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[i]2012.05.22 17:28:31 Help <maaseial> where do I submit complaints to any changes made with eve gameplay?
[i]2012.05.22 17:28:32 +1s Help <Matsumuri> is there a way to get the Inventory window to stay closed. it keeps pooping up everytime i enter a new system
[i]2012.05.22 17:28:32 +0s Help <Wobblebonk> MORE
[i]2012.05.22 17:28:38 +6s Help <Corey Fumimasa> Amina Alina sure
[i]2012.05.22 17:28:56 +18s Help <Bit Tiamatu> Fel Swoop now close them all and you are stuck with a single window again
[i]2012.05.22 17:28:57 +1s Help <Sylvaine Zollern> please stop complaining your making ccp unhappy, lol
[i]2012.05.22 17:29:00 +3s Help <Daeva Vios> Matsumuri it's a bug, it's being fixed
[i]2012.05.22 17:29:00 +0s Help <Wobblebonk> " [no label: UI/Inventory/ShipNameAndType "
[i]2012.05.22 17:29:03 +3s Help <Amina Alina> CCP person, why did 2 gms ignore the main part of my petition that took 3 weeks to answer
[i]2012.05.22 17:29:04 +1s Help <Nexus712> it cleans up the UI sure but it doesn't help with organizing stuff. I'm more concerned about that than looks
[i]2012.05.22 17:29:06 +2s Help <Shiken Kan> How many LP do datacores cost in the faction store now?
[i]2012.05.22 17:29:07 +1s Help <Solmirana Kelranorra> having just started playing, and not having grown "used" to the old inventory system, this new one is SO much better.
[i]2012.05.22 17:29:08 +1s Help <Matsumuri> thanks
[i]2012.05.22 17:29:13 +5s Help <DeathCrush Solette> what would be the easiest way to gain like 11 free cpu?
[i]2012.05.22 17:29:29 +16s Help <Daeva Vios> DeathCrush Solette install one of the new CPU mods
[i]2012.05.22 17:29:33 +4s Help <NutGravy> biz was that a rat drop ?
[i]2012.05.22 17:29:34 +1s Help <Stevan Stone> buy a diff ship
[i]2012.05.22 17:29:39 +5s Help <coolruningc> well its better but we need to winodws
[i]2012.05.22 17:29:45 +6s Help <Hazara Rothely> the inventory system is buggy?
[i]2012.05.22 17:29:47 +2s Help <Oleg Kulcyanov> 250 lp + 250k isk per set of 5 is my understanding for the datacores
[i]2012.05.22 17:29:52 +5s Help <maaseial> is it just me...or is eve really getting boring
[i]2012.05.22 17:29:58 +6s Help <CCP RubberBAND> Oleg Kulcyanov That is correct
[i]2012.05.22 17:29:59 +1s Help <Rich Nolen> for the new Item inventory screens, can we set where the estimated value is based off of? or is it going to just default to current system?
[i]2012.05.22 17:30:03 +4s Help <Jed Otsada> it's just you
[i]2012.05.22 17:30:04 +1s Help <Kinven Nicald> just you
[i]2012.05.22 17:30:05 +1s Help <Corey Fumimasa> maaseial just you
[i]2012.05.22 17:30:11 +6s Help <maaseial> I hope these fools come up with some excitement soon
[i]2012.05.22 17:30:12 +1s Help <sirdre> still can't grp salvagers
[i]2012.05.22 17:30:12 +0s Help <artoodeetoo> any plans for faction or otherwise , variations of the new armor module ?
[i]2012.05.22 17:30:14 +2s Help <Del Mei> anyone know how to get to the merc market place?
[i]2012.05.22 17:30:16 +2s Help <Nexus712> at least missiles look cool
[i]2012.05.22 17:30:16 +0s Help <neo smith> yabba go thailand mich ?
[i]2012.05.22 17:30:21 +5s Help <neo smith> opps
[i]2012.05.22 17:30:29 +8s Help <Corey Fumimasa> maaseial you could light your comp on fire
[i]2012.05.22 17:30:31 +2s Help <DocDot II> does any hear somone screaming when you pop an npc?
[i]2012.05.22 17:30:32 +1s Help <NutGravy> yer glad i cashed my rp in for the first time the other day
[i]2012.05.22 17:30:33 +1s Help <Amina Alina> I've had to watch my watch list for almost a month now, and when the ticket was answered they ignored the kill rights part.
[i]2012.05.22 17:30:36 +3s Help <Corey Fumimasa> that would be exciting
[i]2012.05.22 17:30:36 +0s Help <Kinven Nicald> maaseial all you need to do ius go out and find your own
[i]2012.05.22 17:30:45 +9s Help <Shiken Kan> TY Oleg
[i]2012.05.22 17:30:55 +10s Help <coolruningc> how on enoth is the corp hanger not working
[i]2012.05.22 17:31:03 +8s Help <Sylvaine Zollern> what is customer service like in general?
[i]2012.05.22 17:31:20 +17s Help <Corey Fumimasa> maaseial do it outside in a safe place to have a fire though
[i]2012.05.22 17:31:20 +0s Help <Carlata Corona> i know i read in here earlier how to stop items window from opening when jumping through gate, but can someone give that info again please?
[i]2012.05.22 17:31:23 +3s Help <Daeva Vios> Sylvaine Zollern depends on your issue. Big problems tend to get fixed quickly
[i]2012.05.22 17:31:29 +6s Help <Daeva Vios> Tend to, not always
[i]2012.05.22 17:31:42 +13s Help <Coldene White> Amina, get alot of gankers having one night of fun then hiding on alts for the entire kill rights durations. this is all very fine with CCP if not even promoted in shit like hulkageddon (damn they love it so)
[i]2012.05.22 17:31:47 +5s Help <Stevan Stone> Carl esc reset windows
[i]2012.05.22 17:32:33 +46s Help <Wobblebonk> I find it on other screens too...on the Combat Log screen..."[no label: UI/Corporations/Wars/Killmails/ShowKills]"
[i]2012.05.22 17:32:49 +16s Help <condoir> the missles are awsome worth the wait for them
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