinke> yu download game ?
[i]2012.05.21 22:07:51 +35s DUST514 <Maki NEROS> no i can't
[i]2012.05.21 22:09:54 +123s DUST514 <Maki NEROS> I expected a well-meaning soul gives me a valid key
[i]2012.05.21 22:13:18 +204s DUST514 <Sinke> Gate Key
[i]2012.05.21 22:13:20 +2s DUST514 <Sinke> Imperial Navy Gate Permit
[i]2012.05.21 22:13:27 +7s DUST514 <Sinke> heee
[i]2012.05.21 22:13:39 +12s DUST514 <Orsa Nical> lols
[i]2012.05.21 22:13:51 +12s DUST514 <Sinke> Angel Diamond Tag
[i]2012.05.21 22:14:01 +10s DUST514 <Red zeon> is it possible to get a beta key anyhow?
[i]2012.05.21 22:15:52 +111s DUST514 <X Badasaz> hey all
[i]2012.05.21 22:16:00 +8s DUST514 <Maki NEROS> hahaha Sinke. I should have specified a Beta Key hahaha
[i]2012.05.21 22:18:00 +120s DUST514 <Orsa Nical> im happy to wait till release candidate version and hope they iron out any bugs
[i]2012.05.21 22:19:29 +89s DUST514 <Orsa Nical> anyone else played it yet ?
[i]2012.05.21 22:20:19 +50s DUST514 <X Badasaz> i have...
[i]2012.05.21 22:20:40 +21s DUST514 <X Badasaz> it's going to be good ..
[i]2012.05.21 22:21:32 +52s DUST514 <Orsa Nical> been in one or two games ...but they were the end of beta night with few players ... my buddy told me they did a stress test and 100+ were on ....said it was mad
[i]2012.05.21 22:24:39 +187s DUST514 <Brandon Madullier> any spare beta keys anyone wants to give me
[i]2012.05.21 22:25:15 +36s DUST514 <Orsa Nical> alms for the poor ! spare a sheckle for an old ex-leppah !
[i]2012.05.21 22:39:06 +831s DUST514 <Merkham Kashuken> Hello
[i]2012.05.21 22:45:52 +406s DUST514 <Sinke> aloha
[i]2012.05.21 23:22:07 +2175s DUST514 * Crying Reaper is sad dust isn't up durring the weekdays
[i]2012.05.21 23:22:22 +15s DUST514 * Lordtater is sad he doesn't have a beta key yet :P
[i]2012.05.21 23:22:34 +12s DUST514 <Crying Reaper> indeed that is very sad
[i]2012.05.21 23:22:50 +16s DUST514 <Crying Reaper> kinda annoys me CCP didn't give anyone arum for the beta
[i]2012.05.21 23:23:02 +12s DUST514 <Crying Reaper> they actually want people to buy arum for a beta really?
[i]2012.05.21 23:23:06 +4s DUST514 <Lordtater> Yeah
[i]2012.05.21 23:23:22 +16s DUST514 <majormattxx1> i couuullddd say something, but idk if it'd break NDA
[i]2012.05.21 23:23:32 +10s DUST514 <Crying Reaper> yeah I know how ya feel
[i]2012.05.21 23:23:41 +9s DUST514 <Crying Reaper> I try to use as vauge words as possible
[i]2012.05.21 23:23:49 +8s DUST514 <Lordtater> I'd just give people aur when they make an account, or put an item in the market for decent isk that can be redeemed for aur
[i]2012.05.21 23:23:59 +10s DUST514 <majormattxx1> go join the NDA cool people IRC cahnnel
[i]2012.05.21 23:24:35 +36s DUST514 <Crying Reaper> yeah I wish there was a dust beta testers channle for eve
[i]2012.05.21 23:24:40 +5s DUST514 <Crying Reaper> so we could all chat about it
[i]2012.05.21 23:24:44 +4s DUST514 <Crying Reaper> cuz I hate forums
[i]2012.05.21 23:24:44 +0s DUST514 <Lordtater> feel free to use this one
[i]2012.05.21 23:24:46 +2s DUST514 <Lordtater> :)
[i]2012.05.21 23:24:50 +4s DUST514 <Crying Reaper> lulz no
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