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[i]2012.03.25 05:56:28 Mintchip's Channel <Acac Sunflyier> You looking forward to the datacore change?
[i]2012.03.25 05:56:29 +1s Mintchip's Channel <Nitro DSP> ironic
[i]2012.03.25 05:57:38 +69s Mintchip's Channel <Nitro DSP> datacore change derp idk - what is that t2 stuffs?
[i]2012.03.25 05:57:47 +9s Mintchip's Channel <Acac Sunflyier> i think so\b
[i]2012.03.25 05:57:56 +9s Mintchip's Channel <Acac Sunflyier> but datacores will only come from militias
[i]2012.03.25 05:57:56 +0s Mintchip's Channel <Nitro DSP> :)
[i]2012.03.25 05:58:02 +6s Mintchip's Channel <Nitro DSP> orly?!?!?!?
[i]2012.03.25 05:58:04 +2s Mintchip's Channel <Nitro DSP> hmmmmm
[i]2012.03.25 05:58:05 +1s Mintchip's Channel <Acac Sunflyier> yep
[i]2012.03.25 05:58:10 +5s Mintchip's Channel <Acac Sunflyier> there was a big change
[i]2012.03.25 05:58:21 +11s Mintchip's Channel <Acac Sunflyier> infact prices are already going up
[i]2012.03.25 05:58:27 +6s Mintchip's Channel <Nitro DSP> sounds delicious. i get more isk and will kill the pve farmers that try to take advantage of it
[i]2012.03.25 05:58:56 +29s Mintchip's Channel <Acac Sunflyier> you'll also get isk from killing other militia members
[i]2012.03.25 05:58:58 +2s Mintchip's Channel <Nitro DSP> they used to drop from scan sights right?
[i]2012.03.25 05:59:05 +7s Mintchip's Channel <Acac Sunflyier> and if one militia occupys another system
[i]2012.03.25 05:59:11 +6s Mintchip's Channel <Acac Sunflyier> the other militias can't dock there
[i]2012.03.25 05:59:15 +4s Mintchip's Channel <Nitro DSP> no
[i]2012.03.25 05:59:23 +8s Mintchip's Channel <Nitro DSP> link or it didnt happen :P
[i]2012.03.25 05:59:30 +7s Mintchip's Channel <Acac Sunflyier> it was on the fanfest live stream
[i]2012.03.25 05:59:38 +8s Mintchip's Channel <Acac Sunflyier> they don't havete it all up on youtube y
[i]2012.03.25 05:59:49 +11s Mintchip's Channel <Acac Sunflyier> also there can be cyno jammers ttoo
[i]2012.03.25 06:00:03 +14s Mintchip's Channel <Acac Sunflyier> what'll happen is everybody will dump LP into like a communal pool
[i]2012.03.25 06:00:07 +4s Mintchip's Channel <Nitro DSP> ahh kk - do you remember what the discussion at fanfest was called?>
[i]2012.03.25 06:00:17 +10s Mintchip's Channel <Nitro DSP> you cant do that
[i]2012.03.25 06:00:19 +2s Mintchip's Channel <Acac Sunflyier> and it'll give, at a certan level up upgrade, there can be a cyno jammer
[i]2012.03.25 06:00:28 +9s Mintchip's Channel <Acac Sunflyier> it was the fanfest keynote
[i]2012.03.25 06:00:33 +5s Mintchip's Channel <Acac Sunflyier> fpor faction warfare
[i]2012.03.25 06:00:42 +9s Mintchip's Channel <Nitro DSP> do you remmebr the name of the keynote
[i]2012.03.25 06:00:45 +3s Mintchip's Channel <Nitro DSP> oh kk
[i]2012.03.25 06:00:55 +10s Mintchip's Channel <Acac Sunflyier> faction warfare keynote
[i]2012.03.25 06:01:00 +5s Mintchip's Channel <Nitro DSP> lol last year they didnt show up - really pissed off FW
[i]2012.03.25 06:01:13 +13s Mintchip's Channel <Acac Sunflyier> yep
[i]2012.03.25 06:01:27 +14s Mintchip's Channel <Acac Sunflyier> also dust will have a role in fw
[i]2012.03.25 06:02:40 +73s Mintchip's Channel <Baroness Arica> is sand like spice or is it the crap that makes my computer run like crap?
[i]2012.03.25 06:02:46 +6s Mintchip's Channel <Nitro DSP> hmmmm
[i]2012.03.25 06:02:47 +1s Mintchip's Channel <Baroness Arica> i mean dust
[i]2012.03.25 06:03:10 +23s Mintchip's Channel <Nitro DSP> neither
[i]2012.03.25 06:03:16 +6s Mintchip's Channel <Nitro DSP> its your porn habbit XD
[i]2012.03.25 06:03:32 +16s Mintchip's Channel <Nitro DSP> that is nuts Acac Sunflyier
[i]2012.03.25 06:03:44 +12s Mintchip's Channel <Acac Sunflyier> Yeah and right now dust will be barren planets only
[i]2012.03.25 06:05:47 +123s Mintchip's Channel <Nitro DSP> hohohohoho how cleaver ccp
[i]2012.03.25 06:05:56 +9s Mintchip's Channel <Nitro DSP> i want gas planet warfare
[i]2012.03.25 06:06:22 +26s Mintchip's Channel <Acac Sunflyier> ME TOO!
[i]2012.03.25 06:06:42 +20s Mintchip's Channel <Acac Sunflyier> I wanted to fight on cloud city
[i]2012.03.25 06:07:59 +77s Mintchip's Channel <Acac Sunflyier> they had some really cool info about dust
[i]2012.03.25 06:07:59 +0s Mintchip's Channel <Acac Sunflyier> ccp soundwave did a bombadment
[i]2012.03.25 06:09:48 +109s Mintchip's Channel <Acac Sunflyier> coming up
[i]2012.03.25 06:09:55 +7s Mintchip's Channel <Acac Sunflyier> Honestly, I'm glad they're just doing barran planets today
[i]2012.03.25 06:09:55 +0s Mintchip's Channel <Acac Sunflyier> or
[i]2012.03.25 06:18:11 +496s Mintchip's Channel <Nitro DSP> sorry dude was having major convo with old alliance
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