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[i]2012.05.27 19:50:07 Holy Veldspar <ElQuirko> ahahaha who was joking
[i]2012.05.27 19:51:47 +100s Holy Veldspar <ElQuirko> Actually
[i]2012.05.27 19:51:50 +3s Holy Veldspar <ElQuirko> fuck the police - I am Quirkbba, and nobody else ever will be
[i]2012.05.27 19:52:49 +59s Holy Veldspar <ElQuirko> PETE
[i]2012.05.27 19:52:51 +2s Holy Veldspar <ElQuirko> BITE THE PILLOW
[i]2012.05.27 19:52:55 +4s Holy Veldspar <ElQuirko> I'M GOING IN DRY
[i]2012.05.27 19:53:32 +37s Holy Veldspar <TheButcherPete> \o/
[i]2012.05.27 19:54:49 +77s Holy Veldspar <Loed Kane> o/
[i]2012.05.27 19:55:39 +50s Holy Veldspar <TheButcherPete> CHRIBBABBA
[i]2012.05.27 19:57:51 +132s Holy Veldspar <Loed Kane> ?
[i]2012.05.27 20:00:48 +177s Holy Veldspar * Awarmingcoat moans
[i]2012.05.27 20:03:01 +133s Holy Veldspar * TheButcherPete moans moer
[i]2012.05.27 20:06:27 +206s Holy Veldspar <Ceq Amsander> *Moans louder, and harder
[i]2012.05.27 20:06:38 +11s Holy Veldspar * ElQuirko is surprised
[i]2012.05.27 20:07:15 +37s Holy Veldspar <TheButcherPete> o.O
[i]2012.05.27 20:07:31 +16s Holy Veldspar <ElQuirko> You people
[i]2012.05.27 20:07:33 +2s Holy Veldspar <ElQuirko> You moan
[i]2012.05.27 20:07:39 +6s Holy Veldspar <ElQuirko> but you are in the presence of a natural force
[i]2012.05.27 20:07:43 +4s Holy Veldspar <ElQuirko> Petebba, the last of the MenBenders
[i]2012.05.27 20:08:13 +30s Holy Veldspar * TheButcherPete bends quirko over
[i]2012.05.27 20:08:50 +37s Holy Veldspar <Ceq Amsander> Thta sounds like the title of a super low budget gay porno....
[i]2012.05.27 20:08:50 +0s Holy Veldspar <TheButcherPete> You're a bright one Ceq
[i]2012.05.27 20:09:54 +64s Holy Veldspar <Loed Kane> fighting a goon blob lol
[i]2012.05.27 20:09:54 +0s Holy Veldspar <Ceq Amsander> Nah not really. Just very... firmilar with gay porno's..... :P
[i]2012.05.27 20:09:59 +5s Holy Veldspar <TheButcherPete> firmiliar xD
[i]2012.05.27 20:09:59 +0s Holy Veldspar <ElQuirko> Ceqpprentice is a pornstar
[i]2012.05.27 20:09:59 +0s Holy Veldspar <ElQuirko> but now I must go
[i]2012.05.27 20:09:59 +0s Holy Veldspar <ElQuirko> Petebba - smoke me a kipper, I'll be back in time for breakfast
[i]2012.05.27 20:10:05 +6s Holy Veldspar <Ceq Amsander> Fly safe Quirko o7
[i]2012.05.27 22:12:45 +7360s Holy Veldspar <Natasi01> monitor
[i]2012.05.27 22:12:46 +1s Holy Veldspar <TheButcherPete> hi
[i]2012.05.27 22:12:46 +0s Holy Veldspar <Natasi01> lo
[i]2012.05.27 22:12:46 +0s Holy Veldspar <Natasi01> I need a second screen
[i]2012.05.27 22:12:46 +0s Holy Veldspar <Natasi01> buy me a new screen pety
[i]2012.05.27 22:12:46 +0s Holy Veldspar <TheButcherPete> NO
[i]2012.05.27 22:12:46 +0s Holy Veldspar <Natasi01> NOW
[i]2012.05.27 22:12:46 +0s Holy Veldspar <Natasi01> Thebakerpeta
[i]2012.05.27 22:12:46 +0s Holy Veldspar <Natasi01> :D
[i]2012.05.27 22:12:46 +0s Holy Veldspar <Natasi01> I saw that
[i]2012.05.27 22:12:46 +0s Holy Veldspar <Natasi01> funny
[i]2012.05.27 22:13:12 +26s Holy Veldspar <TheButcherPete> :3
[i]2012.05.27 22:14:10 +58s Holy Veldspar <Natasi01> Would it be wrong to have a cat indoors in an apartment?
[i]2012.05.27 22:14:16 +6s Holy Veldspar <Natasi01> I'm thinking of buying a cat
[i]2012.05.27 22:14:21 +5s Holy Veldspar <Sugar Kyle> uh, no?
[i]2012.05.27 22:14:27 +6s Holy Veldspar <Sugar Kyle> cats are terratorial animals
[i]2012.05.27 22:14:31 +4s Holy Veldspar <Sugar Kyle> so a small area is fine
[i]2012.05.27 22:14:38 +7s Holy Veldspar <TheButcherPete> KYLIE! *huggles*
[i]2012.05.27 22:14:41 +3s Holy Veldspar <Sugar Kyle> even if it went outside its area would be smaller then you thought
[i]2012.05.27 22:14:43 +2s Holy Veldspar * Sugar Kyle pets Pete
[i]2012.05.27 22:14:45 +2s Holy Veldspar <Sugar Kyle> hi there
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