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[i]2012.03.20 16:05:40 EVE-Radio <Skogen Gump> just started lvl4 blockade too
[i]2012.03.20 16:05:42 +2s EVE-Radio <Spectr StormShadow> never used gas till im move here but i love a nice warm house on a very cold ass day/night but the economy is going to shit
[i]2012.03.20 16:05:50 +8s EVE-Radio <Thoraxion> everytime i log in theres like 15 mins left until dt............
[i]2012.03.20 16:06:01 +11s EVE-Radio <Project232> just reboot. not really downtime
[i]2012.03.20 16:06:04 +3s EVE-Radio <Seniae 0n3> yeah there's too many reboots
[i]2012.03.20 16:06:08 +4s EVE-Radio * Spectr StormShadow throws a tantrum "NO NO NO!"
[i]2012.03.20 16:06:08 +0s EVE-Radio <Kaivar Lancer> does that mean all missions reset?
[i]2012.03.20 16:06:10 +2s EVE-Radio <Seniae 0n3> what the heck are they doing
[i]2012.03.20 16:06:10 +0s EVE-Radio <Terron Kerrix> this aint scedualed
[i]2012.03.20 16:06:23 +13s EVE-Radio <Seniae 0n3> no missions just resume
[i]2012.03.20 16:06:26 +3s EVE-Radio <Thoraxion> more bounty for you then Skogen
[i]2012.03.20 16:06:31 +5s EVE-Radio <Xippopo> im guessing the cleaner wants to plug in her vacuum cleaner
[i]2012.03.20 16:06:37 +6s EVE-Radio <Skogen Gump> yeah, true
[i]2012.03.20 16:06:40 +3s EVE-Radio <Skogen Gump> just irritating though
[i]2012.03.20 16:06:45 +5s EVE-Radio <Seniae 0n3> it is
[i]2012.03.20 16:06:57 +12s EVE-Radio <Seniae 0n3> that launcher is over their heads
[i]2012.03.20 16:06:57 +0s EVE-Radio <Spectr StormShadow> FINE well im ready Everyone take you shoes and boots of lets slide around the er chat in our socks
[i]2012.03.20 16:07:18 +21s EVE-Radio * Spectr StormShadow kicks his boots and and takes off
[i]2012.03.20 16:07:20 +2s EVE-Radio <Thoraxion> i have no socks
[i]2012.03.20 16:07:31 +11s EVE-Radio <Xippopo> i have no trousers
[i]2012.03.20 16:07:34 +3s EVE-Radio <Thoraxion> my feet be naked as the day they where born
[i]2012.03.20 16:07:46 +12s EVE-Radio <Xippopo> my legs are hairy
[i]2012.03.20 16:07:54 +8s EVE-Radio <Thoraxion> i have tea tho
[i]2012.03.20 16:07:54 +0s EVE-Radio <Thoraxion> nice hot tea
[i]2012.03.20 16:08:17 +23s EVE-Radio <Spectr StormShadow> wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ------------------------------------------->)o)(o(<------------------------------------
[i]2012.03.20 16:08:17 +0s EVE-Radio <Thoraxion> then i suggest you burn the hair off with a defective vacum cleaner Xippopo
[i]2012.03.20 16:08:20 +3s EVE-Radio <TheButcherPete> ZOMG IT'S THOR
[i]2012.03.20 16:08:20 +0s EVE-Radio <Vicrry> YAY TEA!
[i]2012.03.20 16:08:27 +7s EVE-Radio <Thoraxion> no its not Pete
[i]2012.03.20 16:08:27 +0s EVE-Radio * Thoraxion humps pete
[i]2012.03.20 16:08:40 +13s EVE-Radio * Spectr StormShadow slams into the wall @_@
[i]2012.03.20 16:08:41 +1s EVE-Radio <TheButcherPete> \o/
[i]2012.03.20 16:08:42 +1s EVE-Radio <texas queens> Z
[i]2012.03.20 16:08:42 +0s EVE-Radio <texas queens> O
[i]2012.03.20 16:08:42 +0s EVE-Radio * Thoraxion humps Pete like hes never humped Pete before
[i]2012.03.20 16:08:42 +0s EVE-Radio <texas queens> R
[i]2012.03.20 16:09:07 +25s EVE-Radio <texas queens> ?
[i]2012.03.20 16:09:08 +1s EVE-Radio <TheButcherPete> \o/
[i]2012.03.20 16:09:08 +0s EVE-Radio <Spectr StormShadow> \o pete
[i]2012.03.20 16:09:08 +0s EVE-Radio <Project232> reboot comin Pete
[i]2012.03.20 16:09:08 +0s EVE-Radio <TheButcherPete> herro
[i]2012.03.20 16:09:11 +3s EVE-Radio <Spectr StormShadow> o/ bye pete
[i]2012.03.20 16:09:16 +5s EVE-Radio <TheButcherPete> o7
[i]2012.03.20 16:09:19 +3s EVE-Radio <TheButcherPete> I know m8
[i]2012.03.20 16:09:19 +0s EVE-Radio <Thoraxion> i blame Pete for the reboot
[i]2012.03.20 16:09:25 +6s EVE-Radio <Spectr StormShadow> ^^ thats for the reboot though
[i]2012.03.20 16:09:31 +6s EVE-Radio <TheButcherPete> yes
[i]2012.03.20 16:09:33 +2s EVE-Radio <Spectr StormShadow> DAMN YOU!!
[i]2012.03.20 16:09:40 +7s EVE-Radio <TheButcherPete> I stuck a wrench into the blades
[i]2012.03.20 16:09:51 +11s EVE-Radio * Thoraxion hands Pete some nice hot red tea
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