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[i]2012.03.19 10:52:53 Help <Eighth Wonder> butt pirates
[i]2012.03.19 10:53:08 +15s Help <Davidson Greene> HAHA!
[i]2012.03.19 10:53:09 +1s Help <Mal Masters> LOL Gwen
[i]2012.03.19 10:53:13 +4s Help <Davidson Greene> Awesome Gwern
[i]2012.03.19 10:53:15 +2s Help <Ivan Cee> lol
[i]2012.03.19 10:53:17 +2s Help <Davidson Greene> first time ive see that
[i]2012.03.19 10:53:23 +6s Help <Ivan Cee> okay i see thanks
[i]2012.03.19 10:53:25 +2s Help <Abegail Dimaloun> that was good
[i]2012.03.19 10:53:52 +27s Help <Ivan Cee> so im guessing caldari?
[i]2012.03.19 10:54:04 +12s Help <Frontdeboeuf> hey im trying to buy 5000 x uranium charge M from the LP store. When I click the 'Accept' button a confirmation window appears. I click OK to Accept Offer, but nothing happens. Anyone got an idea what is happening?
[i]2012.03.19 10:54:19 +15s Help <Davidson Greene> <-- caldari, more you drink more invulnerable you are
[i]2012.03.19 10:54:22 +3s Help <Davidson Greene> i swear it
[i]2012.03.19 10:54:24 +2s Help <Ichi Uno> you need the t1 ammo
[i]2012.03.19 10:54:37 +13s Help <Gwern Eto> you need basic ammo to upgrade it to faction one in lp store
[i]2012.03.19 10:54:44 +7s Help <Eleonora Solete> i gave the order to my drones to come to drone's bay. i have a thorax with 5 hammerheads. and while i was warping out all of my drones came to bay except 1. i got massage not enaugh space. and now i lost it i look for it but cant find it. i want it back
[i]2012.03.19 10:54:44 +0s Help <Frontdeboeuf> i do have the t1 ammo, else the accept button wouldnt be clickable
[i]2012.03.19 10:54:59 +15s Help <Ichi Uno> idk then
[i]2012.03.19 10:55:25 +26s Help <Mal Masters> Minmatari is one of the best for PvP(Piracy)
[i]2012.03.19 10:55:35 +10s Help <Steamjunk> is there a large amount of faction ammo in your items folder?
[i]2012.03.19 10:55:45 +10s Help <Davidson Greene> eleonora: drones are a pain, I spend more than 2% of my time babysitting
[i]2012.03.19 10:56:10 +25s Help <Davidson Greene> 54% of all statistics are fabricated on the spot
[i]2012.03.19 10:56:12 +2s Help <Frontdeboeuf> Steam, I do not have any faction ammo in my items folder
[i]2012.03.19 10:56:18 +6s Help <Eleonora Solete> but where its gone?
[i]2012.03.19 10:56:28 +10s Help <Eleonora Solete> ccp should give it to me
[i]2012.03.19 10:56:31 +3s Help <Davidson Greene> check the last pocket you were in
[i]2012.03.19 10:56:37 +6s Help <Eleonora Solete> i did
[i]2012.03.19 10:56:38 +1s Help <Davidson Greene> it might be there
[i]2012.03.19 10:56:45 +7s Help <Frontdeboeuf> ah okay I found out what was wrong. The t1 ammo needs to be in items storage, and not in cargo hold.
[i]2012.03.19 10:56:47 +2s Help <Eleonora Solete> that's the point
[i]2012.03.19 10:56:50 +3s Help <Davidson Greene> couldve gotten popped by a rat when you werent there
[i]2012.03.19 10:56:51 +1s Help <Eleonora Solete> its not there
[i]2012.03.19 10:57:07 +16s Help <Eleonora Solete> enemies where there
[i]2012.03.19 10:57:16 +9s Help <Davidson Greene> were or werent?
[i]2012.03.19 10:57:25 +9s Help <Eleonora Solete> were
[i]2012.03.19 10:57:47 +22s Help <Davidson Greene> yah it probably got popped when you warped
[i]2012.03.19 10:57:53 +6s Help <Leanee> been flying LVL II missions in my destroyer...is that wrong?
[i]2012.03.19 10:57:59 +6s Help <Denize> why am i always 2-3 jumps from my destination at downtime 8(
[i]2012.03.19 10:57:59 +0s Help <Davidson Greene> if it was in battle, and had agro that remains once you leave
[i]2012.03.19 10:58:01 +2s Help <Mal Masters> T-Minus 2 minutes and counting.....
[i]2012.03.19 10:58:18 +17s Help <Eleonora Solete> it had not agro
[i]2012.03.19 10:58:47 +29s Help <Dawne Xi> Eleonora while you wait 2 weeks for the reimbursement petition for your 1 hammerhead drone, I suggest you buy another one to replace your lost one
[i]2012.03.19 10:58:49 +2s Help <Davidson Greene> which drone?
[i]2012.03.19 10:58:50 +1s Help <Aart Bluestoke> what percentage to shields have their max recharge at?
[i]2012.03.19 10:59:05 +15s Help <Eleonora Solete> hammerhead
[i]2012.03.19 10:59:06 +1s Help <Mal Masters> 30%
[i]2012.03.19 10:59:11 +5s Help <Mal Masters> Aart
[i]2012.03.19 10:59:13 +2s Help <Ichi Uno> 25-33%
[i]2012.03.19 10:59:17 +4s Help <Aart Bluestoke> thanks :)
[i]2012.03.19 10:59:29 +12s Help <Aart Bluestoke> just checking because my shields were holding at 76% :)
[i]2012.03.19 10:59:34 +5s Help <Davidson Greene> you've been reimbursed Eeonora
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