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[i]2012.01.26 06:21:43 Amarr <HoleySheet1> dont buy tritanium for 500mill
[i]2012.01.26 06:22:11 +28s Amarr <Rosarab> come on... its 687.52 mil
[i]2012.01.26 06:22:24 +13s Amarr <HoleySheet1> why would i bother to look?
[i]2012.01.26 06:22:33 +9s Amarr <Rosarab> touche`
[i]2012.01.26 06:22:36 +3s Amarr <Lysaeus> to see how ridiculous it is
[i]2012.01.26 06:22:37 +1s Amarr <HoleySheet1> some dusty old amarr scammer is nothing
[i]2012.01.26 06:23:08 +31s Amarr <HoleySheet1> i appluad your ersistence if nothing else
[i]2012.01.26 06:23:14 +6s Amarr <HoleySheet1> persistence*
[i]2012.01.26 06:24:07 +53s Amarr <Felix Mondrian> HELLO I AM DR FELIX MBABWETUMBA FROM PLANET NIGERIA
[i]2012.01.26 06:24:29 +22s Amarr <Felix Mondrian> RECENTLY I CAME INTO POSESSION OF ONE BILLION (1,000,000,000) ISK
[i]2012.01.26 06:24:33 +4s Amarr <Husk Chares> Hi doctor Felix
[i]2012.01.26 06:24:50 +17s Amarr <Thebe Depranthos> says the white dude with the fake tan...
[i]2012.01.26 06:25:19 +14s Amarr <Mini Jovakko> lol\
[i]2012.01.26 06:25:31 +12s Amarr <ben number2> [Multiple Items] T2 rigs
[i]2012.01.26 06:25:42 +11s Amarr <HoleySheet1> i work out!
[i]2012.01.26 06:26:05 +23s Amarr <Acer Meteor> should report felix as scammer lol
[i]2012.01.26 06:26:12 +7s Amarr <Felix Mondrian> to whom?
[i]2012.01.26 06:26:22 +10s Amarr <Felix Mondrian> scamming is an essential game mechanic
[i]2012.01.26 06:26:29 +7s Amarr <Acer Meteor> anyone that has sense
[i]2012.01.26 06:26:44 +15s Amarr <Azriel Dahma> isnt account/password scamming different?
[i]2012.01.26 06:26:48 +4s Amarr <Acer Meteor> not to fall for it
[i]2012.01.26 06:26:50 +2s Amarr <Felix Mondrian> the entire economy is based on it. which is eerily like the real world...
[i]2012.01.26 06:27:20 +30s Amarr <Felix Mondrian> I'm a member of the NULLSPEC RENT IS TOO DAMN HIGH party.
[i]2012.01.26 06:27:24 +4s Amarr <Acer Meteor> and like the real world full of idiots
[i]2012.01.26 06:27:57 +33s Amarr <Azriel Dahma> There was a guy in rook yesterday said someone asked to see his fitting so he ejected and the other guy got in and warped out never to be seen again lmao
[i]2012.01.26 06:28:13 +16s Amarr <Felix Mondrian> A+
[i]2012.01.26 06:28:16 +3s Amarr <Thebe Depranthos> lmao
[i]2012.01.26 06:28:29 +13s Amarr <Azriel Dahma> Magic. Ship-jacking made easy
[i]2012.01.26 06:28:33 +4s Amarr <Felix Mondrian> the idiot doesn't know he's an idiot. I ask you: are you an idiot?
[i]2012.01.26 06:28:47 +14s Amarr <Acer Meteor> no
[i]2012.01.26 06:28:52 +5s Amarr <Felix Mondrian> also where is that wallet inspector with all my ISK
[i]2012.01.26 06:28:58 +6s Amarr <Felix Mondrian> he said he'd only be a minute
[i]2012.01.26 06:29:04 +6s Amarr <Azriel Dahma> hahah!
[i]2012.01.26 06:29:23 +19s Amarr <Seatox> he has to go invest it in dodgy MD forum pyramid schemes.
[i]2012.01.26 06:29:25 +2s Amarr <Seatox> give it time.
[i]2012.01.26 06:30:09 +44s Amarr <Felix Mondrian> THE SECRET TO ROULETTE IS ALWAYS DOUBLE YOUR BET WHEN U LOSE.
[i]2012.01.26 06:30:34 +25s Amarr <Felix Mondrian> U WILL MAK A MILLION. PLEASE USE THE FOLLOWING URL IF U BUY FROM AMAZON.
[i]2012.01.26 06:30:59 +25s Amarr <ivegi> Corpus X-Type Armor Kinetic Hardener
[i]2012.01.26 06:31:01 +2s Amarr <ivegi> Corpus X-Type Large Armor Repairer
[i]2012.01.26 06:31:03 +2s Amarr <ivegi> Gist X-Type 100MN MicroWarpdrive
[i]2012.01.26 06:32:15 +72s Amarr <Spaceship Barbie> Thats it, I'm done with this game!... Take my money whoever wants it, trading it for 1 tritanium... enjoy.... [Want To Buy]
[i]2012.01.26 06:35:21 +186s Amarr <Kayree Voss> ◘◘ Belkan Munitions Plant ◘◘▓ Should have 8m+ Skill Points ☆▓ Looking for active pilots with PvP Experience▓ Economically Self-Sufficient Pilots Preffered▓ Public Channel: Belkan-Public▓ Our Site: http://belkanmunitions.com
[i]2012.01.26 06:46:44 +683s Amarr <Spaceship Barbie> Thats it, I'm done with this game!... Take my money whoever wants it, trading it for 1 tritanium... enjoy.... [Want To Buy]
[i]2012.01.26 06:47:14 +30s Amarr <Adde Helecton> Your wallet contains only 363,433,971.43 ISK, but you require 687,521,421.00 ISK to complete this operation.
[i]2012.01.26 06:47:16 +2s Amarr <Adde Helecton> :(((((
[i]2012.01.26 06:47:35 +19s Amarr <Esme Kellhus> _Tactical facepalm-
[i]2012.01.26 06:47:37 +2s Amarr <Adde Helecton> i r too pour
[i]2012.01.26 06:47:42 +5s Amarr <Quadrapodacone> Centum B-Type Medium Energy Transfer Array (Item Exchange)
[i]2012.01.26 06:52:33 +291s Amarr <Spaceship Barbie> Thats it, I'm done with this game!... Take my money whoever wants it, trading it for 1 tritanium... enjoy.... [Want To Buy]
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