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[i]2012.02.12 02:00:45 Help <MuffinAss> lotsa competition in a trade hub
[i]2012.02.12 02:00:55 +10s Help <CC 1119> Muffin: But people actually place serious offers
[i]2012.02.12 02:01:00 +5s Help <CC 1119> which is an issue for T3 subsystems
[i]2012.02.12 02:01:02 +2s Help <Rancoris> carefull not to cross the owner and your a rich b****
[i]2012.02.12 02:01:07 +5s Help <MuffinAss> but in your case sell it take the money and run
[i]2012.02.12 02:01:39 +32s Help <MuffinAss> I have an uber trade toon ,and always compare prices
[i]2012.02.12 02:01:41 +2s Help <azzimoth> what would you think someone ment if they said "low api"
[i]2012.02.12 02:01:45 +4s Help <Andreyevich> After the timer runs out, will he be able to find out I took it? I mean, if he doesn't ask any of you? :)
[i]2012.02.12 02:01:57 +12s Help <Blake Kaintgitrite> just dock up for a bit and let your aggression wear off and he cant legally shoot at you
[i]2012.02.12 02:02:00 +3s Help <Rancoris> WILL TELL
[i]2012.02.12 02:02:11 +11s Help <MuffinAss> no andre unless he's here lol
[i]2012.02.12 02:02:13 +2s Help <Mbizi> Whitney Houston just died
[i]2012.02.12 02:02:15 +2s Help <Rancoris> YOURE TOAST
[i]2012.02.12 02:02:20 +5s Help <CC 1119> Andrey; Dock up, watch a TV show or something for 15 minutes, and you're good to go
[i]2012.02.12 02:02:20 +0s Help <Andreyevich> Republic Fleet EMP M is another thing I got.
[i]2012.02.12 02:02:22 +2s Help <Blake Kaintgitrite> but no he wont know after timer runs out unless he saw you
[i]2012.02.12 02:02:25 +3s Help <CC 1119> At that point all you have to avoid is a gank
[i]2012.02.12 02:02:35 +10s Help <Stromwulf Chainbreaker> Are there any ships shaped like a crack pipe? I want to buy one and name it in honour of Whitney's passing
[i]2012.02.12 02:02:36 +1s Help <MuffinAss> andre that icon only last for 15 minutes then your free and clear
[i]2012.02.12 02:02:39 +3s Help <LunarGlow> How did she die?
[i]2012.02.12 02:02:43 +4s Help <Eighth Wonder> whitney houston died?
[i]2012.02.12 02:02:50 +7s Help <Mbizi> yes
[i]2012.02.12 02:02:51 +1s Help <Rancoris> yes
[i]2012.02.12 02:02:54 +3s Help <Flipku Yo> omfg, this manufacturing plant has too many hp
[i]2012.02.12 02:02:54 +0s Help <Rancoris> sad
[i]2012.02.12 02:02:59 +5s Help <Eighth Wonder> wow
[i]2012.02.12 02:03:04 +5s Help <Eighth Wonder> bobby finally finished it off
[i]2012.02.12 02:03:13 +9s Help <Mbizi> lol
[i]2012.02.12 02:03:17 +4s Help <Evil General> what is power output??
[i]2012.02.12 02:03:21 +4s Help <Kodaax> strom, iteron is pretty good resemblance
[i]2012.02.12 02:03:28 +7s Help <CC 1119> Evil: It's a fitting limitation
[i]2012.02.12 02:03:29 +1s Help <Evil General> what is power output??
[i]2012.02.12 02:03:34 +5s Help <Evil General> ohh...
[i]2012.02.12 02:03:41 +7s Help <CC 1119> Some modules consume power. Your total power used can't exceed the power output of your ship
[i]2012.02.12 02:03:45 +4s Help <Evil General> what its use for?
[i]2012.02.12 02:03:59 +14s Help <Evil General> i see
[i]2012.02.12 02:04:03 +4s Help <Eighth Wonder> to equip stuff
[i]2012.02.12 02:04:15 +12s Help <Evil General> hm
[i]2012.02.12 02:04:43 +28s Help <Alien Squirrel> do omni tracking links do anything for non-sentry drones?
[i]2012.02.12 02:04:47 +4s Help <Kane Hart> Whitney Houston IS DEAD WHAT WILL WE DO!!!
[i]2012.02.12 02:04:51 +4s Help <CC 1119> Alien: Not anything useful
[i]2012.02.12 02:04:56 +5s Help <Alien Squirrel> Ok thanks
[i]2012.02.12 02:05:05 +9s Help <Jin Shuya> my connection keeps dropping, this happening to anyone else? im on TS and its fine...
[i]2012.02.12 02:05:06 +1s Help <MuffinAss> they work best with sentry's ,
[i]2012.02.12 02:05:11 +5s Help <Jin Shuya> so its not my internet connection...
[i]2012.02.12 02:05:32 +21s Help <Storm Marakon> Improves the optimal range and tracking of all drones............works for non-sentries as well
[i]2012.02.12 02:05:35 +3s Help <MuffinAss> from what I have been told omni's are a waste if u're not using sentries
[i]2012.02.12 02:05:43 +8s Help <CC 1119> True, but most drones just orbit at optimal anyway :P
[i]2012.02.12 02:06:19 +36s Help <LunarGlow> I'm not even ship spinning. This is how bored i am.
[i]2012.02.12 02:06:20 +1s Help <Storm Marakon> the point is that when the target is too fast the drone cant keep optimal and has to to go mwd speed, at then it cant shooot
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