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[i]2012.03.02 22:33:58 E-UNI <Brain Worms> kinda deep :)
[i]2012.03.02 22:34:12 +14s E-UNI <Ash Stewart> what makes this game so great !
[i]2012.03.02 22:34:16 +4s E-UNI <Ash Stewart> realistic
[i]2012.03.02 22:34:16 +0s E-UNI <Rhistuul> that and the lasers.
[i]2012.03.02 22:34:26 +10s E-UNI <Ash Stewart> if your amarr
[i]2012.03.02 22:34:37 +11s E-UNI <Ash Stewart> we love our bullets XD
[i]2012.03.02 22:34:41 +4s E-UNI <Miggy Bryant> For a guy with "Brain" as a first name, I wouldn't think you'd complain about reading... :)
[i]2012.03.02 22:34:44 +3s E-UNI <Rhistuul> nothing says SCIENCE!!!!11 like friggin' laser beams.
[i]2012.03.02 22:34:51 +7s E-UNI <David Commonwealth> you keep your flashlights i'm mounting some artillery
[i]2012.03.02 22:34:52 +1s E-UNI <Ash Stewart> yep
[i]2012.03.02 22:34:58 +6s E-UNI <Nyaia Maurynnei> DId someone just say 'realistic' in reference to EVE online?
[i]2012.03.02 22:34:59 +1s E-UNI <Ash Stewart> i do love lasers....
[i]2012.03.02 22:35:04 +5s E-UNI <Ash Stewart> but i hated the amarr....
[i]2012.03.02 22:35:09 +5s E-UNI <Ash Stewart> so went minmatar XD
[i]2012.03.02 22:35:32 +23s E-UNI <Mr Bun> the minmatar or so damn dirty though
[i]2012.03.02 22:35:33 +1s E-UNI <Advocatus Aetherius> I have an ellipsis fetish ... :D
[i]2012.03.02 22:35:37 +4s E-UNI <Akirei Scytale> minmatar and amarr both make good ships. they make the best pvp ships.
[i]2012.03.02 22:35:46 +9s E-UNI <David Commonwealth> I'm a gallente that uses winmatar ships and works for winmatar justice dept
[i]2012.03.02 22:35:49 +3s E-UNI <Lineesha Tion> thats what 2 i went with
[i]2012.03.02 22:35:50 +1s E-UNI <Ash Stewart> Mr Bun !!
[i]2012.03.02 22:35:57 +7s E-UNI <Brain Worms> If my position in the queue is around 39 should I be ok to take a 5 minute break?
[i]2012.03.02 22:35:58 +1s E-UNI <Lineesha Tion> min and am
[i]2012.03.02 22:36:04 +6s E-UNI <Brain Worms> or should i keep watch
[i]2012.03.02 22:36:06 +2s E-UNI <Akirei Scytale> i can fly any race but fly minnie most
[i]2012.03.02 22:36:19 +13s E-UNI <Ash Stewart> 5 minutes is kl
[i]2012.03.02 22:36:23 +4s E-UNI <Brain Worms> k, brb
[i]2012.03.02 22:36:28 +5s E-UNI <Ash Stewart> you've got a longer wait then that
[i]2012.03.02 22:36:35 +7s E-UNI <Mr Bun> Brain you may want to come back in a week or two, you'll have moved up close to the top of the que
[i]2012.03.02 22:36:44 +9s E-UNI <Valerius Anthar> lol
[i]2012.03.02 22:36:59 +15s E-UNI <Starfury Shang> i just ended up training all four races, all weapon types and both armour and shield tanking
[i]2012.03.02 22:37:00 +1s E-UNI <Brain Worms> no idea if you're serious or not
[i]2012.03.02 22:37:03 +3s E-UNI <David Commonwealth> to get to aldrat work for the agents in this corp pator tech school
[i]2012.03.02 22:37:04 +1s E-UNI <Brain Worms> bbut im guessing you're joking
[i]2012.03.02 22:37:13 +9s E-UNI <Miggy Bryant> Don't tell him that,.... tell him to constantly sit by his computer and watch the queue
[i]2012.03.02 22:37:13 +0s E-UNI <Ash Stewart> ....
[i]2012.03.02 22:37:14 +1s E-UNI <Mr Bun> unfortunately no
[i]2012.03.02 22:37:14 +0s E-UNI <Naomi Frostfire> Starfury: O.O
[i]2012.03.02 22:38:40 +86s E-UNI <Ash Stewart> :( :(
[i]2012.03.02 22:38:40 +0s E-UNI <Brain Worms> i have to keep this window open for a week?
[i]2012.03.02 22:38:40 +0s E-UNI <Nefarus Whitaker> not joking
[i]2012.03.02 22:39:11 +31s E-UNI <Rhistuul> No, it remembers your app time.
[i]2012.03.02 22:39:11 +0s E-UNI <Brain Worms> what if i close the game?
[i]2012.03.02 22:39:26 +15s E-UNI <Ash Stewart> worth ....... the ..... wait...
[i]2012.03.02 22:39:31 +5s E-UNI <Starfury Shang> naomi?
[i]2012.03.02 22:39:31 +0s E-UNI <Hanaught> Hello all o/
[i]2012.03.02 22:39:31 +0s E-UNI <Miggy Bryant> you have to keep it open 23/7
[i]2012.03.02 22:39:31 +0s E-UNI <Miggy Bryant> and diligently watch it
[i]2012.03.02 22:39:31 +0s E-UNI <Miggy Bryant> no blinking
[i]2012.03.02 22:39:32 +1s E-UNI <June Stardust> haha
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