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[i]2012.01.26 03:09:20 DUST514 <Markoh> aye, at least it aint huxley
[i]2012.01.26 03:09:32 +12s DUST514 <Markoh> DUST will come soon enough
[i]2012.01.26 03:12:47 +195s DUST514 <Slithers McNasty> so how is dust guys?
[i]2012.01.26 03:20:31 +464s DUST514 <Ashra Tesh> its not out yet
[i]2012.01.26 03:21:14 +43s DUST514 <Slithers McNasty> thought beta was out
[i]2012.01.26 03:21:28 +14s DUST514 <Ashra Tesh> not afaik
[i]2012.01.26 04:14:05 +3157s DUST514 <Bloodpetal> not yet
[i]2012.01.26 04:17:41 +216s DUST514 <Dallonirn Ross'Lan> NOT YET!!!!
[i]2012.01.26 04:31:41 +840s DUST514 <Phillip Aideron> anyone get a beta invite?
[i]2012.01.26 04:33:09 +88s DUST514 <Valeo Galaem> no invites have been sent yet
[i]2012.01.26 04:33:55 +46s DUST514 <Valeo Galaem> and when they do I'm guessing it will be pretty hard to miss
[i]2012.01.26 04:34:38 +43s DUST514 <Dallonirn Ross'Lan> something like the Second Coming
[i]2012.01.26 04:35:53 +75s DUST514 <Valeo Galaem> Who can change the MOTD? Could be helpful to add "Beta not out yet" or something :P
[i]2012.01.26 04:38:11 +138s DUST514 <Tahna Rouspel> CCP
[i]2012.01.26 04:47:55 +584s DUST514 <Ariyahn Noone> not available to aussies right?
[i]2012.01.26 04:56:20 +505s DUST514 <Valeo Galaem> the idea is that the beta will be english only and offered only in english regioned PSN stores
[i]2012.01.26 04:56:21 +1s DUST514 <Valeo Galaem> https:///forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&m=629082#post629082
[i]2012.01.26 04:57:07 +46s DUST514 <Valeo Galaem> whether or not Australia is included was not specifically mentioned, but its possible
[i]2012.01.26 04:57:10 +3s DUST514 <Ore Mut> Someone yesterday was under the impression that Canada was excluded don't know where they got their info tho
[i]2012.01.26 04:57:55 +45s DUST514 <Valeo Galaem> considering that the announcement specifically said North America that can't be right
[i]2012.01.26 05:27:06 +1751s DUST514 <Ariyahn Noone> yeah
[i]2012.01.26 05:27:08 +2s DUST514 <Ariyahn Noone> interesting
[i]2012.01.26 05:27:10 +2s DUST514 <Ariyahn Noone> i hope the game
[i]2012.01.26 05:27:12 +2s DUST514 <Ariyahn Noone> boots this game
[i]2012.01.26 05:27:16 +4s DUST514 <Ariyahn Noone> considerably
[i]2012.01.26 05:30:45 +209s DUST514 <Pulse XXX> o/
[i]2012.01.26 05:31:14 +29s DUST514 <Ore Mut> o// - Goro says hi too
[i]2012.01.26 05:40:14 +540s DUST514 <Rick Maclore> hullo
[i]2012.01.26 05:50:17 +603s DUST514 <Pulse XXX> any news on dust?
[i]2012.01.26 05:50:40 +23s DUST514 <Hydroponos> nope
[i]2012.01.26 05:50:53 +13s DUST514 <Hydroponos> was just on r/dust514
[i]2012.01.26 06:14:10 +1397s DUST514 <Kenneth Greene> Hey
[i]2012.01.26 06:15:03 +53s DUST514 <Hydroponos> o7
[i]2012.01.26 06:21:22 +379s DUST514 <Kenneth Greene> so whats up
[i]2012.01.26 06:23:30 +128s DUST514 <Hydroponos> not much
[i]2012.01.26 07:27:20 +3830s DUST514 <Ferria> greetings bunnies how are we tonight
[i]2012.01.26 07:40:00 +760s DUST514 <Kenneth Greene> Okay how bout you
[i]2012.01.26 07:40:26 +26s DUST514 <Ferria> good,
[i]2012.01.26 07:41:00 +34s DUST514 <Ferria> at work, wrote an intel report for a forum post on dust.
[i]2012.01.26 07:41:06 +6s DUST514 <Ferria> so yeah :)
[i]2012.01.26 07:41:19 +13s DUST514 <Ferria> https:///forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=53404
[i]2012.01.26 07:41:27 +8s DUST514 <Ferria> if you want to read chime in
[i]2012.01.26 07:42:13 +46s DUST514 <Ferria> it is the in character forum so yeah
[i]2012.01.26 07:48:12 +359s DUST514 <Kenneth Greene> So its just saying they started registering people is that it
[i]2012.01.26 07:48:38 +26s DUST514 <Ferria> yes, but only those with active eve accounts
[i]2012.01.26 07:49:32 +54s DUST514 <Ferria> the forum link I provided is an incharacter arguement about how it began
[i]2012.01.26 07:50:08 +36s DUST514 <Kenneth Greene> I knew that it was only for active eve players
[i]2012.01.26 07:51:33 +85s DUST514 <Ferria> the current out of character fight is when it will begin. my information says that the code for the dust trials should now be live, so it might just be down to testing connections, and finnal server implimentations and deployment of beta clients to sony
[i]2012.01.26 07:51:34 +1s DUST514 <Grideris> Sup guies.
[i]2012.01.26 07:51:54 +20s DUST514 <Ferria> before they select everyone and give us codes to use
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