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[i]2012.03.25 23:36:39 EVE-Radio <DJ RaZZ> that is for my shows though. other djs may do that different
[i]2012.03.25 23:36:47 +8s EVE-Radio <Project232> right on. thanx RaZZ
[i]2012.03.25 23:36:55 +8s EVE-Radio <Washi Meisei> o/ pants
[i]2012.03.25 23:39:41 +166s EVE-Radio <Captain Pantsman> *yo washi
[i]2012.03.25 23:39:41 +0s EVE-Radio <Captain Pantsman> you washi
[i]2012.03.25 23:39:41 +0s EVE-Radio <Captain Pantsman> ...fucking home brew and keyboard combos
[i]2012.03.25 23:39:42 +1s EVE-Radio <Washi Meisei> lol
[i]2012.03.25 23:39:42 +0s EVE-Radio <Captain Pantsman> hehe
[i]2012.03.25 23:39:42 +0s EVE-Radio <Washi Meisei> was about to say, yeah that's me lol
[i]2012.03.25 23:39:44 +2s EVE-Radio <Washi Meisei> i dragged mikey into BS and he got on a SBU kill while he was scouting for us during those carrier kills
[i]2012.03.25 23:39:45 +1s EVE-Radio <Captain Pantsman> rofl nice
[i]2012.03.25 23:39:46 +1s EVE-Radio <Washi Meisei> it was funny how it all went down too
[i]2012.03.25 23:39:46 +0s EVE-Radio <Captain Pantsman> ...i need to get more kills.... my most recent one is just that shitty retriever (wich i did no damage to) :p
[i]2012.03.25 23:39:47 +1s EVE-Radio <DJ RaZZ> queen dont have that song, but i play some other flogging?
[i]2012.03.25 23:39:56 +9s EVE-Radio <Donovan Furgus> wich one u playin razz
[i]2012.03.25 23:40:07 +11s EVE-Radio <DJ RaZZ> whats left of the flag
[i]2012.03.25 23:40:19 +12s EVE-Radio <Donovan Furgus> cool choice
[i]2012.03.25 23:40:22 +3s EVE-Radio <Gianni Macinseed> hey if I did lvl 4 zoar missions with 3 toons, would my overall corp standings go up quicker than if I did them with 1, or do lvl 1-4 mission grind?
[i]2012.03.25 23:40:26 +4s EVE-Radio <Kaayin Demysteriis> Metric - Dead Disco is a good song
[i]2012.03.25 23:40:45 +19s EVE-Radio <Sloth Fisto> Metric is a good band!
[i]2012.03.25 23:40:55 +10s EVE-Radio <Sloth Fisto> havnt listened to them in a couple of years though
[i]2012.03.25 23:40:58 +3s EVE-Radio <Donovan Furgus> any rancid?
[i]2012.03.25 23:41:08 +10s EVE-Radio <DJ RaZZ> yeah lemmy see
[i]2012.03.25 23:41:37 +29s EVE-Radio <Washi Meisei> pants well bro nothing like getting 20 kills in 1 day including some carriers eh
[i]2012.03.25 23:42:00 +23s EVE-Radio <Captain Pantsman> now you're just rubbing the shit into my oatmeal washi :p
[i]2012.03.25 23:42:10 +10s EVE-Radio <Queen Naomi> drunken lullabies ?
[i]2012.03.25 23:43:01 +51s EVE-Radio <Washi Meisei> lol pants
[i]2012.03.25 23:43:16 +15s EVE-Radio <Sloth Fisto> haha!
[i]2012.03.25 23:43:19 +3s EVE-Radio <DJ RaZZ> rancid in
[i]2012.03.25 23:43:28 +9s EVE-Radio <Donovan Furgus> cool thnks i love this song
[i]2012.03.25 23:43:36 +8s EVE-Radio <Donovan Furgus> one of floggins best
[i]2012.03.25 23:43:47 +11s EVE-Radio <Queen Naomi> JEEEEEEJ :) \o/
[i]2012.03.25 23:43:55 +8s EVE-Radio <Queen Naomi> thnks DJ :)
[i]2012.03.25 23:44:00 +5s EVE-Radio <DJ RaZZ> i dont have hookers with a penis for you goerthigern
[i]2012.03.25 23:44:06 +6s EVE-Radio <Goerthigern Cadwallader> damnit
[i]2012.03.25 23:44:11 +5s EVE-Radio <Kaayin Demysteriis> Suicidal tendacies has a cool jig. Fuck You Im drunk
[i]2012.03.25 23:44:14 +3s EVE-Radio <DJ RaZZ> that sounded wrong
[i]2012.03.25 23:44:15 +1s EVE-Radio <DJ RaZZ> hehe
[i]2012.03.25 23:44:17 +2s EVE-Radio <Bahamut Rezziel> roflmao
[i]2012.03.25 23:44:17 +0s EVE-Radio <ChaosManifest> some Alestrom?
[i]2012.03.25 23:44:23 +6s EVE-Radio <DJ RaZZ> good idea
[i]2012.03.25 23:44:24 +1s EVE-Radio <Bahamut Rezziel> ALESTORM
[i]2012.03.25 23:44:27 +3s EVE-Radio <Bahamut Rezziel> WOOOOOOOP
[i]2012.03.25 23:45:17 +50s EVE-Radio <Vicrry> Fuck You I'm Drunk is indeed a classy tune
[i]2012.03.25 23:45:25 +8s EVE-Radio <Bahamut Rezziel> \m/ \m/
[i]2012.03.25 23:46:13 +48s EVE-Radio <Suicide Perkies> Flogging Molly FTFW
[i]2012.03.25 23:47:40 +87s EVE-Radio <Donovan Furgus> \o. \\o .o/
[i]2012.03.25 23:49:55 +135s EVE-Radio <Ison Daya> Woooo.
[i]2012.03.25 23:49:56 +1s EVE-Radio <ChaosManifest> fuck yeah!
[i]2012.03.25 23:49:57 +1s EVE-Radio <Donovan Furgus> YAY !
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