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[i]2012.03.07 12:48:15 Help <Cloud seeker> what is it about anyway?
[i]2012.03.07 12:48:41 +26s Help <General Fuego> why do peopel think that a raven bpc with 1 run (fully maxed out) for only 1 million isk is a scam in the end they would still make a decent profit once the ship has been sold
[i]2012.03.07 12:49:08 +27s Help <Svaste> me/pe lvl?
[i]2012.03.07 12:49:23 +15s Help <General Fuego> 120/36
[i]2012.03.07 12:49:27 +4s Help <Aidos Knox> Is the Proteus in any way appropriate for solo PVE or PVP?
[i]2012.03.07 12:49:40 +13s Help <Svaste> sounds ok to me BWTHDIK
[i]2012.03.07 12:50:07 +27s Help <Svaste> prot can do both
[i]2012.03.07 12:50:22 +15s Help <Aidos Knox> k ty
[i]2012.03.07 12:50:24 +2s Help <Svaste> but it won't perform in pve like a BS or Tengu imo
[i]2012.03.07 12:50:27 +3s Help <Serenity Lamb> is eve-survival down or is it just me?
[i]2012.03.07 12:50:31 +4s Help <Annette Redoran> proteus can have incredible armor
[i]2012.03.07 12:50:40 +9s Help <Aidos Knox> ahhhh
[i]2012.03.07 12:50:53 +13s Help <Svaste> in PVE you've got a lot of flyin' to do
[i]2012.03.07 12:50:57 +4s Help <Svaste> with blasters that is
[i]2012.03.07 12:51:17 +20s Help <Cloud seeker> anyone of a eve-survival cach dump?
[i]2012.03.07 12:51:44 +27s Help <Svaste> google your mission from google select the cached page
[i]2012.03.07 12:51:55 +11s Help <Svaste> or use the wayback machine
[i]2012.03.07 12:52:33 +38s Help <tobeseesee eve> who can help me ,give me 1M ISK? I BUY BOOKS.
[i]2012.03.07 12:52:46 +13s Help <Svaste> no mooching in this channel
[i]2012.03.07 12:52:53 +7s Help <Svaste> go get some pride and earn 1mil isk
[i]2012.03.07 12:52:57 +4s Help <Payden Swartz> could someone please send me a link of a rigg that can strenthen the armour of a ship ?
[i]2012.03.07 12:52:59 +2s Help <Aakkonen> Tobe, go beg in local
[i]2012.03.07 12:53:13 +14s Help <General Fuego> sent tobeseesee
[i]2012.03.07 12:53:29 +16s Help <tobeseesee eve> think you very much~
[i]2012.03.07 12:53:36 +7s Help <zz01shagsme> I am Never Going to die in high Sec is this too much?
[i]2012.03.07 12:53:40 +4s Help <Aakkonen> Payden, Trimark
[i]2012.03.07 12:53:40 +0s Help <Serenity Lamb> trimark armor pump
[i]2012.03.07 12:53:52 +12s Help <Payden Swartz> thanks guys! ;)
[i]2012.03.07 12:54:12 +20s Help <Aakkonen> ZZ01, where you flying with that? :)
[i]2012.03.07 12:54:29 +17s Help <Kehro Urgus> you should rename it I will be ganked in high sec
[i]2012.03.07 12:54:30 +1s Help <Cloud seeker> zz, I think u might get ganked with that setup
[i]2012.03.07 12:54:34 +4s Help <zz01shagsme> why going to "TRY" and Gank me
[i]2012.03.07 12:54:40 +6s Help <zz01shagsme> good luck
[i]2012.03.07 12:54:41 +1s Help <Vick Botasky> Hey, i want to know if its allowed to take over someone elseĀ“s account, afther his quit playing?
[i]2012.03.07 12:54:44 +3s Help <Cloud seeker> and do I smell dream fitt?
[i]2012.03.07 12:54:46 +2s Help <zz01shagsme> 97% res on all
[i]2012.03.07 12:54:53 +7s Help <zz01shagsme> good luck
[i]2012.03.07 12:55:06 +13s Help <zz01shagsme> cap stable at 99%
[i]2012.03.07 12:55:16 +10s Help <chickenandbiskets> items are busy wtf all day today
[i]2012.03.07 12:55:20 +4s Help <Payden Swartz> actually is there a large rigg like that??
[i]2012.03.07 12:55:32 +12s Help <Svaste> yeah
[i]2012.03.07 12:55:34 +2s Help <zz01shagsme> Large Trimark Armor Pump II
[i]2012.03.07 12:55:43 +9s Help <howling Chi-kens> don't see why not as long as you keep giving eve money to maintane it
[i]2012.03.07 12:55:49 +6s Help <Svaste> market ship modifications rigs armor large
[i]2012.03.07 12:55:50 +1s Help <Payden Swartz> lol thanks again
[i]2012.03.07 12:55:51 +1s Help <Aakkonen> try T1 version of that trimark
[i]2012.03.07 12:55:55 +4s Help <Mark Ellecon> Talos any input to make this thing better, the small shield booster will be replaced with a sensor booster ll tomorrow
[i]2012.03.07 12:56:01 +6s Help <zz01shagsme> ya T2 is like 900 mill
[i]2012.03.07 12:56:23 +22s Help <zz01shagsme> Mark Ellecon if u fit rail guns
[i]2012.03.07 12:56:28 +5s Help <zz01shagsme> and go LONG RANGE
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