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[i]2012.03.20 16:11:11 EVE-Radio <Thoraxion> Poor kid
[i]2012.03.20 16:11:20 +9s EVE-Radio <Thoraxion> atleast we can answer him back
[i]2012.03.20 16:11:32 +12s EVE-Radio <Thoraxion> and throw shit like a pro at the fan
[i]2012.03.20 16:11:44 +12s EVE-Radio <Danae Ori> HOW LONG IS REBOOT ????
[i]2012.03.20 16:11:48 +4s EVE-Radio <Thoraxion> hmm grammer seems a bit messed up there....
[i]2012.03.20 16:11:51 +3s EVE-Radio <Seniae 0n3> 15 mins
[i]2012.03.20 16:11:52 +1s EVE-Radio <Spectr StormShadow> 2 days
[i]2012.03.20 16:11:54 +2s EVE-Radio <Thoraxion> 3hrs 45 min
[i]2012.03.20 16:11:55 +1s EVE-Radio <Vicrry> .00001 seconds
[i]2012.03.20 16:11:57 +2s EVE-Radio <TheButcherPete> 3 weeks
[i]2012.03.20 16:11:59 +2s EVE-Radio <Seniae 0n3> lol
[i]2012.03.20 16:11:59 +0s EVE-Radio <Spectr StormShadow> lol
[i]2012.03.20 16:12:05 +6s EVE-Radio <Seniae 0n3> you liars
[i]2012.03.20 16:12:09 +4s EVE-Radio <Seniae 0n3> tsk
[i]2012.03.20 16:12:14 +5s EVE-Radio <Thoraxion> i never ever lie
[i]2012.03.20 16:12:21 +7s EVE-Radio <Thoraxion> never i tellz ya
[i]2012.03.20 16:12:24 +3s EVE-Radio <Spectr StormShadow> well either was no matter how long it is it feels like a very long time
[i]2012.03.20 16:12:30 +6s EVE-Radio <Spectr StormShadow> way*
[i]2012.03.20 16:12:34 +4s EVE-Radio <Thoraxion> dt is 3hrs 45min. It says so in the manual
[i]2012.03.20 16:12:46 +12s EVE-Radio <Vicrry> Did you ask a question about downtime in ER and expect to not get trolled? :P
[i]2012.03.20 16:12:49 +3s EVE-Radio <Seniae 0n3> shutdown is usually 30 mins, reboot 15 mins, applying patch over 4 hours
[i]2012.03.20 16:13:21 +32s EVE-Radio <Thoraxion> I stand by my statement
[i]2012.03.20 16:13:47 +26s EVE-Radio <Thoraxion> also it can be over 9000
[i]2012.03.20 16:14:00 +13s EVE-Radio <Marokk Skord> Why are some buy/sell things yellow on the market? o.o
[i]2012.03.20 16:14:13 +13s EVE-Radio <Spectr StormShadow> plus if varies on how much trouble they have rebooting to so give it another 10 to 15 mins if they have probs if not prolly actually 20 mins thats of what ive seen
[i]2012.03.20 16:14:34 +21s EVE-Radio <Project232> Marokk Skord along the way of your autopilot route
[i]2012.03.20 16:14:39 +5s EVE-Radio <Thoraxion> and then they might have to reboot again....
[i]2012.03.20 16:14:41 +2s EVE-Radio <Marokk Skord> ah
[i]2012.03.20 16:14:44 +3s EVE-Radio <Marokk Skord> Thanks
[i]2012.03.20 16:14:50 +6s EVE-Radio <Grailban> the squirels must have gotten tired, need to feed them
[i]2012.03.20 16:14:52 +2s EVE-Radio <Project232> kinda new feature
[i]2012.03.20 16:15:09 +17s EVE-Radio <Project232> there ya go. 20 mins
[i]2012.03.20 16:15:27 +18s EVE-Radio <Spectr StormShadow> ok thats something new to me and as i say to alot of ppl "FUCK YOU!!" you learn new things every day
[i]2012.03.20 16:15:32 +5s EVE-Radio <Project232> gives me time to read up on Worlds Collide
[i]2012.03.20 16:15:33 +1s EVE-Radio <Thoraxion> That "see you again in 20 mins" bit of the dti messege is kinda ccp trolling us i think
[i]2012.03.20 16:15:39 +6s EVE-Radio <Spectr StormShadow> lol that was messed up
[i]2012.03.20 16:15:42 +3s EVE-Radio <Vicrry> oh noes! Squirrels? The hampsters must've been tired today and the tribbles are employed elsewhere. We're down to third string!
[i]2012.03.20 16:15:44 +2s EVE-Radio <surf vaquero> probably longer then 20min the whole fleet system is completely broken.
[i]2012.03.20 16:16:01 +17s EVE-Radio <Karwrenari> What in the hell an emergency reboot???
[i]2012.03.20 16:16:09 +8s EVE-Radio <Kai Aubaris> the clue is in the name
[i]2012.03.20 16:16:23 +14s EVE-Radio <Thoraxion> Hamsters got eaten by hungry guinea pigs Karwrenari
[i]2012.03.20 16:16:25 +2s EVE-Radio <Delrina Agalder> GAY BAR GAY BAR
[i]2012.03.20 16:16:26 +1s EVE-Radio <Grailban> trolls got into the system...
[i]2012.03.20 16:16:27 +1s EVE-Radio <surf vaquero> something broken so they reboot system to (hopefully) fix it... this ur first time on a computer lulz?
[i]2012.03.20 16:16:28 +1s EVE-Radio <Vicrry> MUST GO FASTERER!
[i]2012.03.20 16:16:38 +10s EVE-Radio <Thoraxion> trolls in my eve?? No way
[i]2012.03.20 16:16:43 +5s EVE-Radio <Terron Kerrix> Have a beer .....
[i]2012.03.20 16:16:48 +5s EVE-Radio <Seniae 0n3> your eve???
[i]2012.03.20 16:16:49 +1s EVE-Radio <Terron Kerrix> at the GAY BAR!!
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