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[i]2012.03.09 08:09:10 CSM Townhall <rodyas> could make an employee of the month
[i]2012.03.09 08:09:31 +21s CSM Townhall <rodyas> the right to work, so you can make more surfboards and movies
[i]2012.03.09 08:09:31 +0s CSM Townhall <None ofthe Above> I don't deal with unions very often
[i]2012.03.09 08:10:00 +29s CSM Townhall <rodyas> you just use your internet compnay, to do background checks of the union members, and discredit and break the union up?
[i]2012.03.09 08:10:12 +12s CSM Townhall <None ofthe Above> Oi
[i]2012.03.09 08:10:32 +20s CSM Townhall <None ofthe Above> There has never been a union to break up
[i]2012.03.09 08:10:54 +22s CSM Townhall <rodyas> lucky man, but I never had to do that either
[i]2012.03.09 08:10:56 +2s CSM Townhall <None ofthe Above> Computer folk are an independant lot
[i]2012.03.09 08:11:09 +13s CSM Townhall <rodyas> and its newer still
[i]2012.03.09 08:11:22 +13s CSM Townhall <rodyas> so doesnt ahve to fear breakdown and market growing old for it
[i]2012.03.09 08:11:49 +27s CSM Townhall <rodyas> they are like cowboys
[i]2012.03.09 08:11:49 +0s CSM Townhall <rodyas> when everyone needed their meats and steaks
[i]2012.03.09 08:11:49 +0s CSM Townhall <rodyas> and cows had to be driven across states for people to recieve it
[i]2012.03.09 08:12:20 +31s CSM Townhall <rodyas> computer people are
[i]2012.03.09 08:14:33 +133s CSM Townhall <None ofthe Above> Are computer people the cows or cowboys in your little tale?
[i]2012.03.09 08:19:02 +269s CSM Townhall <rodyas> cowboys
[i]2012.03.09 08:19:09 +7s CSM Townhall <None ofthe Above> ah
[i]2012.03.09 08:19:11 +2s CSM Townhall <rodyas> your naive and simple customers are the cows
[i]2012.03.09 08:19:21 +10s CSM Townhall <rodyas> all consuming the bandwith(grass)
[i]2012.03.09 08:19:53 +32s CSM Townhall <rodyas> bit mean I suppose that
[i]2012.03.09 08:20:10 +17s CSM Townhall <rodyas> but suppose meat or cows are the bandwith
[i]2012.03.09 08:20:26 +16s CSM Townhall <rodyas> and customers the people waiting to eat the steaks and meat
[i]2012.03.09 08:20:48 +22s CSM Townhall <rodyas> while the IP companies are wichita, where the cows are slaughtered and meat carried to the people
[i]2012.03.09 08:20:58 +10s CSM Townhall <rodyas> or dodge I should say
[i]2012.03.09 08:22:21 +83s CSM Townhall <rodyas> well you asked if the stock market will up and down
[i]2012.03.09 08:22:26 +5s CSM Townhall <rodyas> or down*
[i]2012.03.09 08:22:45 +19s CSM Townhall <rodyas> on friday job numbers report is released
[i]2012.03.09 08:22:55 +10s CSM Townhall <rodyas> they are suppose to be good too
[i]2012.03.09 08:23:04 +9s CSM Townhall <rodyas> if you think jobs are the bedrock of the economy or base
[i]2012.03.09 08:23:09 +5s CSM Townhall <rodyas> then stock market should go up
[i]2012.03.09 08:23:32 +23s CSM Townhall <rodyas> not sure where I stand on it though, suppose
[i]2012.03.09 08:24:25 +53s CSM Townhall <None ofthe Above> Hrmm just blew past a gate camp
[i]2012.03.09 08:24:36 +11s CSM Townhall <rodyas> awesome
[i]2012.03.09 08:25:03 +27s CSM Townhall <None ofthe Above> Love covert ops
[i]2012.03.09 08:25:11 +8s CSM Townhall <rodyas> ah lucky
[i]2012.03.09 08:27:26 +135s CSM Townhall <None ofthe Above> Local doubled in the 60 secs or so I was in there, heh
[i]2012.03.09 08:27:54 +28s CSM Townhall <None ofthe Above> Think I poked a beehive
[i]2012.03.09 08:31:26 +212s CSM Townhall <rodyas> you driving a delicious ship?
[i]2012.03.09 08:31:41 +15s CSM Townhall <rodyas> or maybe they think you are a spy
[i]2012.03.09 08:31:50 +9s CSM Townhall <None ofthe Above> Not too shiny. Stealth bomber fig
[i]2012.03.09 08:31:52 +2s CSM Townhall <rodyas> sometimes people down there are nuts and overly tin foiled
[i]2012.03.09 08:32:26 +34s CSM Townhall <None ofthe Above> Ah yeah. Well seeing a stealth bomber run past you for a half second is probably disturbing
[i]2012.03.09 08:32:44 +18s CSM Townhall <rodyas> yeah could be indeed, especially with you stayin there
[i]2012.03.09 08:33:06 +22s CSM Townhall <None ofthe Above> Was just passin through
[i]2012.03.09 08:34:58 +112s CSM Townhall <rodyas> were you off to with a stealth bomber, or just easily traveling through?
[i]2012.03.09 08:35:35 +37s CSM Townhall <None ofthe Above> Some goods I needed to pick up
[i]2012.03.09 08:36:33 +58s CSM Townhall <rodyas> hots
[i]2012.03.09 08:36:38 +5s CSM Townhall <rodyas> BPO research?
[i]2012.03.09 08:36:49 +11s CSM Townhall <rodyas> I need a covert ship to take BPOs places
[i]2012.03.09 08:37:03 +14s CSM Townhall <None ofthe Above> Nothing so sexy. Just got some good deals in low sec
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