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[i]2012.03.30 05:48:06 CSM Townhall <Andski> callout threads aren't permitted
[i]2012.03.30 05:48:10 +4s CSM Townhall <Andski> but that aside
[i]2012.03.30 05:48:23 +13s CSM Townhall <Andski> if I "exposed" somebody's main character it's just a ~metagaming~ thing
[i]2012.03.30 05:48:43 +20s CSM Townhall <Andski> if I went out of my way to bring that shit out of the magic sphere
[i]2012.03.30 05:48:47 +4s CSM Townhall <Andski> or magic circle
[i]2012.03.30 05:48:56 +9s CSM Townhall <Andski> then I'm doing something awfully wrong
[i]2012.03.30 05:49:06 +10s CSM Townhall <Andski> mittens' screw-up was saying IF YOU WANT TO MAKE HIM KILL HIMSELF
[i]2012.03.30 05:49:12 +6s CSM Townhall <None ofthe Above> Magic circles, space wizards
[i]2012.03.30 05:49:29 +17s CSM Townhall <Andski> bad judgment on his part but lol alcohol
[i]2012.03.30 05:49:30 +1s CSM Townhall <None ofthe Above> Is this spelljammer?
[i]2012.03.30 05:49:48 +18s CSM Townhall <None ofthe Above> Yep agreed that was where he stepped over the line.
[i]2012.03.30 05:50:11 +23s CSM Townhall <None ofthe Above> There slides danced up to the line but didn't cross. He just slipped
[i]2012.03.30 05:50:36 +25s CSM Townhall <None ofthe Above> There? Feh. Typage. The
[i]2012.03.30 05:50:46 +10s CSM Townhall <Andski> i love how people are like LOL LOOK AT MITTENS TWEETING
[i]2012.03.30 05:50:49 +3s CSM Townhall <Andski> it's like
[i]2012.03.30 05:51:08 +19s CSM Townhall <Andski> "he's defending himself from the fucking gaming press throwing out total lies about him"
[i]2012.03.30 05:51:13 +5s CSM Townhall <Andski> LOL NO HTFU LOL M8 M8 M8
[i]2012.03.30 05:51:16 +3s CSM Townhall <Andski> GOONIE TEARS
[i]2012.03.30 05:51:19 +3s CSM Townhall <Andski> fuck the eve community
[i]2012.03.30 05:51:21 +2s CSM Townhall <Andski> can't wait to burn jita
[i]2012.03.30 05:51:36 +15s CSM Townhall <None ofthe Above> Heh,hanging out waiting to be burned
[i]2012.03.30 05:51:46 +10s CSM Townhall <Andski> that's as low as saying
[i]2012.03.30 05:51:51 +5s CSM Townhall <Andski> LOL YOUR HOUSE GOT ROBBED HTFU
[i]2012.03.30 05:52:28 +24s CSM Townhall <Hans Jagerblitzen> cmon
[i]2012.03.30 05:52:33 +5s CSM Townhall <Hans Jagerblitzen> seriously
[i]2012.03.30 05:52:36 +3s CSM Townhall <None ofthe Above> Well you have to admit the irony is palpable. Although I have to admit to being too sad about the whole thing to actually derive any pleasure from it.
[i]2012.03.30 05:52:48 +12s CSM Townhall <Andski> what the gaming media is doing is
[i]2012.03.30 05:53:08 +20s CSM Townhall <Andski> there isn't really any irony here
[i]2012.03.30 05:53:30 +22s CSM Townhall <Andski> we don't tell people LOL HTFU when people are fucking with them at an RL level
[i]2012.03.30 05:53:33 +3s CSM Townhall <None ofthe Above> Considering the reaction you guys would have if say this had happened to Darius
[i]2012.03.30 05:53:48 +15s CSM Townhall <Andski> tbh
[i]2012.03.30 05:53:58 +10s CSM Townhall <Andski> darius wouldn't even be called out
[i]2012.03.30 05:54:02 +4s CSM Townhall <None ofthe Above> Well you may not, but some of your corpmates very well might.
[i]2012.03.30 05:54:39 +37s CSM Townhall <Andski> hindsight is 20/20 but I highly doubt Darius would have gained that kind of attention
[i]2012.03.30 05:54:45 +6s CSM Townhall <None ofthe Above> Actually I do think that the Goons might not have called Darius out, but probably would have ceased on it once others did
[i]2012.03.30 05:55:02 +17s CSM Townhall <None ofthe Above> seized, heh
[i]2012.03.30 05:55:30 +28s CSM Townhall <Andski> nobody cares about the 30 day ban
[i]2012.03.30 05:55:47 +17s CSM Townhall <Andski> they could permaban him and the worst that would happen is directors petitioning CCP to move the CEO role
[i]2012.03.30 05:56:03 +16s CSM Townhall <Andski> and he'd just lead the coalition from jabber~
[i]2012.03.30 05:57:16 +73s CSM Townhall <None ofthe Above> That in some senses was a slap on the wrist. I have to say... I respect Alex and your org for having set things up to continue
[i]2012.03.30 05:57:37 +21s CSM Townhall <Andski> we executed a contingency plan before the ban
[i]2012.03.30 05:57:47 +10s CSM Townhall <None ofthe Above> And not spazzing out but instead doubling down with your war with Raiden.
[i]2012.03.30 05:57:50 +3s CSM Townhall <Andski> alliance executor moved to holding corp
[i]2012.03.30 05:58:12 +22s CSM Townhall <None ofthe Above> Really good strategy. And keeping a clear head
[i]2012.03.30 05:58:15 +3s CSM Townhall <Andski> so as far as the alliance structure goes it's all fine
[i]2012.03.30 05:58:41 +26s CSM Townhall <Andski> the only noteworthy drawback is that we can't get full directors assigned
[i]2012.03.30 05:58:51 +10s CSM Townhall <Andski> but that's not something that happens very often
[i]2012.03.30 05:59:06 +15s CSM Townhall <None ofthe Above> Can probably manage 30 days
[i]2012.03.30 05:59:41 +35s CSM Townhall <Andski> yeah i don't think there's any pressing need to get the GMs to pass the CEO role to somebody
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