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[i]2012.03.30 06:45:42 CSM Townhall <None ofthe Above> Probably post Fanfest, doesn't seem to correlate to CSM drama
[i]2012.03.30 07:09:36 +1434s CSM Townhall <None ofthe Above> Night and good luck Hans
[i]2012.03.31 19:09:23 +129587s CSM Townhall <Andski> good god
[i]2012.03.31 19:09:40 +17s CSM Townhall <Andski> that rougeoperator guy is parroting crap like "The Mittani constantly repeated the Massively guy's real name on EVE Radio"
[i]2012.03.31 19:10:00 +20s CSM Townhall <Andski> it's not like Brendan Drain writes his column and posts it as Brendan Drain
[i]2012.03.31 19:12:03 +123s CSM Townhall <Andski> you should get him to become part of the gaming media
[i]2012.03.31 19:12:15 +12s CSM Townhall <Andski> his deductive reasoning skills are up to par
[i]2012.03.31 19:28:45 +990s CSM Townhall <Hans Jagerblitzen> Rouge is doing his own thing, its all a personal matter to him for whatever reason. I can't "get him" to do anything v0v
[i]2012.03.31 19:29:05 +20s CSM Townhall <Andski> well, he's no longer in autoz
[i]2012.03.31 19:29:10 +5s CSM Townhall <Andski> v0v
[i]2012.03.31 19:30:29 +79s CSM Townhall <Andski> https:///twitter.com/#!/EVEAndski/status/186166179457531904
[i]2012.03.31 19:30:39 +10s CSM Townhall <Andski> this is going to be fun ^_^^
[i]2012.03.31 19:39:50 +551s CSM Townhall <None ofthe Above> *sigh* Hey folks. Reading forums is exhausting these days.
[i]2012.03.31 19:41:37 +107s CSM Townhall <None ofthe Above> Between the drama llamas and the seriously concerning plans for change, that don't really seem well thought out.
[i]2012.03.31 19:42:53 +76s CSM Townhall <Andski> which plans?
[i]2012.03.31 19:42:56 +3s CSM Townhall <Andski> the CSM names?
[i]2012.03.31 19:43:01 +5s CSM Townhall <Andski> that doesn't seem poorly thought out
[i]2012.03.31 19:43:22 +21s CSM Townhall <Andski> the idea is that CCP has your information as usual, as they need it for different reasons
[i]2012.03.31 19:43:30 +8s CSM Townhall <None ofthe Above> Hrmm no I was referring to CPP plans to change wardecs and faction warfare
[i]2012.03.31 19:43:32 +2s CSM Townhall <Andski> oh
[i]2012.03.31 19:43:51 +19s CSM Townhall <Hans Jagerblitzen> Me and Aleks are all over it :)
[i]2012.03.31 19:43:52 +1s CSM Townhall <None ofthe Above> Actually I supported the suggestion to not disclose real names for CSM
[i]2012.03.31 19:44:06 +14s CSM Townhall <Andski> yeah I saw
[i]2012.03.31 19:44:08 +2s CSM Townhall <Hans Jagerblitzen> Nah, real names is good.
[i]2012.03.31 19:44:17 +9s CSM Townhall <Andski> i dunno
[i]2012.03.31 19:44:23 +6s CSM Townhall <Andski> if I was on the CSM and I was for nerfing titans
[i]2012.03.31 19:44:33 +10s CSM Townhall <Andski> I wouldn't want to get fucking harassed IRL
[i]2012.03.31 19:44:38 +5s CSM Townhall <None ofthe Above> Its pretty clear at this point that its not a good idea, too many crazys around.
[i]2012.03.31 19:44:57 +19s CSM Townhall <Andski> Mittens had the cops show up at his house
[i]2012.03.31 19:45:03 +6s CSM Townhall <None ofthe Above> Did you hear someone called the police in Mitten's home town and... yeah
[i]2012.03.31 19:45:14 +11s CSM Townhall <Andski> to ask him if he's fine because they "heard" that he might be emotionally troubled
[i]2012.03.31 19:45:18 +4s CSM Townhall <Hans Jagerblitzen> Was never a problem before, this is just an escalation of media involvement
[i]2012.03.31 19:45:19 +1s CSM Townhall <None ofthe Above> Someone reported him as suicidal.
[i]2012.03.31 19:45:27 +8s CSM Townhall <Andski> And now they're doing patrols around his house
[i]2012.03.31 19:45:36 +9s CSM Townhall <Hans Jagerblitzen> Good
[i]2012.03.31 19:45:36 +0s CSM Townhall <Andski> his wife isn't happy
[i]2012.03.31 19:45:52 +16s CSM Townhall <None ofthe Above> Actually ask Jade Constantine if there was never a problem before.
[i]2012.03.31 19:46:05 +13s CSM Townhall <None ofthe Above> There have been lesser problems.
[i]2012.03.31 19:46:13 +8s CSM Townhall <None ofthe Above> With Mittens before as well
[i]2012.03.31 19:46:34 +21s CSM Townhall <Andski> AFAIK that was just some page that was hosted to get hits for his RL name
[i]2012.03.31 19:46:38 +4s CSM Townhall <None ofthe Above> But now its pretty damn clear that there are problems with it
[i]2012.03.31 19:46:44 +6s CSM Townhall <Hans Jagerblitzen> It's a bigger deal now because the media is more involved
[i]2012.03.31 19:46:50 +6s CSM Townhall <None ofthe Above> Agreed
[i]2012.03.31 19:47:35 +45s CSM Townhall <Hans Jagerblitzen> And that was largely due to Mittens himself v0v It was a double edged sword he unleashed. I still think it was the smart thing to do, but that means we just can no longer afford to be assholes anymore either.
[i]2012.03.31 19:47:41 +6s CSM Townhall <None ofthe Above> Nothing brings out the crazies more than media attention.
[i]2012.03.31 19:47:51 +10s CSM Townhall <Andski> thing is
[i]2012.03.31 19:48:21 +30s CSM Townhall <None ofthe Above> Mittens has made a career out of pissing people off, which means its not as surprising that this shit happens, but that doesn't make it okay.
[i]2012.03.31 19:48:24 +3s CSM Townhall <Andski> I wouldn't want to get my fucking name dragged around, get death threats etc. because of an opinion I have about an imaginary ship fclass
[i]2012.03.31 19:48:31 +7s CSM Townhall <Andski> ship class*
[i]2012.03.31 19:48:38 +7s CSM Townhall <None ofthe Above> Agreed, Andski
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