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[i]2012.02.11 01:14:30 Amarr <Angrypunch> yes
[i]2012.02.11 01:14:32 +2s Amarr <vice admiral Stukov> guess the galactic prison shower sim is still at larg
[i]2012.02.11 01:14:32 +0s Amarr <Teloxak Otis> america's most popular drug = caffiene. alcohol is #2
[i]2012.02.11 01:14:33 +1s Amarr <UnholyCharles Acami> yea
[i]2012.02.11 01:14:37 +4s Amarr <Roley Rayl> Damnit
[i]2012.02.11 01:14:39 +2s Amarr <Leskit> anyone have a good cruor fit?
[i]2012.02.11 01:14:40 +1s Amarr <UnholyCharles Acami> anything well like he said
[i]2012.02.11 01:14:40 +0s Amarr <Spaceship Barbie> h2o = kills ..... name one living thing that has taken in h2o and didnt die eventually.... :)
[i]2012.02.11 01:14:42 +2s Amarr <wraith Aldent> Corpii A-Type Adaptive Nano Plating Corpii A-Type Small Armor Repairer Corpii A-Type Adaptive Nano Plating cheapest!
[i]2012.02.11 01:14:44 +2s Amarr <Spaceship Barbie> i win
[i]2012.02.11 01:14:50 +6s Amarr <Roley Rayl> Cruor is such a happy ship
[i]2012.02.11 01:14:51 +1s Amarr <UnholyCharles Acami> grats now pay me
[i]2012.02.11 01:14:52 +1s Amarr <Solinuas> touche
[i]2012.02.11 01:14:55 +3s Amarr <Solinuas> speaking of
[i]2012.02.11 01:14:59 +4s Amarr <Angrypunch> yea H2o barb i kno wat ur sayin
[i]2012.02.11 01:15:01 +2s Amarr <vice admiral Stukov> guess the galactic prison shower sim is still at large
[i]2012.02.11 01:15:02 +1s Amarr <Solinuas> anyone lit water on fire before?
[i]2012.02.11 01:15:09 +7s Amarr <Roley Rayl> With Sodium
[i]2012.02.11 01:15:11 +2s Amarr <UnholyCharles Acami> what of H20?
[i]2012.02.11 01:15:17 +6s Amarr <Solinuas> thats sodium reacting
[i]2012.02.11 01:15:20 +3s Amarr <Solinuas> not water burning
[i]2012.02.11 01:15:21 +1s Amarr <Angrypunch> H2o kills eventually
[i]2012.02.11 01:15:24 +3s Amarr <Roley Rayl> shhhh
[i]2012.02.11 01:15:28 +4s Amarr <Acer Meteor> manganize
[i]2012.02.11 01:15:34 +6s Amarr <vice admiral Stukov> indeed like when you run out of air angry
[i]2012.02.11 01:15:35 +1s Amarr <UnholyCharles Acami> yea you can OD on H2O
[i]2012.02.11 01:15:43 +8s Amarr <winterbabe> where the heck is chribba?
[i]2012.02.11 01:15:44 +1s Amarr <Angrypunch> yep many ways
[i]2012.02.11 01:15:45 +1s Amarr <UnholyCharles Acami> or water poisonning
[i]2012.02.11 01:15:46 +1s Amarr <Hnussi Bobcorn> Ofcourse it's the water burning. 2 waters = 1 oxygen! DUG!
[i]2012.02.11 01:15:53 +7s Amarr <UnholyCharles Acami> lol
[i]2012.02.11 01:15:59 +6s Amarr <Hnussi Bobcorn> ^^
[i]2012.02.11 01:15:59 +0s Amarr <Solinuas> lol
[i]2012.02.11 01:16:07 +8s Amarr <Solinuas> thats how you burn water though
[i]2012.02.11 01:16:13 +6s Amarr <vice admiral Stukov> any suggestions on where i can go to get good missions for the gallante?
[i]2012.02.11 01:16:22 +9s Amarr <UnholyCharles Acami> or hyrdogen and water
[i]2012.02.11 01:16:23 +1s Amarr <Solinuas> if you split the hydrogen adn oxygen water is really flammible :P
[i]2012.02.11 01:16:23 +0s Amarr <Angrypunch> gallents navy stations?
[i]2012.02.11 01:16:23 +0s Amarr <vice admiral Stukov> am trying to fix some of my standings
[i]2012.02.11 01:16:34 +11s Amarr <vice admiral Stukov> kk ty angry
[i]2012.02.11 01:16:40 +6s Amarr <Angrypunch> yea its electrolysis
[i]2012.02.11 01:16:43 +3s Amarr <Solinuas> and just turns back into water as it burns XD
[i]2012.02.11 01:16:45 +2s Amarr <Angrypunch> simple as pie
[i]2012.02.11 01:16:45 +0s Amarr <vice admiral Stukov> btw guys for some good links check my bio
[i]2012.02.11 01:17:00 +15s Amarr <UnholyCharles Acami> Angry what Sciences have you had?
[i]2012.02.11 01:17:05 +5s Amarr <Solinuas> speaking of
[i]2012.02.11 01:17:07 +2s Amarr <Angrypunch> chemistry
[i]2012.02.11 01:17:15 +8s Amarr <UnholyCharles Acami> hard to find someone who acctually knows something
[i]2012.02.11 01:17:16 +1s Amarr <Angrypunch> chemistrys tight
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