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[i]2012.01.29 20:15:59 Amarr <Mains> anyone got a mauller set up for missions send me there set up please
[i]2012.01.29 20:16:01 +2s Amarr <Todd4921> I thought it could actually work
[i]2012.01.29 20:16:17 +16s Amarr <Todd4921> Maybe
[i]2012.01.29 20:18:59 +162s Amarr <Sgt Sack Attack> reasonably priced Mjolnir Fury Heavy Missile's for region on market.
[i]2012.01.29 20:20:07 +68s Amarr <Sale Sale> Seling Charon + Bonus [Несколько предметов]
[i]2012.01.29 20:20:27 +20s Amarr <Sgt Sack Attack> nice carbon
[i]2012.01.29 20:20:57 +30s Amarr <Excel Jakuard> Excel Jakuard's Rifter
[i]2012.01.29 20:21:02 +5s Amarr <Excel Jakuard> opinions non the fitting? :)
[i]2012.01.29 20:21:12 +10s Amarr <Elirse Chrominum> rigs?
[i]2012.01.29 20:21:20 +8s Amarr <Excel Jakuard> Are they worth it?
[i]2012.01.29 20:21:24 +4s Amarr <Batelle> needs more t2, get rid of the cpr.
[i]2012.01.29 20:21:25 +1s Amarr <Elirse Chrominum> ...
[i]2012.01.29 20:21:28 +3s Amarr <SPACEMUTANT> Corelum C-Type Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane
[i]2012.01.29 20:21:37 +9s Amarr <Batelle> and put some rigs on it unless you're completely destitute.
[i]2012.01.29 20:21:44 +7s Amarr <Excel Jakuard> without the cpr my cap is dead in 21 seconds
[i]2012.01.29 20:22:02 +18s Amarr <Elirse Chrominum> vamp instead of neut ? :)
[i]2012.01.29 20:22:02 +0s Amarr <Batelle> cpr won't change that...
[i]2012.01.29 20:22:03 +1s Amarr <Darius Andarr> Then train up the cap skills
[i]2012.01.29 20:22:09 +6s Amarr <Excel Jakuard> I am working on that
[i]2012.01.29 20:22:12 +3s Amarr <Cagayaki> why would you have your mwd 21 secs on...?
[i]2012.01.29 20:22:16 +4s Amarr <Excel Jakuard> cpr will give me 9 extra seconds!
[i]2012.01.29 20:22:20 +4s Amarr <Batelle> he doesn't even have a mwd.
[i]2012.01.29 20:22:22 +2s Amarr <Excel Jakuard> it's not a mwd
[i]2012.01.29 20:22:29 +7s Amarr <Anders deup> selling hulk 170 mil . convo me
[i]2012.01.29 20:22:31 +2s Amarr <Batelle> train your afterburner skills, it won't use any cap if you do.
[i]2012.01.29 20:22:32 +1s Amarr <Excel Jakuard> without the neut it's obv stable
[i]2012.01.29 20:22:36 +4s Amarr <Sgt Sack Attack> dual armor rep. better pvp frig battles
[i]2012.01.29 20:22:45 +9s Amarr <Kayree Voss> ◘◘ Belkan Munitions Plant ◘◘▓ Should have 8m+ Skill Points ☆▓ Looking for active pilots with PvP Experience▓ Economically Self-Sufficient Pilots Preffered▓ Public Channel: Belkan-Public▓ Our Site: http://belkanmunitions.com
[i]2012.01.29 20:22:53 +8s Amarr <Excel Jakuard> so, instead of the neut a nos?
[i]2012.01.29 20:22:55 +2s Amarr <Batelle> then use the neut less and make the cpr a nano or something.
[i]2012.01.29 20:22:57 +2s Amarr <Excel Jakuard> and then a repairer?
[i]2012.01.29 20:23:12 +15s Amarr <Batelle> or a gyrostab!
[i]2012.01.29 20:23:16 +4s Amarr <Excel Jakuard> ah, true
[i]2012.01.29 20:23:26 +10s Amarr <Excel Jakuard> nope, not enough CPU for a gyro lol
[i]2012.01.29 20:23:35 +9s Amarr <Robin zePiwate> nos and a rep
[i]2012.01.29 20:23:41 +6s Amarr <Robin zePiwate> if it fits in
[i]2012.01.29 20:23:43 +2s Amarr <Excel Jakuard> aight.
[i]2012.01.29 20:24:27 +44s Amarr <Excel Jakuard> Excel Jakuard's Rifter
[i]2012.01.29 20:24:44 +17s Amarr <Robin zePiwate> now we're talking
[i]2012.01.29 20:24:53 +9s Amarr <Excel Jakuard> 40 dps, :P
[i]2012.01.29 20:25:02 +9s Amarr <Excel Jakuard> Im now training for a mammoth atm
[i]2012.01.29 20:25:07 +5s Amarr <Robin zePiwate> skills and rigs will improve that
[i]2012.01.29 20:25:07 +0s Amarr <Chinkzan> Jackal Delta lol someone messed up their market buy order, 1 too many zeros i think? wish i wasnt poor >:(
[i]2012.01.29 20:25:11 +4s Amarr <Excel Jakuard> when that's done, RIFTER SKILLS
[i]2012.01.29 20:25:29 +18s Amarr <Excel Jakuard> Should I Put rigs on it?
[i]2012.01.29 20:25:40 +11s Amarr <Excel Jakuard> if yes, which ones?
[i]2012.01.29 20:25:42 +2s Amarr <Elirse Chrominum> [20:25:07] Chinkzan > Jackal Delta lol someone messed up their market buy order, 1 too many zeros i think? wish i wasnt poor >:(buyorder is 20 minimum
[i]2012.01.29 20:25:51 +9s Amarr <Darius Andarr> Yes, if nothing else, small projectiles rigs are really cheap.
[i]2012.01.29 20:25:55 +4s Amarr <Robin zePiwate> I would go for damage rigs
[i]2012.01.29 20:26:05 +10s Amarr <Robin zePiwate> what darius says
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