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[i]2012.03.13 16:07:39 CSM Townhall <None ofthe Above> And use the NEX guy for the buddy inite program, brilliant!
[i]2012.03.14 05:19:17 +47498s CSM Townhall <Andski> oh man
[i]2012.03.14 05:19:25 +8s CSM Townhall <Andski> that titan tracking nerf thread
[i]2012.03.14 05:19:29 +4s CSM Townhall <Andski> was basically my plaything
[i]2012.03.14 05:20:51 +82s CSM Townhall * Mike Azariah chuckles
[i]2012.03.14 05:20:56 +5s CSM Townhall <Mike Azariah> trololol?
[i]2012.03.14 05:22:35 +99s CSM Townhall <Andski> https:///forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=80374
[i]2012.03.14 05:22:41 +6s CSM Townhall <Andski> Yes CCP Greyscale is trolling
[i]2012.03.14 05:22:43 +2s CSM Townhall <Andski> obviously
[i]2012.03.14 05:24:27 +104s CSM Townhall <Mike Azariah> did you read their other ideas? Caps cannot target subs, period?
[i]2012.03.14 05:24:58 +31s CSM Townhall <Andski> dumb
[i]2012.03.14 05:25:33 +35s CSM Townhall <Andski> that basically nerfs triage carriers into oblivion
[i]2012.03.14 05:25:48 +15s CSM Townhall <Andski> and only makes them useful for being sacrificed to save supercaps
[i]2012.03.14 05:25:53 +5s CSM Townhall <Andski> and towers
[i]2012.03.14 05:25:56 +3s CSM Townhall <Andski> usually tech towers
[i]2012.03.14 05:25:57 +1s CSM Townhall <Andski> heh
[i]2012.03.14 05:33:54 +477s CSM Townhall <Mike Azariah> did you see the blog post Goons have the numbers?
[i]2012.03.14 05:34:18 +24s CSM Townhall <Mike Azariah> http://sered-sl.blogspot.com/2012/03/goons-bring-numbers.html
[i]2012.03.14 05:34:22 +4s CSM Townhall <Mike Azariah> bring
[i]2012.03.14 05:50:52 +990s CSM Townhall <Andski> yep
[i]2012.03.14 05:50:54 +2s CSM Townhall <Andski> fuck ya'll
[i]2012.03.17 08:04:24 +267210s CSM Townhall <Issler Dainze> hey all! This is a very interesting election!!
[i]2012.03.17 08:10:08 +344s CSM Townhall <Issler Dainze> so none, since it is all but ovver, what did you hop for in this election?
[i]2012.03.17 08:50:40 +2432s CSM Townhall <Issler Dainze> a very quiet channel
[i]2012.03.17 20:28:22 +41862s CSM Townhall <Hans Jagerblitzen> THERE CAN BE ONLY 1 HANS
[i]2012.03.17 20:29:52 +90s CSM Townhall <Hans Jagerblitzen> o/
[i]2012.03.17 21:50:12 +4820s CSM Townhall <None ofthe Above> 0/
[i]2012.03.17 23:05:49 +4537s CSM Townhall <Hans Jagerblitzen> How was Alliance chatter for you last night Elise?
[i]2012.03.17 23:05:55 +6s CSM Townhall <Elise Randolph> p hilarious
[i]2012.03.17 23:06:04 +9s CSM Townhall <Hans Jagerblitzen> Oh to be a fly on that wall.....
[i]2012.03.17 23:06:19 +15s CSM Townhall <Hans Jagerblitzen> Plz tell me you soundclouded it....even if I'll never get to hear it
[i]2012.03.17 23:06:25 +6s CSM Townhall <Elise Randolph> unsure
[i]2012.03.17 23:06:32 +7s CSM Townhall <Elise Randolph> it was mostly me trying to shoot dreads while laughing hysterically
[i]2012.03.17 23:06:34 +2s CSM Townhall <Hans Jagerblitzen> someone deserves to have that captured
[i]2012.03.17 23:09:09 +155s CSM Townhall <Elise Randolph> so basically I was on reddit looking at cat pictures
[i]2012.03.17 23:09:18 +9s CSM Townhall <Elise Randolph> and saw dudes ping randomly for something
[i]2012.03.17 23:09:48 +30s CSM Townhall <Hans Jagerblitzen> [23:09:09] Elise Randolph > so basically I was on reddit looking at cat pictures <-----never would have guessed XD
[i]2012.03.17 23:10:02 +14s CSM Townhall <Hans Jagerblitzen> but go on
[i]2012.03.17 23:12:41 +159s CSM Townhall <Elise Randolph> ah sorry was trying to own
[i]2012.03.17 23:13:05 +24s CSM Townhall <Elise Randolph> so yea I log in and by the time dudes log in to save him, the guy is dead
[i]2012.03.17 23:13:06 +1s CSM Townhall <Elise Randolph> but still owns
[i]2012.03.17 23:13:41 +35s CSM Townhall <Elise Randolph> and fml just went criminal
[i]2012.03.17 23:13:42 +1s CSM Townhall <Elise Randolph> gdi
[i]2012.03.17 23:16:37 +175s CSM Townhall <Hans Jagerblitzen> Don't die!
[i]2012.03.17 23:16:51 +14s CSM Townhall <Elise Randolph> oh I mean like, pirate
[i]2012.03.17 23:16:51 +0s CSM Townhall <Elise Randolph> w/e
[i]2012.03.17 23:16:55 +4s CSM Townhall <Elise Randolph> -5.somethign
[i]2012.03.17 23:16:55 +0s CSM Townhall <Elise Randolph> SOMAD
[i]2012.03.17 23:17:20 +25s CSM Townhall <Hans Jagerblitzen> join the club XD
[i]2012.03.17 23:17:28 +8s CSM Townhall <Hans Jagerblitzen> you'll get more fights now!
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