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[i]2012.05.27 08:19:31 HelpMyMission <Cuthooloo Evilton> what should I replace 3 relays with?
[i]2012.05.27 08:19:40 +9s HelpMyMission <Jandice Ymladris> damagemods
[i]2012.05.27 08:19:46 +6s HelpMyMission <york l> drone something something damage something something
[i]2012.05.27 08:19:50 +4s HelpMyMission <york l> oh and use autocannons
[i]2012.05.27 08:19:52 +2s HelpMyMission <Jandice Ymladris> either gunspecific or drone ones
[i]2012.05.27 08:20:07 +15s HelpMyMission <york l> those SPR's are going to gimp your cap with hybrids
[i]2012.05.27 08:21:40 +93s HelpMyMission <Cuthooloo Evilton> damage control? Damage Control I
[i]2012.05.27 08:21:42 +2s HelpMyMission <DoraTheExplora Taft> if you go for drone damage for a level 3
[i]2012.05.27 08:21:46 +4s HelpMyMission <york l> nah
[i]2012.05.27 08:21:48 +2s HelpMyMission <DoraTheExplora Taft> probably wont even have to move the ship
[i]2012.05.27 08:21:52 +4s HelpMyMission <DoraTheExplora Taft> and just keel everything
[i]2012.05.27 08:22:48 +56s HelpMyMission <york l> Medium Core Defense Field Purger Ialso get 3 of these
[i]2012.05.27 08:23:47 +59s HelpMyMission <york l> Drone Damage Amplifier II and 3 of these
[i]2012.05.27 08:24:21 +34s HelpMyMission <Cuthooloo Evilton> danm too expencive
[i]2012.05.27 08:24:27 +6s HelpMyMission <york l> how much are they?
[i]2012.05.27 08:24:33 +6s HelpMyMission <DoraTheExplora Taft> damn those things must make all those t2 drone cruisers super pwn
[i]2012.05.27 08:25:00 +27s HelpMyMission <DoraTheExplora Taft> yes t2 seems to be expensive
[i]2012.05.27 08:25:03 +3s HelpMyMission <Cuthooloo Evilton> both of those thisng would break me
[i]2012.05.27 08:25:08 +5s HelpMyMission <DoraTheExplora Taft> t1 is cheap though
[i]2012.05.27 08:25:14 +6s HelpMyMission <DoraTheExplora Taft> Drone Damage Amplifier I
[i]2012.05.27 08:25:16 +2s HelpMyMission <york l> how expensive?1
[i]2012.05.27 08:25:23 +7s HelpMyMission <DoraTheExplora Taft> 4 mill +
[i]2012.05.27 08:25:32 +9s HelpMyMission <york l> lol well....
[i]2012.05.27 08:25:38 +6s HelpMyMission <york l> you only have to buy them once.
[i]2012.05.27 08:25:52 +14s HelpMyMission <DoraTheExplora Taft> still that's a lot for a t2 damage mod
[i]2012.05.27 08:25:54 +2s HelpMyMission <Cuthooloo Evilton> oh yeh t1 is much more affordable
[i]2012.05.27 08:26:11 +17s HelpMyMission <york l> ok do T1 for now, the T2 should stabilise in price soon
[i]2012.05.27 08:26:49 +38s HelpMyMission <Cuthooloo Evilton> the defence field purger is 3.4 mill
[i]2012.05.27 08:26:58 +9s HelpMyMission <Cuthooloo Evilton> for one
[i]2012.05.27 08:27:02 +4s HelpMyMission <york l> 425mm AutoCannon I use these
[i]2012.05.27 08:27:07 +5s HelpMyMission <york l> oh stop being poor ]=
[i]2012.05.27 08:27:24 +17s HelpMyMission <DoraTheExplora Taft> lol
[i]2012.05.27 08:27:31 +7s HelpMyMission <york l> i mean seriously
[i]2012.05.27 08:27:33 +2s HelpMyMission <york l> Scorched Earth
[i]2012.05.27 08:27:34 +1s HelpMyMission <DoraTheExplora Taft> I have the same reaction when I look at plex prices
[i]2012.05.27 08:27:37 +3s HelpMyMission <york l> i lold when i lost this last time
[i]2012.05.27 08:27:45 +8s HelpMyMission <DoraTheExplora Taft> who would pay 20 dollars for 500 mill
[i]2012.05.27 08:27:59 +14s HelpMyMission <york l> rich people
[i]2012.05.27 08:28:08 +9s HelpMyMission <DoraTheExplora Taft> well god bless em
[i]2012.05.27 08:28:22 +14s HelpMyMission <york l> i just ran incursions
[i]2012.05.27 08:28:30 +8s HelpMyMission <york l> that paid for everything
[i]2012.05.27 08:28:46 +16s HelpMyMission <DoraTheExplora Taft> I just won the lottery
[i]2012.05.27 08:28:49 +3s HelpMyMission <DoraTheExplora Taft> so
[i]2012.05.27 08:28:56 +7s HelpMyMission <DoraTheExplora Taft> stop whining poor people
[i]2012.05.27 08:28:56 +0s HelpMyMission <york l> how much was the lottery?
[i]2012.05.27 08:28:58 +2s HelpMyMission <Sudhana> congrats
[i]2012.05.27 08:29:05 +7s HelpMyMission <DoraTheExplora Taft> 1.2 bill
[i]2012.05.27 08:29:10 +5s HelpMyMission <DoraTheExplora Taft> first time I entered hmm lottery
[i]2012.05.27 08:29:15 +5s HelpMyMission <york l> not bad not bad
[i]2012.05.27 08:29:19 +4s HelpMyMission <Jandice Ymladris> grats :)
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