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[i]2012.03.24 02:08:03 Help <Law StarKiller> what kind of site is a ladar site?
[i]2012.03.24 02:08:12 +9s Help <Kel Shek> Gas
[i]2012.03.24 02:08:25 +13s Help <Kel Shek> I think
[i]2012.03.24 02:08:25 +0s Help <Law StarKiller> thanx
[i]2012.03.24 02:08:25 +0s Help <Abigail Sagan> Law: Gas-mining
[i]2012.03.24 02:08:25 +0s Help <Raul Human2011> would be nice if there where bounty hunting linces
[i]2012.03.24 02:08:45 +20s Help <Ninja Nuke> yeh I think so too
[i]2012.03.24 02:08:45 +0s Help <Ninja Nuke> I want to kill that guy with a 200b bounty on him
[i]2012.03.24 02:08:45 +0s Help <Sluggers> Is there any skill that will let me put a megathron that i have down in hostile 0.0 on the market remotely from hisec?
[i]2012.03.24 02:08:45 +0s Help <Ninja Nuke> or whatever it is
[i]2012.03.24 02:08:45 +0s Help <Law StarKiller> cheers
[i]2012.03.24 02:09:05 +20s Help <Raul Human2011> thanks
[i]2012.03.24 02:09:05 +0s Help <Ninja Nuke> no Slugger
[i]2012.03.24 02:09:05 +0s Help <Oleg Kulcyanov> yes Raul, overhaul of the bounty system on players would be nice.
[i]2012.03.24 02:09:39 +34s Help <Ninja Nuke> srry m8 :(
[i]2012.03.24 02:09:39 +0s Help <Couger 911> Combat Scanner Probe I what laucher do these go in
[i]2012.03.24 02:09:39 +0s Help <Sluggers> Ok thanks
[i]2012.03.24 02:09:39 +0s Help <Ninja Nuke> you have to contract
[i]2012.03.24 02:09:39 +0s Help <Etias McClellan> Good evening everyone
[i]2012.03.24 02:10:06 +27s Help <Emiko Luan> expanded launcher couger
[i]2012.03.24 02:10:06 +0s Help <Oleg Kulcyanov> yes Slugger, but you have to be in same region
[i]2012.03.24 02:10:06 +0s Help <Ninja Nuke> unless you have it packaged
[i]2012.03.24 02:10:06 +0s Help <Couger 911> thx]]
[i]2012.03.24 02:10:07 +1s Help <Sluggers> np, contracts it is
[i]2012.03.24 02:10:07 +0s Help <Bishop Aidartier> if I run missions with someone else in The Scope while in the same fleet, can they attack me with concord involved?
[i]2012.03.24 02:10:07 +0s Help <Ninja Nuke> Oleg he can't do it in null
[i]2012.03.24 02:10:08 +1s Help <Sluggers> I cannot be in the same region as the region is hostile =D
[i]2012.03.24 02:10:08 +0s Help <Ninja Nuke> he has to dock to repackage
[i]2012.03.24 02:10:08 +0s Help <Ninja Nuke> Sluggers link the system
[i]2012.03.24 02:10:09 +1s Help <Ninja Nuke> If I can access it I might offer
[i]2012.03.24 02:10:09 +0s Help <Sluggers> Ok hang on
[i]2012.03.24 02:10:09 +0s Help <Oleg Kulcyanov> but if packaged already then can do on market with the skill
[i]2012.03.24 02:10:12 +3s Help <Emiko Luan> bishop, no you can't attack other npc corper
[i]2012.03.24 02:10:13 +1s Help <Ninja Nuke> yeh but he doesn't have it packaged
[i]2012.03.24 02:10:13 +0s Help <Takinama Vakarian> How do I do level 2 security missions? All I can do is distribution ones
[i]2012.03.24 02:10:15 +2s Help <Bishop Aidartier> ok so its not like in player corp, you can freely engage each other?
[i]2012.03.24 02:10:19 +4s Help <Emiko Luan> taki, train connections to 3
[i]2012.03.24 02:10:27 +8s Help <Sluggers> The system is L-HV5C, don't know how to link it, sorry
[i]2012.03.24 02:10:27 +0s Help <Takinama Vakarian> ok
[i]2012.03.24 02:10:27 +0s Help <Emiko Luan> that should give you access to all levle 2 agents
[i]2012.03.24 02:10:27 +0s Help <Takinama Vakarian> thanks
[i]2012.03.24 02:10:33 +6s Help <Emiko Luan> if you do 1 mission for the level 1 of that corp
[i]2012.03.24 02:10:41 +8s Help <Oleg Kulcyanov> L-HV5C
[i]2012.03.24 02:10:41 +0s Help <Ninja Nuke> np
[i]2012.03.24 02:10:45 +4s Help <Sluggers> ty
[i]2012.03.24 02:10:45 +0s Help <retcar> wat r the noob systems for the caldari
[i]2012.03.24 02:10:47 +2s Help <Ninja Nuke> lol it is Pinked
[i]2012.03.24 02:10:52 +5s Help <Tootows> what rat types in ammar space
[i]2012.03.24 02:11:01 +9s Help <Emiko Luan> blood raiders are here
[i]2012.03.24 02:11:09 +8s Help <Ninja Nuke> Tootows....
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