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[i]2012.04.05 05:05:41 Mintchip's Channel <Jobrosk> because eve is SERIOUS BUSINESS
[i]2012.04.05 05:05:57 +16s Mintchip's Channel <Nitro DSP> mintchips bday is serious business?
[i]2012.04.05 05:06:43 +46s Mintchip's Channel <Mintchip> It's my IRL birth day.
[i]2012.04.05 05:06:51 +8s Mintchip's Channel <Mintchip> I think Birthdays are hte most important.
[i]2012.04.05 05:07:04 +13s Mintchip's Channel <Nitro DSP> i know what do you want - are to to rich for us to get you something in game?
[i]2012.04.05 05:07:10 +6s Mintchip's Channel <Achilla> full grown men flying out to iceland for a video game is serious business..........not
[i]2012.04.05 05:07:10 +0s Mintchip's Channel <Paladin Tristian> seriously, go away
[i]2012.04.05 05:07:10 +0s Mintchip's Channel <Achilla> your ceo is a loser
[i]2012.04.05 05:09:39 +149s Mintchip's Channel <Achilla> .█▀▀░█▀█░█▀▀░█▀▀░█▀█░▀█▀░█▀░░█▀█░█░█░█░█░█░█░░█░░▀░░░▀░▀░▀▀▀░▀▀▀░▀▀▀░░▀░░█▀█ ▀ ▀█▀ █▀▀ █░█ █▀▀ █▀▀█▀█ █ ░█░ █░░ ███ █▀▀ ▀▀█▀▀▀ ▀ ░▀░ ▀▀▀ ▀░▀ ▀▀▀ ▀▀▀
[i]2012.04.05 05:09:39 +0s Mintchip's Channel <Achilla> im out
[i]2012.04.05 05:09:39 +0s Mintchip's Channel <Nitro DSP> uh oh
[i]2012.04.05 05:09:46 +7s Mintchip's Channel <Paladin Tristian> .... she was askin for it
[i]2012.04.05 05:11:42 +116s Mintchip's Channel <Ash Stewart> hey all
[i]2012.04.05 05:11:56 +14s Mintchip's Channel <Paladin Tristian> im off o7
[i]2012.04.05 05:12:23 +27s Mintchip's Channel <Ash Stewart> ...
[i]2012.04.05 05:12:30 +7s Mintchip's Channel <Nitro DSP> hey
[i]2012.04.05 05:13:05 +35s Mintchip's Channel <Ash Stewart> hey Nitro DSP
[i]2012.04.05 05:13:22 +17s Mintchip's Channel <Ash Stewart> did i walk in at a bad time? :(
[i]2012.04.05 05:19:29 +367s Mintchip's Channel <unbless83> o/
[i]2012.04.05 05:20:39 +70s Mintchip's Channel <Nitro DSP> lol
[i]2012.04.05 05:21:52 +73s Mintchip's Channel <Nitro DSP> nah not really. im talking to someone else atm, sorry
[i]2012.04.05 05:22:18 +26s Mintchip's Channel <unbless83> lawl
[i]2012.04.05 05:22:22 +4s Mintchip's Channel <unbless83> hey bro
[i]2012.04.05 05:22:45 +23s Mintchip's Channel <Nitro DSP> funny to see you here
[i]2012.04.05 05:58:15 +2130s Mintchip's Channel <l2azor Clear> so wheres mint?
[i]2012.04.05 05:58:36 +21s Mintchip's Channel <l2azor Clear> prolly afk im assuming
[i]2012.04.05 06:24:17 +1541s Mintchip's Channel <Ama Lamia> o/
[i]2012.04.05 06:28:18 +241s Mintchip's Channel <Ama Lamia> well if no one's on, I'll just pass my b-day wishes to Mint, and leave it like that
[i]2012.04.05 06:32:24 +246s Mintchip's Channel <Ash Stewart> yea...
[i]2012.04.05 06:55:41 +1397s Mintchip's Channel <Nitro DSP> mint im going to have this drink because its your birthday month and i prob wont see you on your birthday so happy birthday ....... not cause i was going to have this drink anyway ;)
[i]2012.04.05 07:01:43 +362s Mintchip's Channel <Hazmah Dictace> Herro Preeze Minty fwesh peeple
[i]2012.04.05 07:02:35 +52s Mintchip's Channel <prisoner101301> o/
[i]2012.04.05 07:06:54 +259s Mintchip's Channel <Hazmah Dictace> Any one have a good Shuttle fit for me?
[i]2012.04.05 07:07:02 +8s Mintchip's Channel <Nitro DSP> yes
[i]2012.04.05 07:07:14 +12s Mintchip's Channel <Hazmah Dictace> Got mine all in Primer but I'm gonna paint her some day.
[i]2012.04.05 07:08:46 +92s Mintchip's Channel <Nitro DSP> i like the color primer, you should keep it the same
[i]2012.04.05 07:09:35 +49s Mintchip's Channel <Hazmah Dictace> Ya it's Mimatar so you can't really tell. Like to fit a Doomsday onthe thing though, you know, you can never be too safe.
[i]2012.04.05 07:10:50 +75s Mintchip's Channel <Nitro DSP> Proton S 80 dps Barrage S 180 dps
[i]2012.04.05 07:11:15 +25s Mintchip's Channel <Nitro DSP> i should scrap all this proton s i found
[i]2012.04.05 07:11:52 +37s Mintchip's Channel <Hazmah Dictace> or use it for sparring with corpies if you ever do tha sort of thing
[i]2012.04.05 07:12:14 +22s Mintchip's Channel <Nitro DSP> i use faction ammo when i do that
[i]2012.04.05 07:13:49 +95s Mintchip's Channel <Hazmah Dictace> 2 each his owned :)
[i]2012.04.05 07:14:15 +26s Mintchip's Channel <Nitro DSP> we you should sparr for practice and realisic practice is best
[i]2012.04.05 07:14:25 +10s Mintchip's Channel <GeeWIingCheong> yawn
[i]2012.04.05 07:16:43 +138s Mintchip's Channel <Hazmah Dictace> Are we keeping you up GeeWIingCheong ? hehe
[i]2012.04.05 07:24:09 +446s Mintchip's Channel <Hazmah Dictace> My friend got a call from his private detective today. Said his house got broken into, the man drank all of his alcohol and raped his wife.
[i]2012.04.05 07:25:08 +59s Mintchip's Channel <Hazmah Dictace> My friend diod not seem too agitated.
[i]2012.04.05 07:25:37 +29s Mintchip's Channel <Nitro DSP> why not
[i]2012.04.05 07:25:43 +6s Mintchip's Channel <Hazmah Dictace> The PI asked him why he was so calm about the situation.
[i]2012.04.05 07:26:20 +37s Mintchip's Channel <Hazmah Dictace> My friend said he couldn't belive any one would rape his wife after only 3 beers.
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