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[i]2012.01.22 14:25:47 E-UNI <Thydonon Lukesire> kinda feel like running deadspace complexes for a bit
[i]2012.01.22 14:26:02 +15s E-UNI <Thydonon Lukesire> supposed to be decent isk in those.
[i]2012.01.22 14:26:08 +6s E-UNI <Dakias> You know poop is about to hit the fan at enormous speeds when Caldari agents ask for you to move Arctic Warfare Marines for them.
[i]2012.01.22 14:26:25 +17s E-UNI <Thydonon Lukesire> O.O
[i]2012.01.22 14:26:26 +1s E-UNI <Drake McCann> and you also get free ships .. loads of them, even a destroyer
[i]2012.01.22 14:27:14 +48s E-UNI <Dakias> i trashed mine
[i]2012.01.22 14:27:26 +12s E-UNI <Dakias> i forgot about them and it was annoying me on the asset page
[i]2012.01.22 14:28:40 +74s E-UNI <Dakias> i'm kinda wishing i did those starter tutorials when i first started playing tho. those ships are nice to begin with
[i]2012.01.22 14:29:18 +38s E-UNI <Laquis Venault> Eh. I had more fun grinding up Industrial skills, making bank moving Quafe around the galaxy
[i]2012.01.22 14:29:29 +11s E-UNI <Laquis Venault> L1s in a cruiser... easy peasy lemon squeezy
[i]2012.01.22 14:29:55 +26s E-UNI <Laquis Venault> Hard mode is better ;)
[i]2012.01.22 14:30:01 +6s E-UNI <Dakias> L1s in a S-cruiser = Complete and utter overkill
[i]2012.01.22 14:30:41 +40s E-UNI <Simon Xadi> how much rep do you need for lvl 2s?
[i]2012.01.22 14:30:47 +6s E-UNI <Eudon Alpha> lol when trying to improve my Gallente standings I did loads of lvl1 missions in a Drake
[i]2012.01.22 14:30:53 +6s E-UNI <Dakias> standing of 2.0 i believe
[i]2012.01.22 14:31:43 +50s E-UNI <Meditril> So the interviews are still down?
[i]2012.01.22 14:32:00 +17s E-UNI <Dakias> Standing of 2.0 for L2s, 3.0 for L3s and 5.0 for L4s and 8.0 for JCs
[i]2012.01.22 14:32:05 +5s E-UNI <Simon Xadi> thanks Dakias
[i]2012.01.22 14:32:10 +5s E-UNI <Dakias> no worries
[i]2012.01.22 14:32:33 +23s E-UNI * Meditril cheers!
[i]2012.01.22 14:32:37 +4s E-UNI <Laquis Venault> ^ answer!!
[i]2012.01.22 14:33:00 +23s E-UNI <Laquis Venault> lol. This small-gang keeps trying to bait me with a red-blinky shuttle...
[i]2012.01.22 14:33:08 +8s E-UNI <Laquis Venault> I see you Battleship =P
[i]2012.01.22 14:33:12 +4s E-UNI <Dakias> Department of Multipass registrations is open again?
[i]2012.01.22 14:33:40 +28s E-UNI <Meditril> They should present you a more juice target at least.
[i]2012.01.22 14:35:30 +110s E-UNI <Dakias> i've seen a flashy shields down NM as bait
[i]2012.01.22 14:35:42 +12s E-UNI <Dakias> saw the alliance was white noise and swiftly turned tail
[i]2012.01.22 14:35:53 +11s E-UNI <Kander> ok so i see "Sansha Den" on my map, it's greyed out.. if i put my probes over it it goes white. It doesn't show up on my scan results filter though... if that makes any sense
[i]2012.01.22 14:37:07 +74s E-UNI <Meditril> If it get white it means that it is in scanning range of one of your probes
[i]2012.01.22 14:37:23 +16s E-UNI <Meditril> now you have to narrow down your scan range to pin it down.
[i]2012.01.22 14:37:49 +26s E-UNI <Kander> shouldn't it show up as a % signal strength at least?
[i]2012.01.22 14:38:13 +24s E-UNI <Meditril> Yes it should.
[i]2012.01.22 14:38:41 +28s E-UNI <Meditril> If you haven't filtered it out :-9
[i]2012.01.22 14:39:07 +26s E-UNI <Kander> Scan Results Filter : Show all
[i]2012.01.22 14:40:07 +60s E-UNI <Meditril> Are you sure it is not an old bookmark what you see on map?
[i]2012.01.22 14:40:15 +8s E-UNI <Meditril> Bookmarks are also shown on the system map
[i]2012.01.22 14:40:46 +31s E-UNI <Kander> nope
[i]2012.01.22 14:43:35 +169s E-UNI <Meditril> Hard to say what's up with your scanner without seeing your screen :-(
[i]2012.01.22 14:43:38 +3s E-UNI <Kander> gonna chalk it up to a bug
[i]2012.01.22 14:44:00 +22s E-UNI <Kander> when i mouse over it, i get the little shift to a you can right click but it won't let me right click
[i]2012.01.22 14:45:05 +65s E-UNI <nawfal moro> Internal Force Field Array I is this a good choise for an amarr BC
[i]2012.01.22 14:45:06 +1s E-UNI <nawfal moro> ?
[i]2012.01.22 14:45:29 +23s E-UNI <Meditril> BTW... signatures have one of these three colors: red (<25%), yellow (>25), Green (100%)
[i]2012.01.22 14:46:08 +39s E-UNI <Meditril> White things are either stellar objects or bookmarks etc.
[i]2012.01.22 14:46:15 +7s E-UNI <Kander> i think it was buggy
[i]2012.01.22 14:46:59 +44s E-UNI <Kander> thanks for your help though :)
[i]2012.01.22 14:47:25 +26s E-UNI <Laquis Venault> Sleepytime. Adios all.
[i]2012.01.22 14:47:31 +6s E-UNI <Kander> o/
[i]2012.01.22 14:48:50 +79s E-UNI <Shagem Brutis> good afternoon o/
[i]2012.01.22 14:53:27 +277s E-UNI <An Enigmatic Figure> heya
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