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[i]2012.03.18 00:03:46 Help <Dawne Xi> Kill'Boy then unstack what's stacked
[i]2012.03.18 00:03:46 +0s Help <Kai Wyn> ty
[i]2012.03.18 00:03:46 +0s Help <Linquei> why is the myrm > than brutix in price.... drone bonus?
[i]2012.03.18 00:03:47 +1s Help <Dawne Xi> Linquei manufacturing costs most likely
[i]2012.03.18 00:03:48 +1s Help <Rhapsodae> hello again, where can i find the "report bot" option?
[i]2012.03.18 00:03:48 +0s Help <Zir Blazer> Does anyone knows how to add faction items to the market quickbar? I can do so with items I currently own (Drag and drop from hangar, or the "Add to market quickbar" buttoon), but I don't find any option to do so with items that I find browing contracts
[i]2012.03.18 00:03:48 +0s Help <Waoredo Alose> Myrm has better armor
[i]2012.03.18 00:04:04 +16s Help <Dawne Xi> Rhap click the ≡ in the upper left corner of their 'show info' window
[i]2012.03.18 00:04:07 +3s Help <Lyeania> is orca the only boat that can travel with a fitted ship in hisec?
[i]2012.03.18 00:04:38 +31s Help <ionageman TOG> freighter probably
[i]2012.03.18 00:04:48 +10s Help <Kelsey McClintock> To reconnect to lost probes, do you have to be in the same ship you luanched them in?
[i]2012.03.18 00:04:50 +2s Help <Gandale> f12 = create new petition - rules and policies - eula and terms of service Zir
[i]2012.03.18 00:04:56 +6s Help <Lyeania> ill try it
[i]2012.03.18 00:05:00 +4s Help <Dawne Xi> It really has little to do with stats and is based on manufacturing costs :) Manufacturers dont' look at stats when pricing up BC's they look at how much it costs them
[i]2012.03.18 00:05:04 +4s Help <Rhapsodae> thnx dawne
[i]2012.03.18 00:05:41 +37s Help <Gandale> fitted ships can only go in freighters in courier contracts
[i]2012.03.18 00:05:41 +0s Help <Veronique Vynneve> How do I search for low sec systems with the highest occupancy?
[i]2012.03.18 00:05:53 +12s Help <Linquei> makes sense
[i]2012.03.18 00:05:53 +0s Help <Xercodo> dotlan
[i]2012.03.18 00:05:53 +0s Help <Sephirvina> What are the best nanofiber ( i mean, the best quality with a low price :) )
[i]2012.03.18 00:05:55 +2s Help <Lyeania> ok cool
[i]2012.03.18 00:05:55 +0s Help <Dawne Xi> Lyenia you can put a ship into a courier contract and carry it in a freighter
[i]2012.03.18 00:05:55 +0s Help <Cloud seeker> Nanofiber Internal Structure II
[i]2012.03.18 00:06:35 +40s Help <Zir Blazer> Hum, I'm asking here because I don't want to make a petition for such a small question. Besides, is hard to explain if you didn't actually feel the "need" yourself of using that feature of adding contract-only items to the quickbar
[i]2012.03.18 00:06:35 +0s Help <Aedan Moares> How long do GSEs last when they are assigned a password
[i]2012.03.18 00:06:35 +0s Help <Dawne Xi> Veronique open the map, star map tab, statistics section
[i]2012.03.18 00:06:37 +2s Help <Xercodo> Aedan also 2 hours if they arent anchored
[i]2012.03.18 00:06:37 +0s Help <Sephirvina> ty
[i]2012.03.18 00:06:41 +4s Help <Veronique Vynneve> Dawne, I did that, but I don't see the change or a list?
[i]2012.03.18 00:06:41 +0s Help <ISD Monksnark> Aedan Moares - 2 hours if unanchored, 30 days since last use if they are
[i]2012.03.18 00:06:41 +0s Help <Cloud seeker> no point having anything else really
[i]2012.03.18 00:12:09 +328s Help <Dawne Xi> Veronique click the "Pilots in Space" thing in stats
[i]2012.03.18 00:15:01 +172s Help <Veronique Vynneve> Ah, thanks!
[i]2012.03.18 00:25:00 +599s Help <RockerRolla> i changed my profile pic but my chat pic didnt change to the new one.... any reason why?
[i]2012.03.18 00:28:55 +235s Help <Dawne Xi> Rocker it needs time to update
[i]2012.03.18 00:29:02 +7s Help <Aroma Therapy> Aroma Therapy, you are an enemy of the Amarr Empire! This is your last voyage into our territory! LOL i better keep moving!
[i]2012.03.18 00:29:02 +0s Help <Xercodo> profile pictures are rendered server side so you need to wait for that to finish
[i]2012.03.18 00:29:02 +0s Help <Mal Masters> Rocker it can take up to a couple of days sometimes
[i]2012.03.18 00:29:27 +25s Help <RockerRolla> how long because i did it yesturday
[i]2012.03.18 00:29:27 +0s Help <Xercodo> after that you clisnet's image cache needs to update to the new pic
[i]2012.03.18 00:29:27 +0s Help <Xercodo> maybe a day or two
[i]2012.03.18 00:29:27 +0s Help <Dawne Xi> Rocker could take a day or two and clear cache
[i]2012.03.18 00:29:31 +4s Help <RockerRolla> oh ok couple days.... ok thanks
[i]2012.03.18 00:29:35 +4s Help <RockerRolla> :)
[i]2012.03.18 00:29:35 +0s Help <RockerRolla> i see
[i]2012.03.18 00:29:35 +0s Help <Xercodo> client's*
[i]2012.03.18 00:29:41 +6s Help <RockerRolla> thanks peeps
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