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[i]2012.05.27 23:38:22 Help <Suzy Ran Ustarte> as long as it aint too much of a reach to get up from knee high to a work m
[i]2012.05.27 23:38:22 +0s Help <Fel Swoop> Bor Ito ship is fine
[i]2012.05.27 23:38:22 +0s Help <Keith Eaton> Bor: rigs work just as intended, and you can fly the ship. You just won't have any mitigation of the drawbacks on the rigs
[i]2012.05.27 23:38:22 +0s Help <Minipin> thanks for the link
[i]2012.05.27 23:38:22 +0s Help <Ichi Uno> Bor Ito rigs are enabled and you can fly it, just full penality
[i]2012.05.27 23:38:22 +0s Help <Cain Brockman> the skills are only to put the rigs on
[i]2012.05.27 23:39:28 +66s Help <Bor Ito> even for T2... oh, ok
[i]2012.05.27 23:39:28 +0s Help <Ichi Uno> & mitigate drawbacks
[i]2012.05.27 23:39:28 +0s Help <Brujah Simonson> guys is there any way to reduce the CPU usage of POS equipment???
[i]2012.05.27 23:39:28 +0s Help <KANIN oman> they trick you till you kill another faction..that sucks but most people tell me to decline mision against a big faction
[i]2012.05.27 23:39:28 +0s Help <Cain Brockman> nope
[i]2012.05.27 23:40:01 +33s Help <DooDoo Gum> nop bruj
[i]2012.05.27 23:40:10 +9s Help <Cain Brockman> pos mods use what they use
[i]2012.05.27 23:40:13 +3s Help <Brujah Simonson> ok thx guys
[i]2012.05.27 23:40:13 +0s Help <Suzy Ran Ustarte> if yu cant fit what you want get a bigger control tower
[i]2012.05.27 23:40:13 +0s Help <DooDoo Gum> only larger towers can give u more juice
[i]2012.05.27 23:40:44 +31s Help <Suzy Ran Ustarte> if your tower is as big as you can get then you start looking for a place o for a second
[i]2012.05.27 23:41:22 +38s Help <Bouba F'ett> hey what do i put in Rig Slot?
[i]2012.05.27 23:41:27 +5s Help <Suzy Ran Ustarte> rigs
[i]2012.05.27 23:41:32 +5s Help <Bouba F'ett> like what
[i]2012.05.27 23:41:34 +2s Help <Random Freak> Bouba F'ett for what ship and what purpose?
[i]2012.05.27 23:41:39 +5s Help <Suzy Ran Ustarte> look under market/ sip modifications
[i]2012.05.27 23:41:42 +3s Help <Bouba F'ett> Badger?
[i]2012.05.27 23:41:42 +0s Help <Suzy Ran Ustarte> ship
[i]2012.05.27 23:41:47 +5s Help <Alexei Stukkov> what do you make with planet materials
[i]2012.05.27 23:41:53 +6s Help <Random Freak> badger.. generally cargohold optis
[i]2012.05.27 23:41:58 +5s Help <TalonKarrde84> for a badger you want extended cargohold rigs
[i]2012.05.27 23:42:05 +7s Help <Random Freak> Unless you are transporting high value stuff.. then it becomes wierd
[i]2012.05.27 23:42:10 +5s Help <kawzmikladybug Williams> how do i keep my windows open....items and ships cargo windows close after every re-dock
[i]2012.05.27 23:42:20 +10s Help <Bouba F'ett> Yeah it seems rahter plentiful as it is
[i]2012.05.27 23:42:23 +3s Help <Dooddet> can anyone tell me how to join a diferent noob corporation?
[i]2012.05.27 23:42:23 +0s Help <TalonKarrde84> if you are transporting high value stuff your ability to make bookmarks in space will have more of an impact than what fit you're using :)
[i]2012.05.27 23:42:36 +13s Help <TalonKarrde84> Dood: you cannot join noob corps, you only start off in them.
[i]2012.05.27 23:42:37 +1s Help <Cain Brockman> you can't dood
[i]2012.05.27 23:42:37 +0s Help <UNITX666X> question here
[i]2012.05.27 23:42:38 +1s Help <Dooddet> I want to join the caldari business tribunal
[i]2012.05.27 23:42:42 +4s Help <Ien> Medium Cargohold Optimization I btw
[i]2012.05.27 23:42:50 +8s Help <TalonKarrde84> if you leave noob corp for a player corp, and then leave player corp, you will go to a non-noob npc corp.
[i]2012.05.27 23:42:51 +1s Help <Jon Velmire> pyroxers or plagio?
[i]2012.05.27 23:42:56 +5s Help <TalonKarrde84> you can never return to your noob corp
[i]2012.05.27 23:43:02 +6s Help <Cain Brockman> you'll never be in a caldari npc corp.
[i]2012.05.27 23:43:06 +4s Help <Cain Brockman> Pyro
[i]2012.05.27 23:43:07 +1s Help <Bouba F'ett> Allright, does anyone know a good ship for mining and gathering stuff
[i]2012.05.27 23:43:12 +5s Help <Bouba F'ett> ?
[i]2012.05.27 23:43:17 +5s Help <TalonKarrde84> mining: Hulk
[i]2012.05.27 23:43:21 +4s Help <UNITX666X> is ther a way to change the text color in space when your mousing over a player cuz white blends into the background and i cant even read it
[i]2012.05.27 23:43:27 +6s Help <TalonKarrde84> optimally, Hulk supported by Orca with mining links
[i]2012.05.27 23:43:32 +5s Help <Alexei Stukkov> Retriever
[i]2012.05.27 23:43:32 +0s Help <Cain Brockman> Hauling at L4, Mammoth.
[i]2012.05.27 23:43:34 +2s Help <Bouba F'ett> Allright thanks
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