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[i]2012.03.16 01:23:59 Help <Santhenar> I thought as much
[i]2012.03.16 01:24:04 +5s Help * Sajuukkar is amazed help channel helped
[i]2012.03.16 01:24:10 +6s Help <Sajuukkar> glad relogging helped
[i]2012.03.16 01:24:18 +8s Help <Ilaister> ty muchly
[i]2012.03.16 01:24:45 +27s Help <ionageman TOG> sajuukkar we like to display our knowledge
[i]2012.03.16 01:24:58 +13s Help <Yu Yang> damnit, now the help channel reputation is irrevocably damaged
[i]2012.03.16 01:25:00 +2s Help <Sajuukkar> :)
[i]2012.03.16 01:25:07 +7s Help <Devin Hambramotte> omg this is so stupid how do i raise my standings with an agent so i can do some damn lvl 2 misssions?!
[i]2012.03.16 01:25:10 +3s Help <Morag Ondr> i tank exp, inv vs drones
[i]2012.03.16 01:25:31 +21s Help <Santhenar> Devin Hambramotte More missions bro...
[i]2012.03.16 01:25:31 +0s Help <slobozache> Can someone convo me? I have some questions regarding standings
[i]2012.03.16 01:25:36 +5s Help <Sajuukkar> Devin, do more lvl 1 missions or vistit data center
[i]2012.03.16 01:25:48 +12s Help <ionageman TOG> devin .. social skills help.. don't do missions against major factions.. and you'll move fowrard
[i]2012.03.16 01:25:59 +11s Help <Sajuukkar> ^^
[i]2012.03.16 01:26:02 +3s Help <Santhenar> slowly
[i]2012.03.16 01:26:37 +35s Help <ionageman TOG> sombody said here yesterday.. they got lvl 4 in a day..
[i]2012.03.16 01:26:40 +3s Help <Morag Ondr> train connection to 3
[i]2012.03.16 01:26:45 +5s Help <Santhenar> ionageman TOG I call bs
[i]2012.03.16 01:26:59 +14s Help <ionageman TOG> well me too.. but meh.
[i]2012.03.16 01:27:10 +11s Help <Sajuukkar> yeah, BS on that one
[i]2012.03.16 01:27:10 +0s Help <Comor Dunathis> it's easy if you do data center turnins
[i]2012.03.16 01:27:16 +6s Help <Sajuukkar> well, good point'
[i]2012.03.16 01:27:23 +7s Help <Sajuukkar> or cosmos tbh
[i]2012.03.16 01:27:24 +1s Help <CC 1119> "expensive, but easy." That's datacenters for you
[i]2012.03.16 01:27:25 +1s Help <Devin Hambramotte> how can i check my standings?
[i]2012.03.16 01:27:32 +7s Help <Comor Dunathis> i went from 1.20 with ammatar to 6.50 with the datacenters
[i]2012.03.16 01:27:38 +6s Help <Comor Dunathis> in about 4 hours
[i]2012.03.16 01:27:41 +3s Help <Anthony Dvorak> Use the agent finder to find agents who belong to the corporation / faction with whom you want to raise your standings
[i]2012.03.16 01:27:45 +4s Help <Sajuukkar> bet you spent some isk tho
[i]2012.03.16 01:27:47 +2s Help <Santhenar> Devin Hambramotte In your profile > standings.
[i]2012.03.16 01:27:53 +6s Help <Comor Dunathis> only 400m
[i]2012.03.16 01:27:58 +5s Help <Sajuukkar> only
[i]2012.03.16 01:28:02 +4s Help <Sajuukkar> ofc
[i]2012.03.16 01:28:21 +19s Help <Morag Ondr> thanks for buying tags
[i]2012.03.16 01:28:22 +1s Help <Sajuukkar> I spend that on like, toilet paper and I have been playing for 6 years
[i]2012.03.16 01:28:27 +5s Help <Devin Hambramotte> difference between a faction and a corp
[i]2012.03.16 01:28:53 +26s Help * Sajuukkar ends sarcasm. nighty night help channel
[i]2012.03.16 01:28:59 +6s Help <Devin Hambramotte> i wish i had that much lol
[i]2012.03.16 01:29:08 +9s Help <Kruznik> is it normal that your shipping port storage isnt evne half full after a week of pI?
[i]2012.03.16 01:29:14 +6s Help <Anthony Dvorak> A corporation is just one corporation. A faction is one of the major kingdoms within the empire, for example, the Caldari or the Amarr
[i]2012.03.16 01:29:28 +14s Help <Devin Hambramotte> ohhh
[i]2012.03.16 01:29:33 +5s Help <ionageman TOG> yep.. get faction standing.. and work for any corp
[i]2012.03.16 01:29:46 +13s Help <slobozache> What happens if you're like by the corporation but hated by the faction they're with?
[i]2012.03.16 01:29:50 +4s Help <Kruznik> dont work for amar man their Evil
[i]2012.03.16 01:29:53 +3s Help <Kruznik> just dont DUe it
[i]2012.03.16 01:30:00 +7s Help <Tyron Lannster> i lost the window that had my drones in folder how do i get that back
[i]2012.03.16 01:30:01 +1s Help <Keri Brooks> whats a data center?
[i]2012.03.16 01:30:01 +0s Help <hyde Dovahkiin> know any good mining corps
[i]2012.03.16 01:30:01 +0s Help <Comor Dunathis> i've had my PI going for 6 weeks on one planet and it just barely fills it once a month
[i]2012.03.16 01:30:01 +0s Help <Santhenar> Tyron Lannster click on ship > Open drone bay?
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