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[i]2012.03.20 02:34:44 EVE-Radio <Arhados Tekitsu> Sasiekko Ftw.
[i]2012.03.20 02:34:47 +3s EVE-Radio <Spectr StormShadow> you get that didnt you cilicus
[i]2012.03.20 02:34:48 +1s EVE-Radio <Maximillian Bonaparte> no
[i]2012.03.20 02:34:58 +10s EVE-Radio <Maximillian Bonaparte> ok whats the joke?
[i]2012.03.20 02:35:03 +5s EVE-Radio <Darylist Avor> I love the comical overusage of autotune pretty much everywhere
[i]2012.03.20 02:35:03 +0s EVE-Radio <Jaladay> you ?
[i]2012.03.20 02:35:03 +0s EVE-Radio <Sticky Hamster> btw Rachel Bloom is hot
[i]2012.03.20 02:35:18 +15s EVE-Radio <Spectr StormShadow> or is that the red system
[i]2012.03.20 02:35:24 +6s EVE-Radio <Maximillian Bonaparte> its neither
[i]2012.03.20 02:35:27 +3s EVE-Radio <DJ Sizzly> She's also very nice.
[i]2012.03.20 02:35:30 +3s EVE-Radio <Arhados Tekitsu> Whoever it is, thats who I'm joining.
[i]2012.03.20 02:35:37 +7s EVE-Radio <DJ Sizzly> I interviewed her for the show last year.
[i]2012.03.20 02:35:38 +1s EVE-Radio <Darylist Avor> hahaha
[i]2012.03.20 02:35:50 +12s EVE-Radio <SpoonRECKLESS> best TUNEE EVER
[i]2012.03.20 02:35:59 +9s EVE-Radio <Maximillian Bonaparte> u would think so
[i]2012.03.20 02:36:07 +8s EVE-Radio <Spectr StormShadow> lol i know but if you were here for DJ Justices show you would have gotten it
[i]2012.03.20 02:36:11 +4s EVE-Radio <SpoonRECKLESS> noob just went gcc on buddy and lost his manticore to gate guns trying to run out of system lol
[i]2012.03.20 02:36:12 +1s EVE-Radio <Maximillian Bonaparte> 'well' lol
[i]2012.03.20 02:36:17 +5s EVE-Radio <Spectr StormShadow> lol
[i]2012.03.20 02:36:20 +3s EVE-Radio <Cilicus Kederk> lmao havent heard this on in a while
[i]2012.03.20 02:36:38 +18s EVE-Radio <Maximillian Bonaparte> lol
[i]2012.03.20 02:36:41 +3s EVE-Radio <DJ Sizzly> I try to cycle through the tunes.
[i]2012.03.20 02:36:41 +0s EVE-Radio <Arhados Tekitsu> Lmao.
[i]2012.03.20 02:37:07 +26s EVE-Radio <Spectr StormShadow> Brundakur in english means jizzfields
[i]2012.03.20 02:37:15 +8s EVE-Radio <Maximillian Bonaparte> heh
[i]2012.03.20 02:38:24 +69s EVE-Radio <Sticky Hamster> so awesome
[i]2012.03.20 02:38:34 +10s EVE-Radio <SpoonRECKLESS> FRIENDSHIP SONG
[i]2012.03.20 02:38:34 +0s EVE-Radio <Sticky Hamster> hands in the air if this show is epic tonight
[i]2012.03.20 02:38:36 +2s EVE-Radio <Sticky Hamster> \o/
[i]2012.03.20 02:38:39 +3s EVE-Radio <Cilicus Kederk> lmao just laughing my ass off
[i]2012.03.20 02:38:41 +2s EVE-Radio <SpoonRECKLESS> \\o//
[i]2012.03.20 02:38:46 +5s EVE-Radio <Kernuba> this sucks 20 bucks to tranfer a character to another account CCP YOU BROKE ME HEART =,(
[i]2012.03.20 02:38:50 +4s EVE-Radio <DJ Sizzly> I aim to please, my fuzzy lil' minions.
[i]2012.03.20 02:39:04 +14s EVE-Radio <Spectr StormShadow> yea i know that sucks but thats life kernuba
[i]2012.03.20 02:39:22 +18s EVE-Radio <Maximillian Bonaparte> when he says the i imagine aiming while a man pees - not that its a bad thing i mean
[i]2012.03.20 02:39:35 +13s EVE-Radio <Maximillian Bonaparte> peeing is also aiming to please
[i]2012.03.20 02:39:41 +6s EVE-Radio <Maximillian Bonaparte> one self
[i]2012.03.20 02:39:56 +15s EVE-Radio <Maximillian Bonaparte> unless ur a girl then of course well
[i]2012.03.20 02:39:58 +2s EVE-Radio <Kernuba> i would kill this toon and start over but the name wont be the same and id have to re train so i wont =(
[i]2012.03.20 02:40:00 +2s EVE-Radio <Maximillian Bonaparte> u cant aim
[i]2012.03.20 02:40:04 +4s EVE-Radio <Spectr StormShadow> i hear ya
[i]2012.03.20 02:40:17 +13s EVE-Radio * Spectr StormShadow sing along
[i]2012.03.20 02:40:42 +25s EVE-Radio <Sticky Hamster> i liked all the animaniacs
[i]2012.03.20 02:40:43 +1s EVE-Radio <Sticky Hamster> but
[i]2012.03.20 02:40:43 +0s EVE-Radio <Spectr StormShadow> lol
[i]2012.03.20 02:40:51 +8s EVE-Radio <Sticky Hamster> i was always waiting for pinky and the brain
[i]2012.03.20 02:40:54 +3s EVE-Radio <Sticky Hamster> that was my fav part
[i]2012.03.20 02:42:54 +120s EVE-Radio <Maximillian Bonaparte> gud spiritual song
[i]2012.03.20 02:43:18 +24s EVE-Radio <Sticky Hamster> Any chance we can hear I Steal Pets by Rachel Bloom?
[i]2012.03.20 02:43:34 +16s EVE-Radio <DJ Sizzly> Next show. Promise.
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