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[i]2012.03.30 05:32:27 CSM Townhall <Hans Jagerblitzen> Just not by the guy they voted for
[i]2012.03.30 05:32:27 +0s CSM Townhall <None ofthe Above> Lord knows I'd be pissed
[i]2012.03.30 05:32:32 +5s CSM Townhall <Andski> BUT OUR SCAMMING, GRIEFING, WAR AND (IN-GAME) MURDER
[i]2012.03.30 05:32:35 +3s CSM Townhall <Andski> :\\\
[i]2012.03.30 05:32:48 +13s CSM Townhall <Hans Jagerblitzen> D3 does that stuff
[i]2012.03.30 05:32:52 +4s CSM Townhall <Hans Jagerblitzen> :)
[i]2012.03.30 05:32:55 +3s CSM Townhall <Andski> lawl
[i]2012.03.30 05:32:59 +4s CSM Townhall <None ofthe Above> Luckily there are some good folks left to represent you. I know Hans will do his level best
[i]2012.03.30 05:33:23 +24s CSM Townhall <Andski> i threw one of my votes at two step because i thought he REALLY needed them
[i]2012.03.30 05:33:24 +1s CSM Townhall <Hans Jagerblitzen> The bottom line is we're going to be much more approachable this year, thats of interest to most of us on the council
[i]2012.03.30 05:33:45 +21s CSM Townhall <None ofthe Above> And Twostep... yeah
[i]2012.03.30 05:33:52 +7s CSM Townhall <Hans Jagerblitzen> So those that had issues they would have taken to Alex they should take to us instead
[i]2012.03.30 05:33:57 +5s CSM Townhall <Andski> and wolololol he gets likee 5000
[i]2012.03.30 05:33:57 +0s CSM Townhall <Hans Jagerblitzen> players will still be heard
[i]2012.03.30 05:33:59 +2s CSM Townhall <Andski> like*
[i]2012.03.30 05:35:02 +63s CSM Townhall <Andski> SOE is just trying to save face
[i]2012.03.30 05:35:05 +3s CSM Townhall <Andski> err CCP
[i]2012.03.30 05:35:33 +28s CSM Townhall <Andski> because they got called out by the highly relevant news sites like massively
[i]2012.03.30 05:36:34 +61s CSM Townhall <None ofthe Above> Oh, perhaps you could answer a question Andski... I've been trying to figure out the exit polls voting statistics.... how are the anaffiliated vote counted? Those are accounts of people that dropped by to be polled? How did they know to go to the websit
[i]2012.03.30 05:36:37 +3s CSM Townhall <None ofthe Above> site?
[i]2012.03.30 05:36:46 +9s CSM Townhall <Andski> well
[i]2012.03.30 05:36:49 +3s CSM Townhall <Andski> when you would visit our KB
[i]2012.03.30 05:36:55 +6s CSM Townhall <Andski> it'd prompt you with the voting thing
[i]2012.03.30 05:37:09 +14s CSM Townhall <Andski> or just accessing goonfleet.com
[i]2012.03.30 05:37:15 +6s CSM Townhall <None ofthe Above> Have been arguing against the all the 250 days or less accounts are goon alts accusation... ah cool
[i]2012.03.30 05:37:15 +0s CSM Townhall <None ofthe Above> Didn't think about the killboard
[i]2012.03.30 05:38:41 +86s CSM Townhall <Andski> CCP really needed to split up that 30-250 bracket a bit
[i]2012.03.30 05:38:41 +0s CSM Townhall <Hans Jagerblitzen> the whole goon alt noob fraud crap
[i]2012.03.30 05:38:41 +0s CSM Townhall <Andski> because it looks pretty ridiculous
[i]2012.03.30 05:38:41 +0s CSM Townhall <Hans Jagerblitzen> Its so irrelevent None
[i]2012.03.30 05:38:46 +5s CSM Townhall <Andski> it's difficult to interpret
[i]2012.03.30 05:38:57 +11s CSM Townhall <None ofthe Above> I hate leaving silly arguments like that stand
[i]2012.03.30 05:39:05 +8s CSM Townhall <Hans Jagerblitzen> Alex only needed like 6000 votes. There's no way they frauded 4000 votes and even if they did it was a complete waste for vanity's sake
[i]2012.03.30 05:39:07 +2s CSM Townhall <Andski> we're really not encouraged to plex up extra accounts
[i]2012.03.30 05:39:33 +26s CSM Townhall <None ofthe Above> Yep agreed Hans
[i]2012.03.30 05:39:36 +3s CSM Townhall <Hans Jagerblitzen> If mittens wanted to buy 4000 toons to win by that margin, more power to him, its his cash, and it would have been a waste
[i]2012.03.30 05:39:43 +7s CSM Townhall <None ofthe Above> Also even if they did, its legal.
[i]2012.03.30 05:39:44 +1s CSM Townhall <Hans Jagerblitzen> so its not worth tripping about or arguing
[i]2012.03.30 05:39:45 +1s CSM Townhall <Andski> if you watched the CSM panel at fanfest
[i]2012.03.30 05:40:04 +19s CSM Townhall <Andski> meissa and two step started arguing about wormhole stabs
[i]2012.03.30 05:40:07 +3s CSM Townhall <Andski> and mittens just said "shut up"
[i]2012.03.30 05:40:11 +4s CSM Townhall <None ofthe Above> Its not worth it bt folk do it.
[i]2012.03.30 05:40:12 +1s CSM Townhall <Andski> that was p. boss
[i]2012.03.30 05:40:54 +42s CSM Townhall <Andski> I hope two step takes the chair
[i]2012.03.30 05:41:00 +6s CSM Townhall <None ofthe Above> Election reform, and understanding what's wrong is kinda a key issue.
[i]2012.03.30 05:41:08 +8s CSM Townhall <None ofthe Above> For me anyway.
[i]2012.03.30 05:41:13 +5s CSM Townhall <Andski> Honestly this was such an extraordinary incident
[i]2012.03.30 05:41:22 +9s CSM Townhall <None ofthe Above> So fighting the misconceptions is important to me.
[i]2012.03.30 05:41:37 +15s CSM Townhall <Andski> that I wouldn't really care much for the CSM expending any time on this
[i]2012.03.30 05:41:39 +2s CSM Townhall <None ofthe Above> Its a vote of the council right, Hans?
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