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[i]2012.03.17 21:17:19 Holy Veldspar <darkchild's corpse> hmm... dunno if this is worth what i get then
[i]2012.03.17 21:17:54 +35s Holy Veldspar <ElQuirko> You get my T3 collection, for a start
[i]2012.03.17 21:18:01 +7s Holy Veldspar <ElQuirko> Three Protei and a Legion
[i]2012.03.17 21:18:12 +11s Holy Veldspar <darkchild's corpse> pffff
[i]2012.03.17 21:18:14 +2s Holy Veldspar <darkchild's corpse> go away
[i]2012.03.17 21:18:20 +6s Holy Veldspar <ElQuirko> AND
[i]2012.03.17 21:18:21 +1s Holy Veldspar <ElQuirko> you get
[i]2012.03.17 21:18:25 +4s Holy Veldspar <ElQuirko> my stash of exotic dancers
[i]2012.03.17 21:18:26 +1s Holy Veldspar <ElQuirko> and drugs
[i]2012.03.17 21:18:37 +11s Holy Veldspar <ElQuirko> and my 5-ish bil wallet
[i]2012.03.17 21:18:46 +9s Holy Veldspar <darkchild's corpse> pfffffffff
[i]2012.03.17 21:19:25 +39s Holy Veldspar <ElQuirko> better than anythin u got
[i]2012.03.17 21:19:33 +8s Holy Veldspar <darkchild's corpse> nono
[i]2012.03.17 21:19:39 +6s Holy Veldspar <darkchild's corpse> i has even more exotic dancers
[i]2012.03.17 21:19:43 +4s Holy Veldspar <ElQuirko> In that case
[i]2012.03.17 21:19:45 +2s Holy Veldspar <ElQuirko> give me isk
[i]2012.03.17 21:19:46 +1s Holy Veldspar <ElQuirko> lots of isk
[i]2012.03.17 21:19:56 +10s Holy Veldspar <darkchild's corpse> erm
[i]2012.03.17 21:19:57 +1s Holy Veldspar <darkchild's corpse> no
[i]2012.03.17 22:02:34 +2557s Holy Veldspar <Mistyevening> Well, here's your Chrib:)
[i]2012.03.17 22:02:46 +12s Holy Veldspar <darkchild's corpse> crap?
[i]2012.03.17 22:03:09 +23s Holy Veldspar <Chribba> for a short while anyway
[i]2012.03.17 22:09:38 +389s Holy Veldspar <darkchild's corpse> chribb
[i]2012.03.17 22:09:38 +0s Holy Veldspar <Chribba> I've always had a girl? her name is EVE?
[i]2012.03.17 22:09:38 +0s Holy Veldspar <Mistyevening> Chrib found a girl? :)
[i]2012.03.17 22:09:38 +0s Holy Veldspar <darkchild's corpse> http://s3.imgimg.de/uploads/Capture215859b9PNG.png
[i]2012.03.17 22:09:48 +10s Holy Veldspar <Mistyevening> *shhhh*, Chrib, SHE might hear you:)
[i]2012.03.17 22:09:48 +0s Holy Veldspar <darkchild's corpse> i crafted something useless again
[i]2012.03.17 22:09:48 +0s Holy Veldspar <Chribba> it's slick dark
[i]2012.03.17 22:10:17 +29s Holy Veldspar <darkchild's corpse> hehe
[i]2012.03.17 22:13:33 +196s Holy Veldspar <Tus> Random
[i]2012.03.17 22:13:37 +4s Holy Veldspar <Tus> [22:12:56] Sephiroth Septim > hey,..... if you guys wre mercs hired by MintchipLol to destroy me.... you would tell me .... right?
[i]2012.03.17 22:13:51 +14s Holy Veldspar <Megan Askiras> lol
[i]2012.03.17 22:16:59 +188s Holy Veldspar <Mistyevening> Salute, Chrib und Entity
[i]2012.03.17 22:17:34 +35s Holy Veldspar <Entity> .o/
[i]2012.03.17 22:18:41 +67s Holy Veldspar <Mistyevening> How's your collection of ungettable going?
[i]2012.03.17 22:19:21 +40s Holy Veldspar <Entity> not very well with clueless devs deleting stuff because they don't know where it came from.
[i]2012.03.17 22:19:44 +23s Holy Veldspar <Mistyevening> bastards
[i]2012.03.17 22:19:46 +2s Holy Veldspar <ElQuirko> lool
[i]2012.03.17 22:19:54 +8s Holy Veldspar <ElQuirko> They're on a personal vendetta against you
[i]2012.03.17 22:20:00 +6s Holy Veldspar <Entity> doubtful
[i]2012.03.17 22:20:02 +2s Holy Veldspar <ElQuirko> Once you don't have unobtainable shinies, what are you good for?
[i]2012.03.17 22:20:11 +9s Holy Veldspar <ElQuirko> They will question this
[i]2012.03.17 22:20:17 +6s Holy Veldspar <ElQuirko> It is an attempt to convince you to destroy yourself
[i]2012.03.17 22:20:21 +4s Holy Veldspar <ElQuirko> It is inception from an exterior source
[i]2012.03.17 22:20:23 +2s Holy Veldspar <Entity> haha
[i]2012.03.17 22:20:28 +5s Holy Veldspar <Entity> yeah
[i]2012.03.17 22:20:31 +3s Holy Veldspar <Entity> sold theory
[i]2012.03.17 22:20:42 +11s Holy Veldspar <Entity> solid*
[i]2012.03.17 22:20:58 +16s Holy Veldspar <ElQuirko> Everything about me is solid
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