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[i]2012.03.15 15:33:45 Help <AlyshaFlynt> lots of implants that reduce cpu for xxx modules
[i]2012.03.15 15:33:50 +5s Help <Bill Bobaggins> i thought controlled burst would make a difference but had no change
[i]2012.03.15 15:33:59 +9s Help <Ta'Kon> nah thats for cap
[i]2012.03.15 15:34:03 +4s Help <Ta'Kon> iirc
[i]2012.03.15 15:34:11 +8s Help <Bill Bobaggins> ah ic
[i]2012.03.15 15:34:17 +6s Help <Bella Rugente> you have weapon upgrades 5?
[i]2012.03.15 15:34:29 +12s Help <Bill Bobaggins> yeah and adv weps 4
[i]2012.03.15 15:34:30 +1s Help <Morag Ondr> use a fed navy mag
[i]2012.03.15 15:34:41 +11s Help <Lian Ronso> is Deployable container any good to have??
[i]2012.03.15 15:34:50 +9s Help <Bill Bobaggins> good idea morag ty
[i]2012.03.15 15:34:51 +1s Help <Ta'Kon> depends lian
[i]2012.03.15 15:34:53 +2s Help <Bella Rugente> Id go with a named cap booster then
[i]2012.03.15 15:34:53 +0s Help <Ta'Kon> are u mining?
[i]2012.03.15 15:34:56 +3s Help <Lian Ronso> yes
[i]2012.03.15 15:35:04 +8s Help <Ta'Kon> no hauler alt ?
[i]2012.03.15 15:35:04 +0s Help <Rhydic Ujbikist> not for long
[i]2012.03.15 15:35:07 +3s Help <Rhydic Ujbikist> goon gankers everywhere
[i]2012.03.15 15:35:09 +2s Help <Lian Ronso> nope
[i]2012.03.15 15:35:15 +6s Help <Ta'Kon> then yes use GSC
[i]2012.03.15 15:35:21 +6s Help <Lian Ronso> ok thanks
[i]2012.03.15 15:35:23 +2s Help <Ta'Kon> set a string
[i]2012.03.15 15:35:29 +6s Help <Bella Rugente> nm, cap booster wont help.
[i]2012.03.15 15:35:30 +1s Help <Lian Ronso> string??
[i]2012.03.15 15:35:35 +5s Help <Ta'Kon> enough cans to fill your hauler
[i]2012.03.15 15:35:41 +6s Help <Lian Ronso> ah ok
[i]2012.03.15 15:35:54 +13s Help <Lian Ronso> thanks
[i]2012.03.15 15:35:58 +4s Help <Ta'Kon> y
[i]2012.03.15 15:35:59 +1s Help <Daniel Dalegor> hammerhead II is weaker than normal ogre I vs battleships?
[i]2012.03.15 15:35:59 +0s Help <Ta'Kon> w
[i]2012.03.15 15:36:10 +11s Help <Ta'Kon> orge is larger drone
[i]2012.03.15 15:36:19 +9s Help <Heavy Caliber> Dan--yes
[i]2012.03.15 15:36:31 +12s Help <Ta'Kon> orge heavy hh medium
[i]2012.03.15 15:36:33 +2s Help <Alfy Rabadonus> ogre is heavy attack drones hammerhead is a medium scout drone...
[i]2012.03.15 15:36:33 +0s Help <Emiko Luan> well it's pretty close
[i]2012.03.15 15:36:35 +2s Help <Bella Rugente> Bill, might have to go with a pseudo DC
[i]2012.03.15 15:36:52 +17s Help <Emiko Luan> ogres are just so freakin slow by the time it gets there the hammerII has done a bunch of damage
[i]2012.03.15 15:36:57 +5s Help <Obscurity X> sentry drones are were it's at
[i]2012.03.15 15:36:58 +1s Help <Daniel Dalegor> Alfy Rabadonus i only ask because i can use hammerhead tech 2 and to use ogre tech 2 i must spend 1 month :P
[i]2012.03.15 15:37:06 +8s Help <Emiko Luan> it's worth the month
[i]2012.03.15 15:37:17 +11s Help <Daniel Dalegor> but to this month id like to do something anyway ;D
[i]2012.03.15 15:37:21 +4s Help <chari kato> what can I use to reduce webbing?
[i]2012.03.15 15:37:22 +1s Help <Alfy Rabadonus> hammerheads ftw go!
[i]2012.03.15 15:37:22 +0s Help <Obscurity X> yea; T2 ogres are worth a month for sure
[i]2012.03.15 15:37:29 +7s Help <Emiko Luan> chari, afterburner / mwd
[i]2012.03.15 15:37:33 +4s Help <Ta'Kon> prop mods
[i]2012.03.15 15:37:33 +0s Help <J'Ribs> ogres vs guristas. Yum
[i]2012.03.15 15:37:33 +0s Help <chari kato> tyvm
[i]2012.03.15 15:37:59 +26s Help <J'Ribs> Even tech 1's were good. Cheap to abandon
[i]2012.03.15 15:37:59 +0s Help <Obscurity X> in Missions Chari?
[i]2012.03.15 15:38:01 +2s Help <coolruningc> should have broght the hammer head tt2 bpo when I had the chance sighs
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